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  • 2019

    • November 2019

      • Support for schools in bushfire crisis November 11, 2019

        Schools, TAFE workplaces and local communities in several NSW regions are being significantly affected by bushfires.

      • Federation saves jobs November 10, 2019

        Federation Representative at Broken Hill High School Jason Bradley has witnessed first hand the benefits of the staffing moratorium negotiated by Federation

      • How many students should be in my class? November 10, 2019

        The schools Staffing Agreement 2016–2020, between the Department of Education and Federation, notes: “Class sizes will be planned generally on the following basis and will have regard to the needs of the school"

      • Paper Plane November 10, 2019

        I made a monumental mistake this week. Actually, I made the same mistake twice. I failed to dress up.

      • Forced transfer on hold for dry areas November 09, 2019

        Negotiations with the Department in August last year resulted in an agreement to suspend forced teacher transfers in parts of the state affected by drought to support schools and the community

      • Living The Dream November 09, 2019

        My participation in a two-week Anna Stewart Program immersed me in union life and left me feeling even more energised and enthusiastic than when I arrived.

      • Retired Teachers Association news November 09, 2019

        The Retired Teachers Association congratulates Australian students who have taken part in positive action for climate change.

      • Political and natural disasters: both bad for communities November 08, 2019

        There are very few national institutions with the reach of TAFE.

      • Your wokplace contacts November 08, 2019

        Madelain Frazer, Lakeside school

      • Country comes first November 08, 2019

        Mismanagment ... corporate greed and capitalism in this country has killed our rivers

      • TAFE negotiations and you: engagement imperative November 08, 2019

        TAFE member engagement in Federation’s bargaining campaign will strengthen the union’s power in protecting and improving your salaries and working conditions.

      • Film reviews November 08, 2019

        The Report, Pain and Glory, Pavarotti, Judy, Ride Like a Girl and Promised

      • Theatre reviews November 07, 2019

        The Wharf Review and Fangirls

      • Council report: 26 October 2019 November 07, 2019

        Important time to be active, Motions from Associations and World Teachers' Day.

      • Bill takes aim at workers' rights November 07, 2019

        Legislation presently before federal Parliament represents a grave threat to unions and the fundamental human right for workers to organise and act collectively.

      • Association Spotlight: Armidale Teachers Association November 07, 2019

        The best thing our Association has done in the past five years has been to win employment protections for our high school teachers.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews November 07, 2019

        Huntington Estate was established in Mudgee in 1969 by former Sydney lawyer Bob Roberts.

      • Deal is slush fund for rich schools November 06, 2019

        A federal parliamentary hearing has confirmed investigations by the Australian Education Union that the Morrison Government’s $1.2 billion Choice and Affordability Fund is the antithesis of needs-based funding — it’s a slush fund for private schools

      • Union program nourishes confidence November 05, 2019

        ​The message from my Federation story is it’s never too late to become an active member of Federation — even if you’re shy — and when you do, you’ll find it to be an enriching and uplifting experience that will inspire you to want to do even more.

      • Get connected, for the sake of your students November 04, 2019

        The teaching of Aboriginal culture can lead to deep learning, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance chair Professor Chris Matthews told the Centre for Professional Learning’s recent Aboriginal Education Conference.

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching November 03, 2019

        Maintaining accreditation at Proficient level to teach in NSW schools — and engaging in the performance and development process (outlined in the Performance and Development Framework) — should not be looked at in isolation.

      • Women in Education November 02, 2019

        If a teacher chooses to breastfeed or express milk in the workplace on return from maternity leave, Departmental guidelines exist to support their wish.

      • Multicultural matters November 01, 2019

        ​For many people facing violence and oppression in their homelands, fleeing to another country in search of refuge is their only hope for keeping themselves and their families alive.

    • October 2019

      • Book Reviews October 31, 2019

        The 57 Bus is a true story of two young people whose paths cross one day with significant impact.

      • Member presence at Pride events telegraphs support to LGBTIQ people October 31, 2019

        ​The Kempsey community sent a strong message of acceptance and celebration of diversity for LGBTIQ people recently by joining in the It's OK on the Macleay event.

      • TAFE needs to be at the heart of decisions on vocational education sector October 30, 2019

        Federal Labor’s vision for job training and skills must focus on TAFE and be backed up with funding, Federation Deputy Secretary Maxine Sharkey said today.

      • Private VET college fined while TAFE loses out October 29, 2019

        A Federal Court ruling against a failed private training college has highlighted the Federal Government’s folly of funding for-profit VET providers at the expense of the public TAFE system.

      • Next generation represents a climate for change October 27, 2019

        The level of engagement by NSW school students during the recent Global Climate Strike is a credit to the awareness of a generation of young people being educated in public schools – the people who will inherit whatever earth we leave them.

      • Morrison Government incompetence hurting TAFE, jobs, economy October 26, 2019

        A shortfall of almost $1 billion in spending on vocational education highlights the federal Coalition Government’s intention to starve the TAFE sector at a time when Australia is in the grip of a skills crisis.

      • Casual Vacancy for Multicultural Officer/Organiser October 25, 2019

        Casual Vacancy for Multicultural Officer/Organiser

      • Election notice: Federal Executive Members E2019/161 October 25, 2019

        Nominations are called for the following offices: Federal Executive Members (4)

      • New mathematics standard for aspiring primary teachers October 25, 2019

        Today’s announcement from the NSW Education Minister requiring students sitting the HSC to achieve at least a Band 4 in mathematics in order to become a primary school teacher should be commended, Federation President Maurie Mulheron has declared.

      • Can you help solve this mystery? October 23, 2019

        Covered in pigeon poo and dust, an artefact relating to Barrier Teachers Association has been discovered in the loft of Broken Hill’s Trades Hall.

      • Federation welcomes potential of curriculum review October 22, 2019

        Federation will support ample opportunities to be involved in school curriculum change that was introduced slowly and was well-resourced, Federation President Maurie Mulheron says. “Good education reform takes time and gives the profession a chance to embrace it.”

      • ATAR: need to retain objective measure October 18, 2019

        ​The removal of ATAR would undermine the HSC and threaten academic standards, said NSW Teachers Federation President Maurie Mulheron in reference to media reports the national tertiary entrance system was under review.

      • Drought relief robs TAFE funding reserves October 17, 2019

        ​The Federal Government’s decision to repurpose money set aside for TAFE to fund drought relief was a “short-term” and “short-sighted” solution to the crisis, NSW Teachers Federation has stated.

      • Bundanoon Beginning Teacher Conference well received October 08, 2019

        More than 60 new teachers gathered at “the place of deep gullies” – Bundanoon – on Gundungurra land for a two-day Beginning Teacher Conference last month.

      • School Award negotiations and you October 01, 2019

        Bargaining is about collective power and strength.

      • Opportunity to recruit for your union as a Project Officer October 01, 2019

        As part of the continuing implementation of the Annual Conference Decision 2004 Recruitment and Activism and the Future of the Union, the General Secretary is seeking Expressions of Interest from school teachers in their first few years of teaching, who believe they can make a significant contribution to the role of Project Officer.

    • September 2019

      • Paper Plane September 30, 2019

        Last week, I had an interview at my school for a leadership position. The whole experience was quite strange, as it was my first interview in a very long time. I also find being interviewed by people I work with on a daily basis strange and possibly more daunting than being interviewed by a panel that I’ve never met before.

      • Systemic change is vital to overcome rural divide September 30, 2019

        ​Federation has stepped up the campaign to address the growing divide between the learning outcomes and opportunities of rural and remote students and their metropolitan counterparts, calling on the Department to adopt structural solutions to overcome intersecting educational disadvantage.

      • Federation forces Department to fix the glitch September 30, 2019

        ​The union’s persistence has led to the Department of Education working to rectify the situation where about 9000 teachers working on part-time leave will be left without income for a period during the summer vacation.

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching September 29, 2019

        The way the Department of Education processes requests for casual approval after separation, due to retirement or resignation, has changed.

      • Multicultural Matters September 29, 2019

        Federation members are demanding 200 extra qualified, full-time equivalent permanent English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) teachers in the 2020 staffing entitlement, to adequately match the needs of EAL/D students across the state.

      • Enabling Equity September 28, 2019

        Inadequate government funding for students with disability continues to put increasing pressure on all public school settings as they work to meet the learning needs of all their students.

      • Women in Education September 28, 2019

        Many students’ opportunities, career options and lives are affected by stereotyping. This is often compounded by a lack of intersectional awareness and assumptions of class, race, Aboriginality, culture, (dis)ability, language or sexuality.

      • Auditor-General’s Report: a lost opportunity if changes are imposed without negotiation with the teaching profession September 27, 2019

        The NSW Teachers Federation has argued that rigorous and consistent professional teaching standards must be applied, met and monitored

      • Write the wrongs: better use of resources to redress funding September 27, 2019

        While NSW public schools have a $622 million maintenance backlog and governments choose to instead pour money into private schools, members should be speaking regularly with parents about funding, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said.

      • Are you being paid what you are owed? September 26, 2019

        While Federation is committed to rectifying the teacher pay disparity issue as a priority, it is clear some teachers are not being paid their correct salary under the existing arrangements.

      • State gifts funding at expense of TAFE September 26, 2019

        The recent roll-out of state-funded programs in the motor vehicle trades underlines the NSW Coalition Government’s preference for business-driven vocational training over the public TAFE system.

      • Stories to inspire action September 25, 2019

        The opportunity to be part of a community of teachers where you can express your point of view and have a say in shaping your profession is an uplifting experience, a new book profiling women Federation activists conveys.

      • Podcast interview raises key issues September 25, 2019

        ​Federation President Maurie Mulheron used the platform of Department of Education Secretary Mark Scott’s Every Student podcast to express the need for improvements in the areas of staffing and system-wide support for the work of teachers.

      • Bi+ Visibility Day September 23, 2019

        Bisexuality Day, also known as Bi+ Visibility or Bi Pride Day, is celebrated on 23 September, and aims to provide bisexual people with recognition and to celebrate bisexual history, community and culture.

      • Director, Centre for Professional Learning September 23, 2019

        The tenure for this position is 28 January 2020 until 26 January 2023

      • Teachers’ voice to drive negotiations September 23, 2019

        The collective voice of school members — who want enhancement of their profession’s status and support for their work — will be taken into upcoming Award and Staffing Agreement negotiations with the Department of Education.

      • Ready to dig deeper for my union September 22, 2019

        Activism runs strong in my veins. I have always felt a strong connection to the union movement.

      • Be inclusive every day September 22, 2019

        any schools, workplaces and organisations recently celebrated Wear It Purple Day in order to demonstrate their support for LGBTIQ or rainbow young people.

      • Week of action gets traction September 21, 2019

        We came, we saw … they responded. It could be the catchcry that sums up Federation’s week of action over pay inequity for pre-2016 teachers.

      • Five-star building September 21, 2019

        Federation’s head office in Sydney’s Surry Hills has been recognised for its green credentials with a 5-star rating.

      • Falling GDP spend on education magnified in new OECD figures September 20, 2019

        New figures released this month in a snapshot of education jurisdictions around the world underline the grim extent of the Morrison Government’s cuts to public school funding.

      • Book Reviews September 20, 2019

        One careless night, Playing with collage, Failing Nature: the Rise and Fall of the Wilderness Society and So you want to talk about race

      • Department hoses down threat of asbestos September 20, 2019

        The Department of Education’s asbestos register lists 2185 schools as being contaminated with the hazardous building material, with 109 identified as having the worst category of the substance.

      • Theatre Review September 19, 2019

        The Life of Galileo, Banging Denmark and Early watchlist for 2020 season

      • Leading your Workplace Committee September 19, 2019

        When a Workplace Committee’s first act is to bring in the union guns to address an issue in the school, it is very likely vital steps have been missed or mismanaged on the path to such a confrontation.

      • Your workplace contacts September 19, 2019

        Michelle Millard, Wauchope Public School

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews September 18, 2019

        Trentham Estate is situated at Merbein, 12km north-west of Mildura, and was established in 1909 by the Murphy family who had migrated from Ireland and were one of the first to establish vineyards in in this region.

      • Council Report: 7 September 2019 September 18, 2019

        As we approach term 4 and near the end of the current Award and Staffing Agreement, there has never been a more important time to recruit new members to the union.

      • Retired Teachers Association news September 18, 2019

        ​Sydney Town Hall tour, More news on Warragamba Dam, Australian Free Trade and Investment Network, Female pioneers, CRUMA report and Upcoming events

      • Incentives must not drain funding September 18, 2019

        Scholarships and pay increases recommended by the Grattan Institute to attract high-achieving HSC students to the teaching profession were worthwhile but should not be allowed to skim money from already-scarce current funding for the public system, Federation has stated.

      • Association Spotlight: Moree Teachers Association September 17, 2019

        Our community Moree has a population of a little under 10,000 people. We have a transient population at times and our numbers change depending on the strength of the local agricultural industry of cotton and wheat.

      • The pathology of NAPLAN September 17, 2019

        Let’s be clear: no child fails NAPLAN, but NAPLAN fails all children.

      • Vale TAFE activist Ray Goff September 17, 2019

        Career-long Federation member and activist of some 39 years, Ray Goff passed away on 22 August aged 81 years.

      • Film review September 17, 2019

        The Farewell and Dora and the Lost City of Gold

      • Compliance paperwork means less teaching September 17, 2019

        TAFE Teachers Association members across NSW have been holding union branch meetings to oppose the “Next steps in demonstrating your VET currency and competency” proposal, initiated by acting TAFE NSW managing director Kerry Penton.

      • Teachers signal their support for an inclusive society September 13, 2019

        Members have been volunteering to work on Federation stalls at several local LGBTIQ-related celebrations, including Newcastle Pride’s recent Fair Day.

      • Election of Relief Professional Officers for 2020 September 11, 2019

        Nominations are called for the election of Relief Professional Officers for 2020.

      • Politicians unfairly banishing TAFE from vocabulary and funding September 10, 2019

        TAFE should not be dismissed by governments, as it has in the Council of Australian Government’s recent statement on Vocational Education and Training (VET).

      • Rowdy chorus of commonsense required September 05, 2019

        It’s never been more important for people with commonsense to start using their voices at full bore, writer and social commentator Jane Caro said.

      • Learning conditions should not be determined by a popularity contest September 04, 2019

        Public schools desperate for capital works funding have resorted to applying to a community grants program.

      • Enabling Equity September 03, 2019

        It's Time to act for equality for students with disability

      • Drop in VET students at odds with National Skills Week message September 02, 2019

        The continued decline in the number of students enrolled with nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) makes a mockery of the government’s National Skills Week, Australian Education Union Federal TAFE Secretary Maxine Sharkey said.

      • Quality education for all requires us all September 02, 2019

        ​Federation has launched a statewide campaign aimed at achieving tangible improvements and equitable resourcing for students with disability in public education.

    • August 2019

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching August 31, 2019

        Casual Teachers’ Salaries

      • Women in education August 31, 2019

        Reproductive Health Care Reform — Decriminalising Abortion

      • Wear It Purple Day 2019 August 30, 2019

        Federation joined with more than 750 schools, universities, community organisations and workplaces to celebrate Wear It Purple Day, and to show young rainbow people that they have respect, acceptance and support.

      • Facta Non Verba August 30, 2019

        The Latin motto at my school, Punchbowl Boys’ High School, was Facta Non Verba — deeds, not words. As young boys, we were told that people should be judged on their actions, not just their words.

      • Overturned expenses decision to benefit others August 29, 2019

        ​Federation has successfully overturned a decision by the Department of Education that has led to members having certainty over their rights to access Transferred Officers Compensation when transferring under Section 51A.

      • Multicultural matters August 29, 2019

        EAL/D provision, Intensive English Centres and Adult Migrant English Program

      • It’s time to close the gender pay gap August 28, 2019

        As public education teachers we believe in a fair start for all our students.

      • Statewide solution to inequity involves raising the school staffing entitlement August 28, 2019

        ​System failures are denying the necessary resources and staffing that schools need to realise the potential of rural students, says Federation Acting Deputy President Henry Rajendra.

      • ACARA masks truth about NAPLAN data August 28, 2019

        ACARA’s ‘nothing to see here’ approach to the NAPLAN 2019 data release and its mishandling of the NAPLAN online debacle has reinforced yet again the need for a comprehensive review of the entire NAPLAN testing regime.

      • Book Reviews August 27, 2019

        Little Frida, Just Flesh & Blood, Accidental Feminists, Some Kids series and Modern HERstory.

      • Association Spotlight: Wellington Teachers Association August 27, 2019

        Our association enjoys strong Federation membership and Wellington TA meetings are generally well attended, with most regular attendees being high-school staff.

      • Share your ideas for a better work life August 26, 2019

        Federation is not only an industrial union for all public education teachers and related employees in NSW, we are also the professional body for those teachers, educators and education-related professionals.

      • Management changes and compliance red tape hindering students and teachers August 24, 2019

        The recent resignation of TAFE Managing Director Dr Caralee McLiesh just nine months after the previous Managing Director moved on has highlighted the problems facing TAFE, its students, teachers and communities.

      • Your workplace August 23, 2019

        Federation’s support and guidance to resolve a workplace issue inspired Sharree Gardner to ensure colleagues would not find themselves without the valuable assistance of their union.

      • New courses for the CPL August 23, 2019

        The CPL has developed new courses for members that are being offered in Terms 3 and 4, 2019. Course topics include HSC history, HSC visual arts, technology and statistics for mathematics and science.

      • Film Review August 23, 2019

        Film reviews for August 2019

      • Vale Bill Ballantyne August 22, 2019

        ​Federation Life Member Bill Ballantyne was a courageous unionist and Organiser who led his colleagues in many Federation campaigns. He was never one to walk away from anything he believed was worth fighting for.

      • Theatre Review August 22, 2019

        The Gospel According to Paul and Things I Know to be True

      • Support the student climate change movement on September 20 August 22, 2019

        Members are encouraged to attend a workplace meeting on 20 September — the day of the student-led Global Climate Strike — to consider a motion on climate change that will be sent to state and federal politicians.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews August 22, 2019

        Prosecco is still on the rise here in Australia, but dark clouds loom for its Aussie producers.

      • Council Report: 10 August 2019 August 22, 2019

        Federation holds a proud, firm and long held belief that social justice matters are union business. These beliefs were strongly displayed during the August Council meeting.

      • Retired Teachers Association news August 22, 2019

      • Paper Plane August 21, 2019

        Report-writing time is not when you want printers to break down, photocopiers to jam or students to breathe too loudly in class. Writing reports puts teachers on edge and makes their tolerance for everyday annoyances extremely low.

      • Members unite over unjust wages transition August 21, 2019

        NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell and her government colleagues from around the state have been hearing from Federation members that teachers want an immediate resolution to the standards-based pay inequalities for teachers in public schools, created by the NSW Government’s public sector wages policy.

      • Have your say on resourcing for students with disability and their schools August 19, 2019

        Your union wants to hear from school teachers about the extent of inadequate targeted support funding for students with additional needs, as part of the Time to Act campaign.

      • Richest schools get cream of government funding August 13, 2019

        The gaping divide between Australia’s four biggest-spending schools and the poorest 1800 schools has graphically exposed the Morrison Government’s handouts to rich non-government schools at the expense of the public system, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said.

      • NSW Government’s unjust wages transition motivates unified member response August 12, 2019

        Federation members are taking collective action to fight pay inequities inflicted upon their public school teacher colleagues by the NSW Coalition Government.

      • Election Notice: Federal Delegates E2019/32 August 12, 2019

        Election Notice: Federal Conference Delegates E2019/32

      • Peace competition provides chance for students to be creative and win August 12, 2019

        Time is running out for students to complete entries for the Sam Lewis Peace Awards.

      • Government funding can stop TAFE decline August 07, 2019

        The best way to reverse the fall in enrolments in government-funded vocational education was to restore funding to TAFE and reinstate it as the primary provider of vocational education in Australia, Ms Sharkey said.

      • Festival and Federation celebrate young talent August 05, 2019

        Folk music is gaining a growing following among young performers, who will be supported by Federation at the Sydney Folk Festival in August.

    • July 2019

    • June 2019

      • A statement in support of our LGBTIQA+ students and colleagues June 28, 2019

        ​We are a union that champions equality because, as teachers, we want our children to grow up in a world that accepts all and celebrates diversity. After all, it is what we should practise, model and teach every day in our public schools.

      • NAPLAN must go June 28, 2019

        The announcement by the NSW Minister of Education, Sarah Mitchell, that she will be calling on the Education Council to undertake a full review of NAPLAN, with a view to replacing it, will be welcomed by teachers and principals across Australia.

      • Properties offered at below market rent to key workers, including teachers June 27, 2019

        An affordable housing program by First State Super is leasing 61 properties at up to 20 per cent off market rent at Epping for workers in frontline services, including teachers.

      • Election Notice- Casual Vacancy for Professional Officers (various positions) June 26, 2019

        Nominations are hereby invited for the following positions: Country Organiser (1) Research/industrial Officer (1)

      • Enabling Equity June 24, 2019

        And so we shift gears. The election outcome is a particularly bruising one for students with disability.

      • NSW Budget has no plan for TAFE growth June 21, 2019

        The meagre 3 per cent increase in spending on TAFE in Tuesday’s NSW Budget revealed the Berejiklian Government had no plans for any significant growth in public vocational education, Federation analysis of the documents reveal.

      • Private schools’ Budget windfall: 140,000 public students miss out June 20, 2019

        The NSW Government’s $100 million increase in funding for non-government schools in Tuesday’s Budget would have benefitted more than 140,000 students in public schools, according to NSW Teachers Federation analysis.

      • Wedded to an app for better or worse – the highs and lows of Class Cover June 19, 2019

        ​I wish I could claim my phone purchases as a tax deduction. With the introduction of the Class Cover booking system for casuals, a slow phone or poor reception can cost you thousands of dollars in lost income each year.

      • Women in education June 19, 2019

        Federation has long campaigned for gender equity in the classroom and for the teaching service. At May Council, a motion was carried that reaffirmed Federation’s commitment to our Gender Equity Policy (2001).

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching June 18, 2019

        Federation has received increased correspondence from concerned members regarding the ClassCover casual teacher booking system. Replacing Casual.Direct

      • People Matter survey June 18, 2019

        The Public Service Commission is again surveying teachers and other public sector employees in its People Matter survey for 2019.

      • Share a meal this Refugee Week June 17, 2019

        Federation continues to be a proud sponsor of the Refugee Council of Australia’s Refugee Week. This year’s theme, “A World of Stories”, will be marked by schools and TAFE colleges across NSW from Monday 17 June to Saturday 23 June.

      • New Award talks to commence later this year June 17, 2019

        Negotiations for a new award – the enforceable industrial document that sets out your salaries and conditions – will commence later this year.

      • Multicultural Matters June 17, 2019

        On 22 May, more than 80 teachers from across the 14 Sydney and regional Intensive English Centres (IECs) came together to discuss matters affecting teachers in IECs and the broader multicultural education area.

      • All in the family June 15, 2019

        Dedication to Federation activism is a common bond for father and son David and Callan Eccleston

      • Fair funding campaign driven by grassroots June 15, 2019

        At June Council, Federation placed on the record its heartfelt thanks to the thousands of members, officers, staff, parents, community activists and allied organisations for their commitment and work over a long period to sustain the Fair Funding Now! campaign.

      • CPL keeps Veronica coming back June 14, 2019

        A rural head teacher’s dedication to English has seen her attend every Secondary English Stage 6 Conference in Sydney since the Centre for Professional Learning began conducting them in 2013.

      • Time to bolster permanent roles June 14, 2019

        Staffing every public school throughout NSW with appropriately qualified and accredited permanent teachers remains one of the greatest challenges facing the NSW public school system.

      • Election setback strengthens resolve to keep fighting June 14, 2019

        Visitors to the Federation building in Mary Street, Surry Hills, will see black and white historical photographs scrolling on a screen in the front foyer.

      • Association Spotlight: Sutherland June 14, 2019

        Sutherland TA encompasses the Sutherland Shire area in Sydney’s south.

      • Uncle Vic recognised for lifetime of enlightening June 14, 2019

        The first Aboriginal public school principal in NSW, Uncle Vic Chapman, has been recognised on the Queen’s Birthday honours list for a lifetime of working to improve opportunities for our First Peoples.

      • Vocational education policy failure June 13, 2019

        For many years, Federation has warned all levels of government about the flaws in the private vocational education market.

      • Your workplace contacts June 13, 2019

        John Joy, Lurnea Public School

      • Here's to centenary of activism June 13, 2019

        ​Councillors, Life Members and guests of the TAFE Teachers Association came together to celebrate 100 years of activism at the TAFE Teachers Association Centenary Anniversary AGM and dinner on 31 May.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews June 13, 2019

        It’s been a busy few months travelling and tasting and this month I offer a range of wines from around the country starting in Mudgee.

      • Theatre Review June 12, 2019

        One of the great and many joys of theatre are the different journeys it can take.

      • Union asserts support for journalists and media freedom, following police raids June 12, 2019

        ​Federation has expressed its solidarity with journalists and other media workers following recent raids on journalists and media organisations by the Australian Federal Police.

      • Film review June 12, 2019

        Red Joan, Danger Close: the Battle of Long Tan and Happy as Lazzaro

      • A matter of pride June 12, 2019

        June is Pride Month, an international celebration of the LGBTIQA+ community. Originally beginning in remembrance of the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York – a tipping point in the gay liberation movement in the US

      • Foster’s high-profile support for public education June 12, 2019

        ​He made his name representing Australia on the football field, and now former Socceroos player Craig Foster is kicking goals for teachers and students as a champion of public education.

      • Pre-2016 Teacher Pay Inequity June 11, 2019

        The New South Wales Teachers Federation is actively addressing and prioritising the resolution of the pay disparity that has occurred as a result of the transition to Standards-Based Remuneration (SBR).

      • Early career teachers in regions put in the picture June 11, 2019

        Are you a beginning teacher living in regional NSW?

      • Member of Federation family receives national honour June 11, 2019

        Federation congratulates Life Member Sharan Burrow, this week honoured as a Companion of the Order of Australia.

      • Retired Teachers Association news June 11, 2019

        The Retired Teachers Association calls upon both the Coalition and Labor to commence a proper overhaul of the failed business model regarding the nursing home industry.

      • Book Reviews June 10, 2019

        Wilam A Birrarung Story, Black Cockatoo and A White Hot Flame.

      • Election notice - Presidential Officers - E2019/41 June 07, 2019

        Nominations, which must be in writing and comply with the registered rules of the Branch, may be made at any time from 17/07/2019.

      • Paper Plane June 06, 2019

        I am just home from a full day of professional development at my school. We got to start later than usual and finish earlier than usual, and yet I am still feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. Sitting in a chair listening to people speak all day can really take it out of you.

      • NSW Premier’s announcement of a new selective high school is an attack on comprehensive public schooling June 04, 2019

        The NSW Teachers Federation has condemned the Premier’s decision to establish a new selective high school in southwest Sydney.

      • Council Report: 1 June 2019 June 03, 2019

        A strong united membership campaigning together has always been the key to achieving betterments for our members. June Council decisions and their implementation need members in their workplaces and Associations to be active.

      • New state and federal ministers for women June 03, 2019

        After the March 2019 NSW election, the Premier announced that the NSW Minister for Women would be Bronwyn Taylor MLC (NSW Nationals).

    • May 2019

    • April 2019

      • Leading improvement of literacy K-6 April 26, 2019

        ​Highly accomplished teachers will be coached on how to help colleagues get the most out of the NSW English K-6 Syllabus at an upcoming Centre for Professional Learning course.

      • School leaders up-skill on approaches to improving student outcomes at CPL course April 23, 2019

        Experienced and accomplished teachers who participated in the Centre for Professional Learning’s Leading the Lifting of Achievement in Years 7-12 course, left armed with new strategies to support their colleagues to improve practice and subsequently student learning outcomes.

      • Suggestions for dealing with school predicaments covered in CPL course April 19, 2019

        Members looking for ideas to deal with the challenges they may face as executives in schools were presented with a range of options at a recent Centre for Professional Learning course.

      • An understanding public commits to schools funding campaign activities April 18, 2019

        ​People from the far north coast of NSW have indicated they are ready to fight for what is right and just — true needs-based funding for every student in every public school.

      • Help grow union's membership April 17, 2019

      • New CPL course offers clarity on student assessment April 17, 2019

        In response to members seeking guidance on ongoing assessment processes that inform the learning cycle and support student learning, the Centre for Professional Learning last week offered a new course — Assessment K-6: Making Use of Meaningful Data.

      • Data spin and education cross-pollinisation April 16, 2019

        The need for teachers’ unions and the education research community to cross-pollinate is essential in an increasingly data-dense world if the best interests of public education are to be served, a summit held at Federation headquarters was told.

      • Association LGBTIQ contact April 15, 2019

        Every year Associations elect members into a range of positions to ensure the smooth running of the local Association, and to share information on specific matters in which the Federation is involved.

      • Book Reviews April 15, 2019

        ​Ruby in the Ruins, Peter in Peril, The Fear and the Freedom, George

      • First CPL courses accredited at Highly Accomplished start April 15, 2019

        Federation’s Centre for Professional Learning has held its first courses accredited at Highly Accomplished for school leaders and aspiring school leaders.

      • Change the rules, change the nation April 14, 2019

        ​A strong showing is needed at May Day Change the Rules rallies to indicate to politicians that inequity will be an important issue for voters at the federal election.

      • Student suspension and expulsion procedures need improvement April 13, 2019

        The Department is conducting a review of the suspension and expulsion procedures and the discipline policy but at this stage there are no terms of reference.

      • Worry knots untangled for new primary teachers at CPL conference April 12, 2019

        The particular needs and concerns of new primary teachers were addressed at a Centre for Professional Learning Conference on 1 April.

      • School partners with community on park project April 12, 2019

        Members of the Gumbaynggirr community gathered to open the new park in Bellwood Aboriginal Reserve and remember the life of Caleb Jarrett, whose name the park now bears.

      • Counsellors hit the pay wall April 11, 2019

        ​I have worked as a District School Counsellor and District Guidance Officer for the Department over the past 28 years, in a number of regions in NSW.

      • A simple moral choice: some children or all children? April 11, 2019

        As a nation, we can decide to give our teachers in public schools the resources they need for the task at hand or we continue to advantage those private schools that are over-funded.

      • Connecting communities through Aboriginal Education April 10, 2019

        The words of the Uluru Statement from the Heart resonated with the delegates at the Friday Night Forum of the annual Aboriginal Members Conference, especially one 11-year-old boy.

      • Women in Education April 10, 2019

        Workplace and Association role crucial for representation

      • Theatre Review April 10, 2019

        ​Theatre is so diverse, as demonstrated by the shows I have seen recently: a musical Spamalot, a satire How to Rule The World and Every Brilliant Thing, which is difficult to describe.

      • Federation members stand with refugees April 10, 2019

        ​Federation is again proud to endorse, support and promote this years’ Palm Sunday Rally and March. It comes at a time that is critical to both refugees and asylum seekers themselves seeking our humanity and compassion, as well as the continuing discussion in Australia and context of a looming federal election.

      • Workplace contacts supported with training April 10, 2019

        ​The work of the union is strengthened by members who stand for election in their workplaces with the aim of advancing our policies and strengthening the resolve of members to work toward achieving our goals.

      • Multicultural matters April 09, 2019

        EAL/D: What is it and why do we need qualified EAL/D specialist teachers?

      • Film review April 09, 2019

        Peterloo, En guerre, Everybody knows, Swimming with Men and Dumbo

      • Community concerns for Bega TAFE April 09, 2019

        Bega TAFE Federation members and the local community are still deeply concerned about plans to further build on the Bega Connected Learning Centre (CLC) site rather than the existing TAFE campus.

      • Funding choice is plain to see April 08, 2019

        What is at stake for every public school across Australia in the upcoming federal election was represented in a powerful visual statement on the lawns of Parliament House on Budget day.

      • Association Spotlight: Wagga Wagga Teachers Association April 08, 2019

        Our meetings Attendance varies with workload and the pressure of work throughout the year. We generally have attendance of between five to 10 members. We run a smooth meeting, getting through the agenda in about an hour, unless schools have business they would like to discuss in more detail.

      • No nearer to closing the gap April 08, 2019

        ​The defeat of the Morrison Government and a successful Fair Funding Now! campaign at the upcoming federal election will be critical to narrowing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples across many, if not all, of the targets of the Closing the Gap strategy.

      • Teacher housing: battle of the bush April 08, 2019

        Accommodation has consistently been a problem for teachers in rural areas.

      • Your workplace contacts April 08, 2019

        Scott O’Connell traces his immersion in the union movement back to 10 weeks standing on a picket line outside the mine he worked for, as non-union workers were bussed in to do his job.

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching April 06, 2019

        Which temporary teachers are eligible to receive a year of Beginning Teacher Support Funding?

      • Federation shows its colours at Mardi Gras April 06, 2019

        ​An estimated 500,000 spectators lined the footpaths, rooftops and balconies of Oxford Street to cheer on more than 12,500 marchers celebrating Sydney’s LGBTIQ communities on Saturday, 2 March.

      • Vale Barry Manefield April 05, 2019

        Former Federation President Barry Manefield was remembered for his ability to portray to the public a logical, caring and acceptable image of Federation's campaigns.

      • Corkscrew April 05, 2019

        Berton Vineyards 2016 Heathcote Shiraz. This limited shiraz shows a vibrant pink hue around the rim with a deep inky black colour, the hallmark of this wine. Myriad fruit and other flavours on the nose range from chocolate, raspberry and vanilla to earthy, black peppery spice.

      • Religious education changes a step in right direction April 05, 2019

        Federation has successfully pursued a number of positive changes to Special Religious Education (SRE).

      • Paper Plane April 05, 2019

        Entering a primary classroom for a secondary teacher can be quite confronting. In my new job, I am working across both primary and secondary and last week found myself taking a grade 2 class for a lesson.

      • Enabling Equity April 04, 2019

        I am writing this column on Budget day, having watched my old school’s submission to the original funding review, where teachers became filmmakers to speak directly to those on the review panel of the needs and aspirations of our students.

      • Award for Aboriginal education beacon April 04, 2019

        ​“Bolted in” not “bolted on” is the catch cry at Briar Road Public School, which has received national recognition for its Aboriginal education programs by earning the coveted Arthur Hamilton Award from the Australian Education Union.

      • Call centre volunteers required April 03, 2019

        ​Members keen to see properly resourced public schools have been taking to the phones to inform fellow teachers of what’s at stake when it comes to voting at the federal election.

      • Retired Teachers Association news April 03, 2019

        CRUMA report, Sydney Heritage Fleet, International Women’s Day, Upcoming events

    • March 2019

      • Submission calls for new assessment to replace NAPLAN March 29, 2019

        ​The original, stated purpose of NAPLAN and the My School website have been “terminally corrupted”, the Australian Education Union asserted in its submission to the of the Council of Australian Governments’ review of NAPLAN data.

      • Fun puts motivation back into writing March 28, 2019

        Members attending the Centre for Professional Learning’s recent Secondary English Stage 6 Conference were provided with a barrage of suggestions for the HSC course, including that the teaching and learning experience can be fun.

      • CPL offers professional learning opportunities for leaders and aspiring leaders March 26, 2019

        ​Courses to support members to be effective leaders in their school are offered by the Centre for Professional Learning.

      • Courses teach fundamentals of workplace rep roles March 26, 2019

        Once you have decided to take on the role of Fed Rep or Women’s Contact at your workplace you are not on your own, Federation has a range of core courses to guide and support you through your role and its responsibilities.

      • Election Notice: Additional Branch Conference Delegates - E2018/242 March 25, 2019

        Nominations are called for New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF) Branch Additional Branch Conference Delegates from the following Associations and Groups of Associations:

      • Vocational learning opportunities reduced for many under funding model March 25, 2019

        Data presented to a recent roundtable shows why government funding of the vocational education and training sector is best directed towards TAFE.

      • Federation member in running for global award March 21, 2019

        Rooty Hill High School humanities teacher Yasodai Selvakumaran has been named among the top 10 teachers in the world and is now vying for the $1 million Global Teacher Prize.

      • CPL takes the angst out of the Performance and Development Framework March 20, 2019

        Teachers can use the Performance and Development Framework process to achieve their professional goals without it being an overwhelming experience, Federation members were assured at a recent Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) course.

      • Harmony Day – A time for reflection March 19, 2019

        As we approach Harmony Day this year, we join the rest of the world in condemning the far-right extremist terrorist attack against the people of New Zealand.

      • Casual Vacancy for Communications and Online Coordinator 2019-2021 March 19, 2019

        Nominations are hereby invited for the following position: • Communications and Online Coordinator (1)

      • Mass of beginning teachers’ questions answered at Federation conference March 19, 2019

        New Federation members — keen to have all their questions about the profession answered — paid close attention at the Beginning Teachers Conference held in Bundanoon at the weekend.

      • CPL supports members closer to home March 18, 2019

        The Centre for Professional Learning travels to regional centres to offer high-quality training and support of members working out of Sydney.

      • TAFE reimagined as a flexible vocational education provider, responsive to local needs March 15, 2019

        Groups cognisant of the critical role TAFE plays in the strength of local communities discussed concepts to rejuvenate and modernise the public educator provider at a roundtable hosted by Federation this week.

      • Federation supports student action on climate change March 14, 2019

        The NSW Teachers Federation supports the right of young people to join together to protest about the need for urgent and sustained action on climate change. This is their democratic right.

      • CPL courses offer invaluable ideas for new members’ professional toolkits March 14, 2019

        The Centre for Professional Learning runs several courses to support Federation members who are new to the teaching profession.

      • Dash of history to be preserved in library March 13, 2019

        A significant chapter in Federation’s early history will be preserved after the family of the second President presented artefacts and documents from the era to the union’s library.

      • Election: funding breakthrough March 11, 2019

        Federation helped gain a significant step towards fair funding of public schools after an announcement over the weekend that a Labor state government would fully fund the public system.

      • International Women’s Day March 11, 2019

        International Women’s Day (IWD) was marked on Friday 8 March. Federation encouraged workplaces to participate in International Women’s Day activities across the state.

      • JPL Podcast episodes now in print March 10, 2019

        Transcripts of some of the JPL Podcast’s most popular episodes are now accessible to members.

      • Trauma-informed education March 09, 2019

        Childhood trauma and toxic stress are recognised as the world’s leading health epidemic and only recently have its consequences and remedies started trickling down to education policy and practice, members were told at March’s Principals’ Conference.

      • CPL provides second chance for members to enrol in HSC English conference March 08, 2019

        ​Due to popular demand from Federation members for training and support to implement the new Stage 6 English syllabus, the Centre for Professional Learning is taking bookings for a second Let’s Enrich and Enjoy HSC English Conference.

      • Funding for public schools must come first March 07, 2019

        The State Government should be prioritising the construction of public schools, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said today, in response to the Berejiklian Government’s promise of an extra $0.5 billion for the Catholic and independent systems.

      • Workload burden and how to fix it highlighted to federal MPs March 07, 2019

        Members’ concerns about excessive workload have been conveyed to a federal inquiry into the status of the teaching profession.

      • Union connects with new teachers in the outback March 06, 2019

        New Federation members are praising the one-day Beginning Teachers Conference they attended in Broken Hill at the weekend.

      • Use your professional wisdom to shift the mindset in your school for the better March 05, 2019

        ​You have a key role to play in shifting schools and young people to a creative mindset, principal members of Federation were told by Pasi Sahlberg

      • Enabling Equity March 05, 2019

        Significant government announcements promise new hope for students with disability, their families and their schooling.

      • Domestic violence leave days increased March 04, 2019

        After years of campaigning by Federation and other unions, teachers can now access up to 10 days of domestic violence leave each year without being required to exhaust other forms of leave first.

      • NSW Greens March 04, 2019

        Education is a right, not a privilege. Public education is in the Greens’ DNA and it will always be a fundamental commitment of the Greens NSW. That’s why we believe in universal, high quality free public education from early childhood right through to school, university and TAFE, and adequate support for the educators that serve our communities.

      • NSW Labor March 04, 2019

        Nothing can be more important than the education we provide our children. Of all the responsibilities of Government, the priority of education is non-negotiable.

      • NSW Liberals and Nationals March 04, 2019

        Providing a universal, high quality education to every child — regardless of race, religion, circumstances or background — is at the heart of our social contract. It is at the heart of the NSW Liberals and Nationals education policy platform. In years gone by, the regulation of teachers by governments has been characterised by distrust and hostility (the 1872 the Rules for Teachers even dictated how many nights per week could be used for "courting", and required teachers to clean chimneys).

      • 2019 campaign priorities March 04, 2019

        The campaign priorities outlined here are by no means an exhaustive list nor are they necessarily in any particular order. Rather, these are the major issues, determined by members at Federation's democratic decision-making forums, that we will continue to campaign for in the forthcoming elections, and beyond.

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching March 03, 2019

        Systems, Applications and Products’ (SAP’s) website states: “SAP is at the centre of today’s technology revolution. The market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps organisations fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition.”

      • Breastfeeding at work study: Can you help? March 03, 2019

        Research to improve support for mothers who return to work and continue breastfeeding is seeking volunteers from the teaching profession.

      • Members fight for the survival of TAFE March 02, 2019

        ​Federation members have enlightened regional voters of the dire state of public vocational education — wrought by the contestable-funding policies of the federal and state Coalition governments — in a series of Stop TAFE Cuts campaign events.

      • Radical push to destroy senior curriculum March 01, 2019

        Over the summer break, The Sydney Morning Herald exposed an attempt by the powerful and well-connected private school lobby to deregulate the HSC as an exit credential, and to allow for a plethora of commercial tests imported from overseas to replace it.

      • Lid needs lifting on wage restriction March 01, 2019

        ​Overturning the NSW Government’s salary cap is a key priority for Federation during 2019.

    • February 2019

      • Workload campaign gains traction February 28, 2019

        The Department has responded to Federation’s campaign to prioritise teaching and learning with the release of a special edition of School Biz “Reducing the Administrative Burden” on 7 December, 2018.

      • Our students cannot wait any longer February 28, 2019

        A NSW public school student starting kindergarten this year will reach year 12 having spent their whole school life in a deliberately under-resourced sector, unless the $14 billion funding cuts introduced by the federal Liberal-National government are reversed.

      • You can help save TAFE February 27, 2019

        Now is the time to tell your local state and federal politicians how much you value TAFE — our present and future students are relying on you.

      • Association Spotlight: Lake Wallis February 27, 2019

        Our schools are situated on the Mid-North Coast, approximately a three-hour drive north of Sydney.

      • Women in Education February 27, 2019

        ​Australian Human Rights Commission National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

      • Your Workplace Contacts February 26, 2019

        Glenwood Public School’s Federation Representative Tom Gough took on the position to fight for a claw-back of lost working conditions for teachers.

      • State parties signal breakthrough staffing reform February 26, 2019

        The protection and enhancement of a statewide staffing system that distributes qualified, permanent teachers to every public school community across NSW, remains the most responsible use of additional needs-based funding in our public schools.

      • Film review February 25, 2019

        Capernaum, Stan & Ollie, King of Thieves, The Sisters Brothers

      • Multicultural matters February 25, 2019

        The union has continued to pursue enhancements for members in multiple aspects of multicultural education

      • How to showcase your Association February 25, 2019

        Education’s “Association Spotlight” column allows you to showcase your Association.

      • Vale Kylie Dawson February 25, 2019

        In moving a condolence motion at Federation’s February Council meeting, General Secretary John Dixon described the passing of Kylie Dawson as a tragic loss to Federation and public education.

      • More opportunities for women to participate in Anna Stewart Program February 22, 2019

        There are exciting changes to the Anna Stewart Memorial Program in 2019, including the introduction of a three-day training course for up to 20 participants designed for Association Women’s Contacts.

      • Programs cultivate knowledge of Aboriginal culture February 22, 2019

        Josh Brown is proud of his role ensuring Australia’s First Peoples will continue to have the longest surviving culture in the world.

      • Fair Day February 21, 2019

        Federation celebrated the start of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with its stand at Fair Day. The union hosted a stall at the event to communicate our support of LGBTIQ communities and celebrate our LGBTIQ members.

      • Disability royal commission welcomed February 21, 2019

        Federation welcomes the vote in the Australian Parliament to establish a royal commission into the violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability.

      • Strengthening the union one conversation at a time February 20, 2019

        As teachers, we know what face-to-face, one-on-one conversations can do to educate, inspire and engage our students. The Project Officers apply that same principle to connect early career teachers with the support, advice and services available from Federation.

      • Theatre Review February 19, 2019

        Welcome back dear theatre-loving friends, and everyone else. Hope you all had a great break and are looking forward to 2019, at least in theatre.

      • Paper Plane February 18, 2019

        Trading long lunches for photocopier queues, Netflix marathons for lesson-planning and sleep-ins for staff meetings is a rude shock to the system as we start back at school.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews February 18, 2019

        As we enter 2019, the vintage is getting underway in some parts of the country. It appears to be getting earlier and earlier due to climate change, in some areas by two to three weeks.

      • Retired Teachers Association news February 15, 2019

        AFTINET report, ABC Friends, Asylum seekers, A sign of the times, Have you recently retired from teaching? and Upcoming events.

      • Election Notice: NSW Teachers Federation Branch Councillors - E2018/242 February 12, 2019

        Nominations are called for New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF) Branch Councillors

      • ‘Education’ cartoonist Greg Gaul’s works to feature in exhibition February 11, 2019

        ​Federation’s resident illustrator Greg Gaul has had a lifelong love of drawing and sketching and his works are set to feature in a retrospective exhibition at an inner Sydney gallery.

      • #BackTheBill to save lives offshore February 08, 2019

        ​Federation is proud to join with other civil society organisations to sign the statement below. We encourage all Members of Parliament to support the forthcoming bill to ensure an adequate medical transfer process is in place for people detained in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

      • Federation at Mardi Gras February 06, 2019

        Federation is excited to be a part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, to celebrate the diversity of our members as well as the students and families that make up our public schools.

      • Safeguard TAFE when you vote February 05, 2019

        This week Federation is running an “Enrol to vote for TAFE” campaign on TAFE campuses and online as the federal election approaches.

      • Campaign tour to secure fair funding for public schools February 04, 2019

        For the first time in Australian history the Federal Government has legislated that its primary commitment is to the non-government sector, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said today.

    • January 2019

  • 2018

    • December 2018

      • Federation prepares for Mardi Gras December 18, 2018

        Federation members came together for the first of several Mardi Gras workshops to create the outfits to be worn by members participating in the parade on Saturday 2 March 2019.

      • Response to the release of the Department’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2018-2022 December 18, 2018

        On Monday 3 December 2018, ‘International Day of People with a Disability’, the Department of Education Secretary, Mark Scott emailed teachers to announce the release of the Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2018-2022.

      • Book Reviews December 17, 2018

        Bad Girls Throughout History, Fight Like a Girl and Yassmin’s Story

      • First inclusion and diversity survey launched December 14, 2018

        Federation encourages members to complete the first ever Survey for Teaching Personnel on Inclusion and Diversity, which is being jointly coordinated by Education International (EI) Asia-Pacific Region and UNESCO Bangkok for members of EI-affiliated unions in the Asia-Pacific.

      • Attention members on fortnightly auto credit card deduction payment December 13, 2018

        ​Due to the Christmas Holiday period, there will be a temporary change for NSW Teachers Federation members who have arrangements to pay their union subscription via credit card on a fortnightly basis.

      • Serendipity forges deeper knowledge of union’s history December 12, 2018

        The union’s connection with one of Federation’s founders grew stronger earlier this week when four grandchildren of an early president came face-to-face with the union’s centenary banner, featuring his image.

      • TAFE Forum considers flawed policy December 12, 2018

        Teachers, industry leaders and community members rallied at a TAFE Forum in the Banks electorate hosted by the NSW Teachers Federation in light of falling enrolments in the sector.

      • Kogarah helped forge Anzac legend December 11, 2018

        Former students of Kogarah High were involved in many of the well-known battles that helped to forge the Anzac character, said a teacher at the school, Glenn Hokin, as it marked 100 years since the end of World War I.

      • Study reveals experiences of students from refugee backgrounds December 11, 2018

        Recommendations for better navigating refugee education, improving educational outcomes for students of refugee backgrounds and enhanced participation of these students and their families in school communities are included in a new report, launched at Federation’s December Council.

      • Sam Lewis Peace Prize goes to Mt Colah student December 10, 2018

        The Sam Lewis Peace Prize competition has been decided for 2018 after receiving more than 150 entries from a wide range of students from Kindergarten to TAFE.

      • Federation: a proud history, a confident future December 10, 2018

        As we end our 100th anniversary year, we can look back proud of our union’s achievements over the decades.

      • JPL more popular than ever December 10, 2018

        Members took advantage of the resources provided by the Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) and tuned into the JPL Podcast in 2018.

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching December 09, 2018

        Communication with casual teachers, Compliance monitoring and reporting, Additional opportunities for temporary teachers in rural and remote areas and School staffing

      • Diploma student books in to Federation library December 09, 2018

        ​The Federation library’s picture book collection has been reorganised with the help of TAFE student Bridie Drummond.

      • Winners of centenary art competitions announced December 08, 2018

        The centenary of Federation was honoured in a variety of ways throughout 2018; beginning with a shiny new logo in January and ending with the launch of an important research paper at December Council that examines working with students of refugee backgrounds in NSW public schools.

      • Union seeks member input for submission to national inquiry December 08, 2018

        Sexual harassment and gendered violence is under-reported, especially in schools. Everyone should be able to go to work in a safe environment, free of harassment and violence, and to achieve this we need to expose what is happening in workplaces so our lawmakers get the full picture.

      • TAFE teachers deliver quality despite cuts December 07, 2018

        TAFE NSW teachers continue to deliver high-quality vocational education despite a loss of $239.6 million compared with a loss of $51.3 million in 2017.

      • Fair Funding Now! campaign to hit the road December 07, 2018

        In early 2019, the Fair Funding Now! campaign will embark on a national van tour aimed at highlighting the differences between the major parties when it comes to schools funding.

      • Students delve into the stories behind the names on the board December 05, 2018

        A whole-of-school and community project at Sydney Technical High School to mark 100 years since World War I has proved the formula that “fun leads to engagement of students, and results in learning”.

      • ESSO fighting fund December 04, 2018

        Federation members have contributed almost $12,000 to go to the fighting fund for Esso/UGL workers in the Bass Strait offshore oil and gas dispute.

    • November 2018

      • Win for small schools November 28, 2018

        Federation’s ongoing campaign for improved support of teaching and learning in small schools won significant ground as revealed in a meeting with the Department last week.

      • Tax issues for casual teachers November 27, 2018

        Federation has received a number of enquiries from casual teachers concerning discrepancies in the tax they have paid since the introduction of the SAP HR payroll system.

      • Industrial Arts teachers’ stories chronicled in print November 26, 2018

        ​What began life as an instructional overview of teacher training programs for Industrial Arts morphed into a historical journey of the subject area from the early days of the NSW Teachers Federation.

      • Election Notice: Election Branch Executive - E2018/182 November 23, 2018

        Nominations are called for the following offices: Branch Vice Presidents (4), Branch Custodians (2), Representative of members on the ATSI Members’ Roll (1), Association Representatives (8)

      • New report shows 85% of private schools getting more public funding than public schools November 22, 2018

        A new report revealing that 85 percent of private schools around Australia in 2016 received more public funding funding than public schools is yet more evidence of the deep inequalities in school funding in Australia.

      • Strategies to support students with autism K-6 November 21, 2018

        Teachers left a Centre for Professional Learning course earlier this week armed with strategies and resources to help them support students with autism in their K-6 classrooms.

      • Matraville PS Bush Tucker Garden November 21, 2018

        Matraville Public School celebrated the official opening of its Bush Tucker Garden with traditional dance and a smoking ceremony last month.

      • Symposium plans joint efforts to improve opportunities of students with disability November 20, 2018

        ​Plans are afoot to establish an alliance of Federation, professional and community groups to advocate for improved educational opportunities for students with disabilities, a result of Federation’s Equity Matters Disability Symposium at the weekend.

      • Book Reviews November 20, 2018

        At the End of Holyrood Lane, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, Women and Power: A Manifesto, Gender Diversity and Non-Binary Inclusion in the Workplace: The Essential Guide for Employers

      • NSW public sector gets paid DV leave November 19, 2018

        Federation has welcomed the announcement by the NSW Government that it will introduce 10 days of paid domestic and family violence leave per year for NSW public sector employees, including teachers.

      • Film review November 19, 2018

        Green Book, Journey’s End, Boy Erased, Fahrenheit 11/9, Lean on Pete

      • Intersex Day of Solidarity November 19, 2018

        Intersex Day of Solidarity, also known as Intersex Day of Remembrance, took place on 8 November. The day marks the birthday of Herculine Barbin, a French intersex person whose memoirs were later published by the philosopher Michel Foucault, along with contemporary texts and a later fictionalised account.

      • Schools bordering drought-affected areas can apply for staffing maintenance November 17, 2018

        Communities affected by drought will have staffing levels at their schools maintained, in a significant success for Federation members.

      • Consultation important in HSC monitoring November 16, 2018

        ​After discussions with Federation, the Department has revised the 2019 HSC monitoring procedures and guidance material relating to these procedures, soon to be released.

      • Learning progressions and PLAN2 questions answered November 16, 2018

        Federation has continued to pursue teacher concerns regarding the implementation of learning progressions and the use of PLAN2 in Early Action for Success schools and others.

      • VET teacher training issues clarified November 15, 2018

        ​VET teachers have raised concerns about new requirements for the Certificate IV imposed by the regulator Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) on all registered training authorities delivering VET courses.

      • Federation to host disability forum this Saturday November 15, 2018

        The Equity Matters Disability Symposium will be hosted in Federation’s auditorium on Saturday, 17 November, from 10am to 1.30 pm, to be followed by delegates’ workshops from 2pm to 4pm.

      • Australia: silver medallists when it comes to creating disadvantage November 15, 2018

        The recent media commentary about private schools and discrimination may have opened up an important debate that, as a nation, is long overdue. And it will need to be much broader than the personal rights of LGBTIQ students and teachers, important though they are.

      • Help is on its way November 15, 2018

        ​Federation is in the final stages of preparing a toolkit titled “Bullying: a Work Health and Safety Issue” to be sent to Federation committees to raise awareness of the risk of injury due to bullying in workplaces.

      • Unified funding call for elections November 14, 2018

        Federation has set joint campaign priorities for the NSW and federal elections, based around funding needs.

      • Strong voice for kids November 14, 2018

        ​November Council passed a motion condemning the Morrison Government for refusing to immediately bring refugees and asylum seekers to Australia to access urgently needed medical attention and other services.

      • Retired Teachers Association news November 14, 2018

        Why join the Retired Teachers Association?, Challenges to the ABC, CRUMA report, AFTINet report, Opera House outrage, Upcoming events

      • Public preschool education November 14, 2018

        The provision of free public preschool education in NSW is one of the worst of any state or territory in Australia. Of all early childhood education service types available in NSW, government preschools account for only 5 per cent. Enrolment share follows a similar pattern.

      • Clear message from Nowra TAFE forum November 13, 2018

        ​In the federal electorate of Gilmore, attendees at a community forum had a strong message to send: a well-resourced and properly funded TAFE is vital in regional areas such as the Shoalhaven.

      • Council Report: 3 November 2018 November 13, 2018

        The NSW Teachers Federation Council plays an important part in the democratic processes of the union.

      • Backpack Full of Cash November 13, 2018

        Federation has hosted the first Australian public screening of Backpack Full of Cash, a documentary that explores the American education reform movement and its impact on public education.

      • Paper Plane November 12, 2018

        At 12.30pm on the Sunday before any school term resumes, you can guarantee an email from the principal welcoming you back.

      • Vale Ray Holden November 12, 2018

        Federation Life Member Ray Holden always regarded himself as a rank and file activist in Federation — and was proud of it. He died in the last week of October, aged in his early 90s.

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching November 11, 2018

        Casual teacher booking processes.

      • Theatre Review November 11, 2018

        ​Regular readers will know I like all sorts of theatre, which does not mean I like it all, although it must be said that I mostly do as I choose what I see.

      • World AIDS Day 2018 November 11, 2018

        Saturday, 1 December, marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, with the theme, “Know Your Status”. More than 120 countries around the world hold events to raise awareness of preventative measures, testing and treatments and also to remember those who have lost their lives to, and support those who are living with, the HIV/AIDS virus.

      • Central Coast teachers mark centenary with donation November 10, 2018

        Teachers from the Central Coast associations are passionate about the kids they teach and supporting Stewart House, because they know first hand the help a 12-day program at Stewart House can be for children who are doing it tough.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews November 10, 2018

        The 2014 Gartelmann Jesse Shiraz is a gold-medal winning wine (2017 Mudgee Wine Show) that shows a ruby garnet hue around the rim indicating its age.

      • Grant to look at helping refugee students November 10, 2018

        A Sydney principal aiming to produce best-practice policies to improve the emotional, social and learning needs of refugee students has been awarded Federation’s 2019 Eric Pearson Study Grant.

      • Morrison Government’s contestable funding has failed November 09, 2018

        The announcement that NSW will be sending TAFE students to registered clubs to do their courses is further proof of the failed and damaging contestable funding policy of the federal and state governments.

      • Vale Richard Gill November 09, 2018

        Renowned Australian conductor, educator, advocate — and, more recently, television celebrity — Richard Gill died on 28 October, a matter of days before he would have turned a youthful and energetic 77.

      • Your Workplace Contacts November 09, 2018

        The tumultuous years of Terry Metherell’s control of the Education Ministry sowed the seeds of activism and fairness in a young Luke Di Salvia.

      • Phonics and the literacy journey, part 3: A compelling case for poetry every day November 09, 2018

        Use poetry, song, literature, drama and the visual arts every day in your classroom to help students’ oral language development, lecturer in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Dr Kathy Rushton says.

      • NSW signs bilateral schools funding agreement November 08, 2018

        ​NSW has signed a bilateral agreement with the Federal Government that will deliver an additional $6.4 billion to public schools over the next ten years.

      • Association Spotlight: Blayney November 08, 2018

        Blayney is a small country town in the central west of the state, situated between Bathurst and Orange, the two regional centres in the area.

      • History Lesson: Local efforts at the core of union successes November 08, 2018

        Federation has long-standing staffing-related policies that seek to benefit students and teachers: a statewide staffing system built upon transfers, class sizes, permanency and the promotions system. But staffing improvements in these areas have only been achieved because of the contribution of teachers’ local activities.

      • Join the night of a thousand dinners November 08, 2018

        Over the weekend of 17 November, The Pinnacle Foundation is asking people around Australia to host a dinner event and to invite their friends and family.

      • Phonics and the literacy journey, part 2: Go from the meaningful to the abstract November 08, 2018

        Laughing kids learn, curriculum consultant David Hornsby reminded teachers attending the Centre for Professional Learning’s course, Understanding the Role of Phonics in the Literacy Journey.

      • Transgender Day of Remembrance November 07, 2018

        Transgender Day of Remembrance is marked on 20 November each year to reflect on the challenges and cruelties faced by the transgender community.

      • Wear ‘Blue for Nauru' on Tuesday 13 November November 07, 2018

        Federation is asking all members and school communities to help put pressure on the Morrison Government for all children to be removed from Nauru, by participating in the #BlueForNauru day on Tuesday, 13 November.

      • Phonics and the literacy journey, part 1: Start with quality, literary texts November 07, 2018

        ​The purpose of reading is to make meaning of text in the broadest sense, so that should be a priority from the moment a child is born, Professor Robyn Ewing told K-6 teachers at a Centre for Professional Learning literacy course recently.

      • The power to transform lives November 05, 2018

        Childhood trauma is an epidemic and the single biggest health crisis of our times, a Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) conference was told today, and that crisis was even worse for children with a disability.

      • Labor releases details of $14bn school-funding commitments November 01, 2018

        The Federal Labor Opposition has released the school-by-school details of its commitment to $14.1 billion of increased funding for public schools.

    • October 2018

    • September 2018

      • Resignation of the TAFE NSW Managing Director Jon Black September 28, 2018

        The NSW Teacher Federation notes the resignation today of the TAFE NSW Managing Director, Jon Black.

      • New FOI data reveals PM’s school funding hypocrisy September 26, 2018

        New school funding data has revealed that Australia’s most disadvantaged government schools receive at least $10,000 less per student in government funding than equivalent Catholic schools.

      • Shift in work tasks vital to prioritise learning September 24, 2018

        The report on teachers’ workload states: “Teachers’ autonomy is seen to be an indicator of professional respect and is an integral element in professional roles where contradictory and conflicting demands require freedom to manage these within complete professional roles.”

      • Teachers to have say on design September 24, 2018

        The unregulated approach to school infrastructure projects is to come to a halt.

      • Achieving equality with long-lasting benefits September 23, 2018

        There’s a story I’ve heard many times from a formidable leader in the specialist education field. The story is of twin students.

      • Teachers voices must be heard in curriculum review September 23, 2018

        Teachers are the experts in terms of developing, implementing and reviewing the curriculum.

      • Progress towards NAPLAN reform September 22, 2018

        The campaign to review and ultimately replace the NAPLAN assessment has achieved further gains in recent weeks, with the Education Council releasing a communique stating that state and territory education ministers had agreed that the 2018 NAPLAN test results will not be published on the MySchool website, with any further decisions to be taken at the council’s December meeting.

      • Stokes gets daily mail on shortage September 22, 2018

        ​Education Minister Rob Stokes is now hearing on a daily basis — school-by-school — the effect of the casual teacher shortage.

      • NSW public school system: only the best will do September 21, 2018

        ​​Federation has been at the forefront of demanding that governments at federal and state level ensure that rigorous academics standards are applied at the point of entry into initial teacher education.

      • Election opportunity for salary justice September 21, 2018

        The NSW election next March provides an opportunity to highlight the need for pay justice, school infrastructure spending and additional permanent positions from equity funds.

      • Coalition’s corrupt school funding proposal lacks fairness September 21, 2018

        The Morrison Government’s funding deal for Catholic and independent schools fails to address the urgent needs of public school students in NSW.

      • Council Report: 15 September 2018 September 20, 2018

        As we celebrate the centenary of the Federation, it has been an opportunity to reflect on the democratic traditions of the union.

      • Call to retain public school land September 20, 2018

        The NSW Government recently announced the construction of a new primary school and high school on the Meadowbank TAFE site to “cater for the community’s growing number of families”.

      • New leadership course for women September 19, 2018

        ​Federation has introduced a new course for women to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to undertake leadership positions at various levels.

      • Association Spotlight: Temora Teachers Association September 19, 2018

        Our population in Temora is 4000 in town and 7000 in the shire, with Ariah Park also a part of our shire.

      • New incentives to attract and retain teachers September 19, 2018

        Federation has continued to campaign for increased levels of funding and strategies to attract and retain teachers at rural and remote public schools in NSW.

      • Demands for superannuation reforms September 18, 2018

        Federation has called on government to implement initiatives requiring all superannuation funds to be more transparent and accountable.

      • Quick chats a positive experience September 18, 2018

        Community members are receptive to conversations about funding for public schools, teachers participating in Fair Funding Now! week of action activities reported.

      • Gaining strength through women’s stories September 17, 2018

        ​The report for the first Women’s Conference in 1978 in the Education journal included an article by Jennie George who wrote, in reference to sexism, what it means and how it operates.

      • Book Reviews September 17, 2018

        From Little Things Big Things Grow, Nganga: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Words and Phrases, Hidden in Plain View: The Aboriginal people of coastal Sydney.

      • Disability campaign mounts ahead of elections September 17, 2018

        ​Federation is responding to the joint needs of students with disability and their teachers at every campaigning level, as advocacy intensifies ahead of the state and federal elections.

      • Banks targetted in TAFE campaign September 16, 2018

        The federal electorate of Banks was the main focus of a targeted week of action in the continuing Stop TAFE Cuts campaign.

      • Wear It Purple Day September 16, 2018

        ​Federation celebrated Wear It Purple Day with plenty of purple and rainbows on the last Friday in August.

      • Your workplace contacts September 15, 2018

        Richard Meyers has been the Fed Rep at Wetherill Park TAFE, in Sydney’s west, for about 15 years and has found that patience and persistence are key to success in the role.

      • Regional rainbow event September 15, 2018

        Federation took part in Newcastle’s first LGBTIQ Pride weekend as an opportunity to expand its actions outside greater Sydney.

      • Petition for new PM calls for fair funding September 14, 2018

        Sutherland Teachers Association and community members have hand-delivered a Fair Funding Now! petition to the electorate office of Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews September 14, 2018

        What’s this Montepulciano all about? The 2017 Calabria Montepulciano — firstly, let me state what an excellent wine this is.

      • Emboldened by union experience September 14, 2018

        ​Everyone I worked with at Federation’s head office in Surry Hills during my two-week stint as an Anna Stewart Officer was incredibly generous with their time and energy, making me feel welcome and encouraged.

      • Paper Plane September 13, 2018

        ​We usually have a pile of tissue boxes stacked on top of the filing cabinets in our office, but last week the supply dried up. Unfortunately, our noses did not. We have been under siege with germs and sickness and the tissue crisis is indicative of this.

      • Community demands guarantee Bega TAFE is not for sale September 13, 2018

        A community meeting has demanded a guarantee from the Berejiklian Government that the Bega TAFE College will not be sold.

      • Bringing Country to the classroom September 13, 2018

        Inverell High School is proud of its Aboriginal Studies course, one the school believes has fostered a deeper and more authentic relationship between the school and the local Aboriginal community.

      • Retired Teachers Association news September 12, 2018

        Have you recently retired from teaching or are you close to retiring? Retiring Federation members can maintain their interest in education by joining the Retired Teachers Association.

      • New OECD report reveals the real cost of Morrison govt education cuts September 12, 2018

        Australian teachers are teaching larger classes and working significantly more hours than their colleagues overseas, while public funding for education as a percentage of total government expenditure is falling, according to a new report.

      • Film review September 11, 2018

        Ladies in Black, Don’t worry, he won’t get far on foot, Three Identical Strangers, Ghost Hunter 20/9, Leave No Trace

      • Government admits to drop in TAFE enrolments September 10, 2018

        ​NSW Budget Estimates hearings have revealed a further drop in TAFE enrolments, when Minister for TAFE Adam Marshall faced difficult questions about his government’s failed Smart and Skilled policy.

      • 2019 Semester 1 Project Officer: Recruitment and Activism September 05, 2018

        ​As part of the continuing implementation of the Annual Conference Decision 2004 Recruitment and Activism and the Future of the Union the General Secretary is seeking Expressions of Interest from school teachers in their first few years of teaching, who believe they can make a significant contribution to the role of Project Officer.

      • State plan to set high standards for graduate teachers September 03, 2018

        Federation welcomes the announcement by NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes to raise the bar for graduate teachers and protect high teaching standards.

    • August 2018

      • Equal Pay Day 31 August 2018 August 31, 2018

        ​The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) is reporting that the national gender pay gap is at a 20 year low of 14.6% for full-time employees.

      • NAPLAN 2018 results ‘should be discarded’ according to expert review August 27, 2018

        Teachers have long held concerns about the use of NAPLAN test data, and an independent review of the 2018 test confirms that the data is of ‘very limited use’ and that posting this year’s data to the MySchool website would be ‘inappropriate and misleading’.

      • Jennie George: A union pioneer for women August 27, 2018

        “I ask you to close your eyes and think back 50 years because what happened in my time is quite different to the challenges facing women in Federation today...” said Jennie George, Federation’s first woman General Secretary, in her video address to the audience of the Centenary Women’s Conference.

      • First steps to reclaiming teaching and learning focus August 26, 2018

        NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has proposed a working group aimed at reducing the administrative burden on schools, arising from discussions with Federation on the initial and final findings of the research project “Understanding Work in Schools: The Foundation for Teaching and Learning”, commissioned by the union.

      • Your Say: Power of educating the parent August 26, 2018

        As Professor Ken Robinson, educational guru and activist, rightly pointed out at the recent Education Expo, the education industry is ripe for disruption. So how do we do that?

      • Prime Minister Morrison must restore TAFE for Australia’s Future August 24, 2018

        ​If Australia’s new Prime Minister wants to ensure economic growth and stability for Australia’s future, he must restore the majority of public funding for vocational education to TAFE.

      • Teachers are committed to their students, and to the profession August 24, 2018

        ​No doubt you have seen the headlines and social media stories that claim teachers are leaving the profession in droves — just walking away.

      • Department of Education Evaluation of the Compressed Curriculum August 24, 2018

        The Department’s Centre for Education, Statistics and Evaluation is undertaking a review of the Compressed Curriculum in 2018. T

      • The Arthur Hamilton Award August 24, 2018

        ​This is your chance to celebrate an Australian Education Union member who is making an outstanding contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.

      • Further delays to payroll while missing pay is rectified August 23, 2018

        The Department has advised all affected teachers of further delays to the rollout of the SAP HR/Payroll system.

      • Amidst political chaos, schools need funding certainty August 23, 2018

        While there’s ongoing political turmoil in Canberra, students in Australian public schools are missing out on much needed support, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said today.

      • Clarification on work placement contact August 23, 2018

        Site visits are not mandatory for contact with students on work experience or work placement, it has been confirmed.

      • Your say: You are the union August 22, 2018

        If it wasn’t for Federation, our work would be even more difficult than what we face today. We need to honour the work of the dedicated unionists who’ve gone before us.

      • Historic school photos to feature in centenary exhibition August 22, 2018

        As part of the union’s centenary celebrations, Federation has undertaken a year-long research and curatorial project to bring you Unity! Strength! Justice! — an exhibition that tells the stories of Federation’s 100 years of activism in support of public education.

      • Election Notice: Casual Vacancy - Branch Executice E2018/171 August 22, 2018

        Election Notice: Casual Vacancy - Branch Executice E2018/171

      • Book Reviews August 22, 2018

        This edition of book reviews includes Julián is a Mermaid, The Poesy Ring, Here I Stand: Stories that Speak for Freedom and Populism Now! The Case for Progressive Populism

      • Fair Funding Now! national week of action to focus on community campaigning August 21, 2018

        Market stalls, P&C meetings and face-to-face conversations with parents and community members at the school gate will be the focus of a national week of action in the Fair Funding Now! campaign from 3-9 September.

      • Your say: Half-baked ideas endanger us all August 21, 2018

        ​The article in The Australian, “TAFE’s shortcut courses get a rise from bakers”, on 18 July 2018, stated that TAFE is offering a shortened version of Certificate III in Retail Baking that allows a student to earn the same qualification in 18 weeks as someone who has completed a four-year apprenticeship. What a half-baked idea.

      • History Lesson: Salaries campaigning: An endurance test requiring all members August 21, 2018

        In the early 20th century, growing numbers of teachers began realising that the only path to salary justice was to organise and fight for the right to appear before an independent tribunal, rather than rely on the sympathetic promises of politicians.

      • Theatre Review August 21, 2018

        ​Since the Belvoir St Theatre grew out of the ashes of the Nimrod Theatre Company, it has always been an alternative to the mainstream Sydney Theatre Company and has presented many Australian plays and shows that have a social conscience.

      • Film reviews August 20, 2018

        This edition of film reviews includes: The Insult, Jirga, On Chesil Beach and The Heiresses.

      • Affordable housing for teachers August 20, 2018

        ​A residential project planned for Miranda will provide affordable housing for teachers and other key workers in the Sutherland Shire, Federation General Secretary John Dixon told August Council.

      • Wear It Purple to empower August 20, 2018

        ​Wear It Purple Day is a youth-led day of action held since 2010, founded in response to stories of teenagers who have taken their lives due to the bullying and harassment because of their sexuality and/or gender diversity.

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching August 19, 2018

        For those casual teachers who received a Working With Children Check (WWCC) in 2013, the process for renewals began from June 2018.

      • High Court action supported by Federation August 19, 2018

        The Teachers Federation has joined in legal action to the High Court, initiated by Unions NSW, in response to the NSW Government’s attempt to severely limit the capacity of unions to vigorously and publicly articulate matters on behalf of members in the context of the forthcoming state election campaign.

      • Disability forum puts pressure on governments August 18, 2018

        In the Fairfield area, teachers have a strong history of being adept at recognising and supporting the learning for our students with disability.

      • Paper plane August 17, 2018

        As someone who is secondary trained and has always worked with teenagers, suddenly finding myself working in a primary context has been a big change.

      • Survey results show LGBTIQA+ discrimination still rife in school August 17, 2018

        Workplace discrimination against LGBTIQA+ teachers remains a significant issue across NSW, according to a recent joint research project between Federation and Western Sydney University.

      • Association Spotlight: Barrier August 17, 2018

        The Barrier Teachers Association serves Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia and boasts a 95 per cent membership rate. Many of our new teachers originate from the NSW east coast and they find the TA’s social network supportive and welcoming.

      • Your workplace contacts August 16, 2018

        Encouraging members to understand their working rights and empowering them to speak up is an essential role of being a school Fed Rep, according to Diane Dass from Kellyville High School in Sydney’s north-west.

      • Staffing relief for drought-affected schools August 16, 2018

        Federation has successfully achieved a staffing moratorium for drought-affected public schools.

      • Cards of kindness August 16, 2018

        Federation was proud to deliver $1400 worth of Opal and gift cards to the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown on behalf of members across NSW who collected them following a request from the union.

      • Retired Teacher Association news August 16, 2018

        In June, Janine Kitson presented important information regarding the conservation of Gardens of Stone National Park near Lithgow, NSW.

      • Meal allowance claim forms August 15, 2018

        Teachers working outside usual hours now have a mechanism for claiming a meal allowance directly from the Department of Education.

      • Independent expert review of NAPLAN operations established August 15, 2018

        ​Following further controversies surrounding NAPLAN an independent external expert review of NAPLAN has been established.

      • Australian Education Union NSWTF Branch Councillors Election - E2018-108 August 10, 2018

        Nominations are called for New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF) Branch Councillors

      • Education Week 2018 - Reflecting on the past to shape the future August 06, 2018

      • Turnbull Government to send unqualified teachers into classrooms August 03, 2018

    • July 2018

    • June 2018

      • Temporary teacher engagements up to three years June 28, 2018

        Starting early in Term 3, 2018, temporary teachers will now be able to be offered engagements of up to three years in length.

      • First steps towards addressing administrative workload June 26, 2018

        Federation’s pursuit of concerns raised in the teachers’ workload survey is showing progress with the Department and Minister listening and responding to the issues raised by more than 18,000 members.

      • Election Notice: Professional Officers election 2019-2021 June 26, 2018

        By a decision of Council, Mr Neale Dawson, Principal Solicitor and Managing Director of NEW Law Pty Ltd, will be the Return-ing Offi cer as per the AEU New South Wales Teachers Federation Branch Rules for the election of Professional Offi cers of the AEU NSW Teachers Federation Branch for 2019-2021.

      • Election Notice: Branch General and Deputy Secretaries Election June 26, 2018

        Nominations are called for the following offices: General Secretary, Deputy Secretary (Schools), Deputy Secretary (Communications and Administration), Deputy Secretary (Post Schools), Deputy Secretary (Research, Industrial and Professional Support)

      • ​Education Council’s weak response to calls for NAPLAN review June 23, 2018

      • Local events celebrate quality public vocational education June 22, 2018

        National TAFE Day celebrations were held around NSW on 19 June against the backdrop of a continuing crisis in TAFE funding and resourcing.

      • Teachers sidelined in schools funding agenda June 22, 2018

        ​Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham is disrespecting the teaching profession by trying to impose a reform agenda without any consultation with teachers and without the fair funding needed for our schools, Australian Education Union (AEU) Federal President Correna Haythorpe said today.

      • NSW Government ‘efficiency dividend’ cuts will hurt schools and students June 21, 2018

        The NSW Teachers Federation is deeply concerned that the Berejiklian Government’s annual ‘efficiency dividend’ will hurt our schools and students as each year it rips hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Education Department’s budget.

      • Guaranteed funding for TAFE is the real solution June 21, 2018

        ​The announcement by the NSW Minister for Skills regarding apprenticeship fees is an admission that the marketisation of VET brought in by the Smart and Skilled policy has failed.

      • Wear It Purple to empower June 21, 2018

        Wear It Purple Day is a youth-led day of action held since 2010, founded in response to stories of teenagers who have taken their lives due to the bullying and harassment because of their sexuality and/or gender diversity.

      • Council Report: 2 June 2018 June 19, 2018

        On 2 June, Council heard reports and made decisions on a number of important matters.

      • Federation marks TAFE disability support milestone June 19, 2018

        Federation celebrated 40 years of support services for TAFE students with a disability at a special function on Thursday evening, 7 June, at Federation House.

      • Unity! Strength! Justice! June 18, 2018

        A highlight of Federation’s centenary celebrations will be an exhibition honouring its proud 100-year history of support for teachers and their students, schools and communities.

      • PLAN2 data collection requirements cut June 18, 2018

        The Department of Education has responded positively to Federation’s call for a significant reduction in the workload associated with data collection for PLAN2 in the Early Action for Success (EAfS) schools.

      • School building program not compliant June 15, 2018

        Federation continues to receive concerning reports from members regarding school building projects in a number of locations across the state.

      • Join the countdown to our centenary June 15, 2018

        June 18 marks the start of Federation’s 100-day countdown to the anniversary of its formation 100 years ago.

      • Concerns about People Matter survey June 15, 2018

        Survey data from the People Matter employee survey in 2018 will be made available to the Department of Education for individual workplaces with a minimum of 10 respondents.

      • Teaching without teachers: A new business plan June 15, 2018

        I am concerned that teachers are in danger of losing control of who teaches, what is taught and how we teach, as “edu-businesses” move to directly influence politicians, advisers and policy makers.

      • Staff reject open-space learning June 14, 2018

        ​While teachers and the community of Arthur Phillip High School welcome the much overdue infrastructure investment, the Department has refused to address numerous issues raised from within the workplace.

      • Your workplace contacts June 14, 2018

        For the first year in some time, James Cook High has a Workplace Committee and it’s an achievement the school’s Federation Representative Thomas O’Connor is most proud of.

      • Organising for intervention June 14, 2018

        ​The narrative around teaching Aboriginal children with a disability has to change if outcomes such as those highlighted by the Close the Gap report are to improve, a workshop at Aboriginal Members Conference was told.

      • There's nothing casual about teaching June 14, 2018

        Long service leave (LSL) is available to casual teachers as a payout when the casual teacher ceases employment with the Department and in some circumstances it may also be taken as leave.

      • TAFE voice tuned for election campaigns June 13, 2018

        ​Plans for campaigning on TAFE issues during the upcoming state and federal elections were developed at a recent strategy meeting involving Federation officers in the Post Schools unit.

      • NSW Opposition commits to ethics option June 13, 2018

        ​The NSW Labor Party has committed to reinstating the option for ethics classes on school enrolment forms.

      • Association Spotlight: Inner City June 13, 2018

        This edition of Association Spotlight focuses on the Inner City Teachers Association.

      • Teachers commit to informing voters on school funding cuts June 13, 2018

        The Fair Funding Now! campaign has been launched in seven locations across four federal electorates in the state, attracting hundreds of teachers ready to drive the campaign forward into the next federal election.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews June 12, 2018

        I find it both exciting and complimentary to have been invited to judge at this year’s Citadelles Du Vin. The event, held in Bordeaux, is my third year there and was by all accounts the best, mainly because Australia was this year’s invited guest of honour.

      • From “Beach to Bush” June 12, 2018

        ​A “beach to bush” change has proved a challenging but rewarding year for newly appointed principal at Pilliga Public School Seonid Stewart.

      • Book Reviews June 12, 2018

        This edition of book reviews contains Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann, Talking to My Daughter About the Economy by Yanis Varoufakis and No Shortcuts, Organising for Power in the New Gilded Age by Jane F. McAlevey

      • History Lesson: Teachers and free speech June 12, 2018

        The significance of the “Beatrice Taylor affair” can’t be overstated, not only for the future of Federation but also the concept of mass mobilisation, Federation leaderships’ later tactics, political affiliation freedoms for citizens, and the Communist abolition referendum and battle for control of the union in the 1950s.

      • Beginning Teacher conferences worth the travel time June 08, 2018

        Federation’s Beginning Teacher conferences are attracting teachers from hundreds of kilometres away who come to participate in a fun and informative weekend of professional learning.

      • Campaign wins recurrent funding increase June 08, 2018

        While the Turnbull Government has refused to fund its share of the final two years of the NSW Gonski agreement, the schools funding campaign has been successful in attracting an additional $1.4 billion to NSW public schools since 2014.

      • Wear red on 20 June to support Refugee Week action June 07, 2018

        Refugee Week is Australia’s peak annual activity to raise awareness about issues affecting refugees and to celebrate positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society.

      • Film reviews June 07, 2018

        This edition of film reviews includes Tea with the Dames, Brothers' Nest, Disobedience, Ideal Home, RBG and The Wife

      • Allowance reinstated for itinerant support teachers June 07, 2018

        ​Federation has successfully pursued with the Department the reinstatement of the teaching students with disabilities allowance for itinerant support teachers.

      • Stokes prioritises administrative workload reduction June 07, 2018

        NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes says he shares “concerns that a teacher’s core role of educating children in the classroom can be adversely affected by the administrative burden” in a letter to Federation, dated 1 June.

      • Incentive restored for rural and remote schools June 06, 2018

        ​The ability for our hardest-to-staff schools to convert long-term temporary appointments into permanent positions above establishment has been restored.

      • Paper plane June 06, 2018

        ​Last week, I arrived at school, attended my morning briefing, sat down at my desk and had a feeling that I should be somewhere else. Not on a tropical island or at home in my bed, but a real feeling that I wasn’t supposed to be at work.

      • Federation takes pay discrepancy to Minister June 06, 2018

        Federation has written to the NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes seeking to resolve discrepancies that arose out of the transition to standards-based pay.

      • Theatre Review June 05, 2018

        This edition of Theatre reviews contains Gypsy directed by Richard Carroll as well as Jonathan Pie who performed at the Enmore Theatre during this years Sydney Comedy Festival.

      • Stokes prioritises administrative workload reduction June 05, 2018

        Education Minister Rob Stokes says he shares “concerns that a teacher’s core role of educating children in the classroom can be adversely affected by the administrative burden,” in a letter to Federation, dated 1 June.

      • Retired Teachers Association news June 04, 2018

        At the May meeting, the RTA condemned the Turnbull Government’s budget. The ABC now faces an $84 million cut to its funding over the next three years and it seems that analysis of federal policies and expenditure on the broadcaster’s side is met with a large financial stick.

    • May 2018

      • Teachers invited to have their say on Aboriginal education policy May 30, 2018

        A peak Aboriginal congress is seeking consultation with the education sector to prepare a policy document to present to education ministers at their next Council of Australian Governments meeting.

      • TAFE shines at Vivid Sydney May 29, 2018

        Regional TAFE NSW students have not only hit the big city for this year’s Vivid Sydney but they’ve brought the bright lights with them.

      • Don’t Keep History a Mystery May 28, 2018

        Celebrating National Reconciliation Week (NRW) in your school or workplace is a great way to be engaged and learn more about history of the First Peoples of Australia and their achievements.

      • Public school system is one of the greatest agents of change May 25, 2018

        ​The first Aboriginal Australian to graduate from Harvard Law School has labelled the Australian public school system as one of the greatest agents of change for the nation.

      • Aboriginal Conference explores funding and the future May 25, 2018

        ​“Values, visions and voices” was the theme and all these aspects were shared by Federation’s Aboriginal members at their 22nd conference on Saturday 19 May.

      • Documentary covers Federation’s contribution to Aboriginal education May 21, 2018

        It was an idea hatched at an Aboriginal Friday Night Forum in 2015, a documentary tracing the stories of members who set the way for today’s Aboriginal teachers and the contribution of Federation’s long campaign to uphold the rights of our First Peoples and advance the cause of Aboriginal education.

      • Council Report: 5 May 2018 May 18, 2018

        Key issues discussed at May Council included Federation’s response to “Gonski 2.0”, the preliminary findings arising from the Understanding the work of schools survey, the push for a new NAPLAN, protecting and enhancing staffing entitlements and initial teacher education.

      • Chaplains in schools: probably illegal, certainly immoral May 18, 2018

        In the recent federal Budget, an additional $247 million has been allocated to the schools chaplaincy program. This brings the total amount of funding for the scheme, since its introduction in 2006 by the Howard Government, to about $1 billion.

      • There's nothing casual about teaching May 18, 2018

        Why should casual teachers develop a PDP and engage in the Performance and Development Framework?

      • News from the Retired Teachers Association May 18, 2018

        The Combined Retired Union Members Association is seeking clarification from Unions NSW about the State Government’s decision to penalise union officials and unions for engaging in industrial action.

      • Minister Birmingham comments about basket weaving TAFE course causes social media storm May 17, 2018

        Simon Birmingham’s attempt to be smugly dismissive of Labor’s budget-reply commitment to TAFE funding have set off a social media storm, with thousands of TAFE graduates showing their support for TAFE and the positive effect their qualifications had on their lives and careers.

      • May 17: Become an LGBTIQ rights ally May 17, 2018

        ​Many people around Australia and the world are marking May 17 with acts of recognition and action that highlight the plight of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, other sexuality or gender identity (LGBTIQ).

      • Huge win for Victoria’s TAFE teachers May 17, 2018

        ​This month’s Victorian Budget announcement will increase public sector wages 11.2 per cent by 30 June next year.

      • Campaign method keeps local issues from spiralling May 16, 2018

        Federation’s Delegates Conference offered a workshop that focused on organising around local issues and problems to develop the skills, strengths and capabilities of our on-the-ground activists.

      • Your say: From little things, a union will grow May 16, 2018

        This year I made the move to Timor-Leste to work in one of the several remote districts. My school has about 600 students from kindergarten to year 12 and I teach the national English curriculum. English, along with Tetun, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesian are mandatory subjects in high school. Portuguese and Tetun are taught from primary school.

      • Improvements won for Hospitality teachers and Career Advisers May 16, 2018

        Federation has won important gains to relieve workload for hospitality teachers and clarify the classroom teaching requirements of career advisers.

      • Union recognised for support of Stewart House May 15, 2018

        ​Federation was presented with a silver award at Stewart House's annual awards presentation, for corporate sponsorship of the charity.

      • Governments must step up on funding school infrastructure May 15, 2018

        Over the next 10 to 12 years public school enrolments will grow by 23 per cent, demanding a major commitment to expenditure on school infrastructure and a thoroughly informed and well-planned program of public works.

      • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k - Review May 15, 2018

        Mark Manson has probably confused people, some may have even walked away from this book, by the use of his F-Bomb in the title.

      • RBG Documentary Review May 15, 2018

        RBG outlines the history US Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Born to Russian Jewish immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York, Bader Ginsburg faced enormous sexism studying law at Cornell, Harvard and Columbia and later trying to gain employment in the law.

      • Association Spotlight: Camden-Campbelltown May 15, 2018

        Our Association is home to the Tharawal people, bordered by the Gandangara to the south and Muringong to the north of the Nepean River.

      • TAFE bound by outdated training packages May 14, 2018

        TAFE should be approved to develop local qualifications outside the present restrictive training package regime, according to renowned academic and former TAFE teacher Professor Leesa Wheelahan.

      • Parent leaders primed for campaign May 14, 2018

        ​New research has shown teachers and principals are ideally placed to drive the campaign for fair funding for public schools.

      • Your Workplace Contacts May 14, 2018

        The resolution of a dispute at Narraweena Public School on the northern beaches inspired Federation Representative Pierre-Yves Dejean to coin a new union catchcry: “Divided we beg, united we bargain!”

      • Budget puts big business ahead of education May 12, 2018

        ​Federation welcomes Labor’s commitment to restore, in full, the $17 billion cut from schools by the Turnbull Government.

      • Damaging policy cuts schools’ support May 11, 2018

        ​It is critical that Federation members and public school communities remain committed to holding governments to meeting the minimum resource standard, as detailed in the Fair Funding Now campaign, so schools can adequately address the learning needs of all students.

      • Paper plane May 11, 2018

        My new school likes to celebrate birthdays. Since starting there, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve gathered in the staff room to sing happy birthday and eat piles of food generously brought in by colleagues. It’s safe to say that life is good. Who doesn’t love a morning tea?

      • Labor budget response commits to restoring funding to public schools and TAFE May 11, 2018

        The NSW Teachers Federation welcomes Labor’s commitment to restore in full the $17 billion cut from schools by the Turnbull Government.

      • President dashes minister’s attack May 11, 2018

        ​Teachers, as a grouping, generally like to follow the rules. They like to know the boundaries, they like their students to follow the rules (sometimes with more or less success) but if the rules are wrong they have a duty, a professional obligation, to speak out — sometimes as individuals, sometimes as a collective voice. The collective is always more powerful.

      • Book Reviews May 11, 2018

        This edition of book reviews includes The Tree by Neal Layton, The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club, Going Wild by Sue Baker and The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.

      • Association works towards wider participation May 10, 2018

        As the first term of the 2018 school year came to an end, teachers from the St Marys-Mt Druitt Association gathered for an afternoon of barefoot bowls and pizza.

      • Theatre review May 10, 2018

        I rarely see shows I dislike. My time is running out and I choose my shows carefully.

      • Seminar addresses inclusion of diverse families May 10, 2018

        With the recent legal recognition of same-sex marriages in Australia, being inclusive of LGBTIQ people and their families is an important topic. Consequently, Federation recently teamed with the Gayby Baby Project to develop a seminar for teachers to consider how to welcome all types of families into school settings, including LGBTIQ families.

      • Turnbull’s Budget fails our children May 09, 2018

        The federal Budget has failed to deliver fair funding for public schools, with the Turnbull Government yet again prioritising big business over our children and their future.

      • Unions recognise TAFE as best provider May 09, 2018

        TAFE has strong support within the union movement as the preferred provider of vocational education. Trades unions appreciate the breadth of education provided by TAFE, including industrial issues encountered in the workplace and the fact that TAFE provides opportunities for apprentices to learn about and join their union.

      • Corkscrew: wine review May 09, 2018

        This edition's corkscrew includes: 2016 Reserve Chardonnay, 2014 Robert Stein Shiraz, Berton Vineyard Reserve 2016 Botrytis Semillon plus more.

      • Film Reviews May 09, 2018

        This edition of Film Reviews includes: Gurrumul, Cargo, Breath, Chappaquiddick, Tully and Loveless.

      • Good assessment design outlined by world-leader in writing assessment May 08, 2018

        ​Among the essential elements to designing an effective new assessment to replace NAPLAN were factors that would not only enhance student learning but also teachers’ professional learning, respected education academic Dr Les Perelman said in a lecture on Friday night.

      • AEU NSWTF Branch Financial Report 2017 May 08, 2018

        The financial statements of the NSW Teachers Federation for the year ending 31 December 2017 have been audited in accordance with the provisions of Section 257 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

      • Let teachers teach — Call to reduce paperwork May 07, 2018

        ​Federation is seeking a meeting with NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes to call for a review of administrative and paperwork requirements, plus more direct support from the Department to schools in relation to student learning needs.

      • Fairness sacrificed, says Shadow Education Minister May 07, 2018

        The Turnbull Government has sacrificed fairness for consistency, federal Shadow Education Minister Tanya Plibersek told Federation’s May Council meeting on Saturday.

      • Voices opposing NAPLAN mount May 07, 2018

        The call for reform of NAPLAN is growing, as criticism of the tests and reporting of results comes under increasing scrutiny.

      • Story of our union banner May 02, 2018

        ​There are interesting narratives associated with every aspect of Federation’s centenary marching banner, unveiled at the May Day Toast, held at Federation’s Surry Hills headquarters on 1 May.

      • Latest Gonski review highlights need to fund its reforms May 01, 2018

        ​Significant resources are needed to fund the recommendations in David Gonski’s latest report on education, yet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has cut $1.9 billion from public schools over the next two years.

    • April 2018

      • ABC Friends in need of teachers April 23, 2018

        Lobby group ABC Friends has urged teachers to join the fight to defend the national broadcaster from funding cuts and a conservative political agenda, including the assault by the Murdoch press.

      • Minister commits to permanent teachers in TAFE April 20, 2018

        The Minister for TAFE Adam Marshall has listened to TAFE teachers and committed to recruit permanent teachers to TAFE NSW.

      • Teachers send strong message to COAG April 13, 2018

        ​State and federal ministers in Adelaide for a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting have been presented with a letter signed by 5900 teachers, principals, support staff and parents calling for fair funding of public schools.

      • Leave win for surrogacy and out-of-home care April 11, 2018

        After lengthy negotiations led by Federation and other public sector unions, and amid delays by NSW Treasury, teachers can finally access leave for surrogacy and permanent out-of-home care.

      • NAPLAN fosters bad writing: expert April 09, 2018

        World-leading figure in writing assessment Dr Les Perelman is suggesting a new approach for the NAPLAN major writing task.

      • It's time for a new NAPLAN April 09, 2018

        A major report released today has revealed Australia’s NAPLAN testing regime is failing the nation’s students and is quite possibly contributing to declining performance standards across the nation.

      • Training course seeks to engage wider community April 05, 2018

        ​As a part of the Fair Funding Now campaign, Federation has conducted six targeted campaign training days involving Federation Representatives, parents and principals in the key electorates of Banks, Gilmore, Page and Robertson.

      • Your say: Let's not forget our shared history April 04, 2018

        Bruce Pascoe's remarkable 2014 account of how Aboriginal Australia, upon first contact, had a sedentary agricultural economy, even in what is now referred to as the “dead centre” of the country, is a lesson in how non-Aboriginal Australians have forgotten our shared history.

      • Public outrage at bus privatisation April 03, 2018

        The privatisation of public services is an issue close to the hearts of public school teachers.

      • Startling figures support funding campaign April 03, 2018

        ​A national report that shows the declining performance of our most disadvantaged school students will cost the country at least $120 billion in coming decades, reinforced Federation’s campaign for fairer public school funding, President Maurie Mulheron said.

      • Book Reviews April 02, 2018

        This editions book reviews include: Ambulance Ambulance! Macbeth, Game of Mates: How Favours Bleed the Nation

      • There’s nothing casual about teaching April 01, 2018

        What mandatory training must a casual teacher undertake?

    • March 2018

      • Overwhelming response to workload survey March 31, 2018

        Federation thanks the more than 18,200 members who responded to the survey “Understanding work in schools – the foundation for teaching and learning”, which closed on 26 March.

      • Change afoot as NSW Government responds to Disability Inquiry recommendations March 30, 2018

        The Berejiklian Government has tabled its response to the recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Education of Students with a Disability or Special Needs in NSW.

      • Proficient and committed March 29, 2018

        I am writing this in a hotel room in Canberra having spent the day wandering the corridors of Parliament House, accompanied by parents and teachers, dropping in on politicians to argue for a fairer funding model for public schools. It’s a quiet room and as the sun sets, I’m reflecting on the past 40 years.

      • Your say: Why NAPLAN must go March 29, 2018

        It’s time for Australia to carve its own path in education and stop channeling the US. With the digital era upon us and exponential rates of change, critical and creative thinking are the very skills that will successfully take us into the future.

      • Enhanced school staffing entitlements March 29, 2018

        Significant improvements to school staffing entitlements will be one of the priority policy objectives of Federation in the lead up to the March 2019 state election.

      • Federal Government slow to respond on TAFE report March 29, 2018

        The Federal Government has paid little more than lip service to a raft of recommendations for TAFE made by the Standing Committee on Education and Employment in a report it tabled three-and-a-half years ago.

      • Change the Rules campaign March 28, 2018

        ​The May Day marches in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle will focus on the combined union campaign to “Change the Rules”.

      • Association spotlight: Eastern Suburbs Teachers Association March 28, 2018

        This edition of association spotlight focuses on the Eastern Suburbs Teachers Association.

      • Join the push for proper resourcing March 28, 2018

        ​Everyone committed to achieving fair funding for public schools has been urged by Federation President Maurie Mulheron to sign up to the Fair Funding Now campaign.

      • Council Report: 17 March 2018 March 28, 2018

        Federation’s March Council was briefed about the Fair Funding Now campaign launched in Canberra on 27 March to turn back the Turnbull Government’s cuts to schools when it tore up the national funding agreement with the states.


        The NSW Teachers Federation is supporting a major national campaign, launched today in Canberra, to demand Fair Funding Now for public schools

      • Fair funding for public schools campaign to reach all communities March 27, 2018

        The campaign for fair funding for public schools will ramp up from today, Australian Education Union Federal President Correna Haythorpe said.

      • Voters in key electorates want fair funding for public schools March 27, 2018

        The overwhelming majority of voters in 18 key marginal electorates believe federal funding for public school is too low and that funding should be increased straight away, a new poll reveals.

      • Together we can make change — sign up to the Fair Funding Now campaign March 27, 2018

        Fair funding for public schools is the focus of a major campaign launched today by the Australian Education Union.

      • Sam Lewis Peace Prize winners March 26, 2018

        Year 1 students at Canley Vale Public School have won Federation’s Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Award with their short film called the “Kindness Project”.

      • Retired Teachers Association news March 26, 2018

        ​Attack on unions, ABC equals quality, Art gallery visit, Alana Valentine presentation plus more.

      • Standing-room only at HSC English conference March 23, 2018

        Today’s HSC English conference was standing-room only and Mark Scott saw firsthand how our membership engages in professional learning opportunities.

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews March 23, 2018

        Walking through Convent Garden in London with my family a couple of years ago, I spotted a familiar face looking at a menu in the window of a restaurant. It was a friend I have known for more than 20 years, who works in the wine trade in Sydney as export manager for Taylors Wines.

      • Stop TAFE Cuts campaign update March 23, 2018

        Federation members continue to campaign against the federal and state governments’ failed vocational education policies.

      • Theatre review March 23, 2018

        This editions theatre reviews contains Black is the New White by Nakkiah Lui and Lethal Indifference by Anna Barnes. As well as various productions from the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival.

      • Students eagerly await learning time in cultural centre March 22, 2018

        ​Briar Road Public School’s Cultural Centre has been a labour of love for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff that is paying off for students at the south Campbelltown school.

      • Paper Plane March 22, 2018

        Being the new teacher at school means constantly being introduced to people and then promptly forgetting their name and the position they hold. It also means being rather attached to the screen shot of the school map that you took to make it look less obvious that you had no idea where you were going.

      • The dawn of teacher unionism among NSW public school teachers March 22, 2018

        In the early years of the 20th century, growing numbers of teachers began realising that the only path to salary justice was to organise and fight for the right to appear before an independent tribunal.

      • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – Harmony Day March 21, 2018

        The 21st March takes its rise from the Sharpeville massacre that took place during Apartheid South Africa which occurred on this date in 1960. This saw a military response to a civil rights movement and since that date has been acknowledged as the day that freedom from racial discrimination is maintained as a human right.

      • Information for Members affected by bushfires March 21, 2018

        The Federation offers its support to teachers and schools in the areas affected by the devastating bushfires in Tathra. The NSW Teachers Federation is aware that a number of teachers live in the area and may have lost their homes and/or suffered damage to property as a result of the bushfires.

      • Your workplace contacts March 20, 2018

        ​The importance of a collective voice in education is not only vital for teachers but also students, says Port Macquarie teacher Amy Harland.

      • Federation’s Stop TAFE Cuts campaign continues March 20, 2018

        Federation’s Stop TAFE Cuts campaign continued with protests at Padstow and Wyong TAFE. TAFE teachers and community members met with state Opposition Leader Luke Foley at Padstow on the first stop of Labor’s “Schools and Hospitals before Stadiums” campaign.

      • All About Women, Sydney Opera House on March 4, 2018 March 19, 2018

        ​The Sydney Opera House's annual talks and ideas festival “All About Women” is timed to coincide with events in the lead up to International Women's Day. The 2018 program, Curated by Edwina Throsby (formerly the TEDxSydney Head of Curation and founder and producer of ABC's Big Ideas) offered talks and discussions, live podcasts and group lessons exploring the ability of food to bring like-minded people together.

      • 2018 Principals’ Conference March 09, 2018

        Federation’s 2018 Principals’ Conference aimed to help Principals understand and navigate the changing nature of work in schools. In an opening address, President Maurie Mulheron singled out the Department’s Local Schools, Local Decision policy as the primary driver of increased workload in schools.

      • March for International Women's Day – Sydney CBD March 08, 2018

        Join with fellow teachers in the Sydney CBD on Saturday 10 March for an International Women's Day March.

      • Resourcing brings results; calls for review of NAPLAN March 07, 2018

        Improvements in student outcomes are due to additional resourcing won in the Gonski campaign, not because of NAPLAN testing.

      • Market-goers share TAFE success stories, fear consequences of funding cuts March 06, 2018

        Terrific stories about how TAFE can change people's lives were revealed by locals at the Riverside Markets in Kempsey on Saturday, Federation TAFE Organiser Adam Curlis said.

      • Guns don't belong in schools March 06, 2018

        Gun violence in schools was raised at the Australian Education Union's annual federal conference, held recently in Melbourne.

      • NSW Teachers Federation Centenary March 05, 2018

        Throughout the centenary year, Education will feature a series of four-page souvenir sections that retrace 100 years of the union and its place in history.

      • Letters March 02, 2018

        Letters include: Spoiled by choice, Question of quality and Workers strike out .

      • Funding cut set to bite March 02, 2018

        This was to be the year of a significant school funding uplift, intended to bring hundreds of NSW public schools closer to the minimum Schooling Resource Standard (SRS).

      • Policy core threat to public schools March 02, 2018

        ​In the lead up to the March 2019 NSW election, Federation will continue to expose the Department’s Local Schools, Local Decisions policy as the single greatest threat to teacher permanency and high-quality, high-equity public schooling for all students.

      • Project Officers March 02, 2018

        Federation’s mantra that recruitment of members is everybody’s responsibility falls a little more heavily on the shoulders of the union’s Project Officers. Federation has been growing strongly over the past few years, reaching 60,000 members in 2017.

      • Shoring up support for our Beginning Teachers March 02, 2018

        With the start of the new school year, Federation has received a number of inquiries about the use of beginning teacher support funds in schools.

      • Council Report March 02, 2018

        Council report: 17 February 2018

      • TAFE failed by smart move March 02, 2018

        The NSW Government’s vocational education policy, Smart and Skilled, continues to fail our communities, TAFE students, teachers and support staff.

      • Policy gap widening March 02, 2018

        This year is the 10th since millions of Australians mourned, wept, celebrated and embraced loved ones on the day then-prime minister Kevin Rudd delivered the National Apology to the First Peoples and to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children forcibly removed from their family and community.

      • Tree Levy grants schools green space March 02, 2018

        The Tree Levy is an annual grants scheme funded by Federation that aims to offset the environmental impact of the union’s activities via a notional levy on the paper used by the union.

      • Expressions of Interest open for semester 2 Project Officers March 02, 2018

        As part of the continuing implementation of the Annual Conference Decision 2004 Recruitment and Activism and the Future of the Union, the General Secretary is seeking Expressions of Interest from school teachers in their first few years of teaching, who believe they can make a significant contribution to the role of Project Officer.

      • History Lesson: Teaching in the early days March 02, 2018

        The earliest teachers in what is now the state of NSW were Aboriginal men and women. They taught life skills and tribal awareness via ceremony, dance, lore, oral storytelling and art.

      • The Tide is Turning March 02, 2018

        This year is the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy, known simply as NAPLAN. And it’s time to be frank.

      • Expert to present NAPLAN report at public lecture March 01, 2018

        A world leader in assessment theory and practice, Dr Les Perelman, will outline his findings on NAPLAN at a public lecture on Friday, 4 May at 6pm.

      • Vale Colleen Hood March 01, 2018

        At Federation’s February Council meeting, General Secretary John Dixon remembered Colleen Hood as a tireless and courageous advocate in the struggle for justice and fairness. A long-time teacher, Federation Life Member and labour movement activist, she died after a short illness on 8 January, aged 75.

      • Turnbull Government’s political ads rip $10m out of school funding March 01, 2018

        The Federal Education Department has been caught misleading Australian parents over funding of almost $10 million for an advertising campaign with money that should have gone to schools.

      • Retired Teachers Association news March 01, 2018

        This year marks the 100th birthday of Federation and will be an important time for everyone who supports public education and trade unionism.

      • Paper Plane March 01, 2018

        When you’ve been at the same school for a long time, things get comfortable. All the kids know you, most of them have had siblings taught by you, their parents know you, you are part of the scenery.

      • There's nothing casual about teaching March 01, 2018

        Standards-based remuneration and pre-2004 teachers; Temporary engagement notices; Accreditation and maintenance

      • Your workplace contacts March 01, 2018

        Teaching in a small country community comes with its challenges but mainly rewards for Donna McLaughlan, Fed Rep at Canowindra Public School.

      • Association Spotlight: Canterbury Bankstown March 01, 2018

        We’re a very supportive and welcoming Association. We have a good cross section of representation from primary, secondary, IEC and SSP settings and members have said they consider our meetings productive, efficient and interesting.

    • February 2018

      • Corkscrew: wine reviews February 28, 2018

        This edition's corkscrew includes: The 2017 O’Leary Walker Watervale Riesling and The 2017 Angullong Fossil Hill Rosato.

      • Film Reviews February 28, 2018

        This editions film reviews include: Sweet Country, Lady Bird and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

      • Theatre Review February 27, 2018

        To stand or not to stand. That is the question. A standing ovation during a curtain call is generally considered the ultimate accolade to a show and its cast.

      • Richest schools get orchestra pits while Turnbull leaves public schools under-resourced February 25, 2018

      • Union history takes centre stage at council February 23, 2018

        Pieces of Federation's history held prime position at the Council meeting held on Saturday, the first during the union’s centenary year.

      • Share your opinions about work and workload in schools February 22, 2018

        In response to the growing number of concerns raised by members about increasing and excessive workload, Federation has commissioned a research team of academics from the University of Sydney and Curtin University to investigate the nature and source of workload in schools.

      • Federation welcomes decoupling of NAPLAN from HSC February 22, 2018

        ​Federation welcomes the announcement by NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes that NAPLAN will be decoupled from the HSC.

      • Gary Zadkovich’s immeasurable contribution to teachers’ working lives acknowledged February 21, 2018

        Family, friends, education officials and former students gathered to celebrate the remarkable career of Gary Zadkovich at his retirement function at the University of Sydney.

      • Federation Joins Fair Day Fun February 20, 2018

        There was something for everyone at Federation’s stall at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day on Sunday.

      • Notice of Election - Canterbury Bankstown Teachers Association February 19, 2018

      • Federation switches on to solar energy February 13, 2018

        An array made up of 158 solar panels has been installed on the roof of Teachers Federation House in Surry Hills, generating 85 kilowatt hours of energy and saving more than $30,000 in electricity bills per year.

      • Status of the profession under threat February 12, 2018

        Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham's plan to undermine teacher standards risks the quality of education provision and will lower the status of the profession, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said today.

      • Federation congratulates United Voice on school cleaners win February 12, 2018

        Federation congratulates the members of United Voice who recently won their fight to secure the positions of more than 7000 staff who clean public schools and TAFE colleges.

      • The proper resourcing missing; Aboriginal education gap remains February 09, 2018

        Three of the four education targets of the Closing the Gap Strategy will most likely not be met when the 10th annual report on the initiative is released in Canberra on Monday, the media is reporting.

      • Art Express February 09, 2018

        It takes hard work to bring the flicker of a creative idea to full realisation. Outstanding art students from public high schools across NSW can see the fruits of their labour on display at one of the most anticipated events on the cultural calendar, ARTEXPRESS.

      • Starting school: a survival guide for the first few weeks February 08, 2018

        It’s the first weeks of the school year and, no doubt, the tears – mostly from the grown-ups – have been flowing freely.

      • Turnbull Government fails to deliver funding certainty for preschools February 05, 2018

        ​The Turnbull Government has again failed to commit to long-term funding for preschools after it announced it will extend funding for the sector only up to the end of 2019.

      • Port Macquarie Teachers Association Welcome Back BBQ February 05, 2018

        More than 80 teachers gathered for the Port Macquarie Teachers Association Welcome Back BBQ last Friday afternoon. Joined by members from Hasting River TA and Camden Haven TA, the annual event is an institution on the Mid North Coast and provides a relaxed environment for teachers to bond as a collective; reunite with old acquaintances and build new connections.

      • Website maintenance - Saturday 3 January February 02, 2018

        Due to some significant electrical work taking place on Saturday 3 February at Federation’s head office, members will not be able to log in to the members area of Federation’s website or the Fed Reps online portal.

      • President calls on state’s dedicated teachers to take action on schools funding February 01, 2018

        ​NSW has such an outstanding public education system due to the dedication and commitment of our teachers, Federation Maurie Mulheron says in a video that welcomes teachers back for the 2018 school year.

      • Government figures confirm cuts to NSW public schools February 01, 2018

        The NSW Teachers Federation joins the Australian Education Union’s call for school funding to be allocated to address educational inequality. The renewed call comes in response to Productivity Commission data released today that shows government funding for private schools growing at a 60 per cent higher rate than funding for public schools.

    • January 2018

  • 2017

    • December 2017

      • Your union: 60,000 strong and growing December 31, 2017

        A consistent focus on the recruitment of new members has resulted in significant membership growth in 2017.

      • Mardi Gras Parade - Updated 21/12/17 December 19, 2017

        The NSW Teachers Federation (NSWTF) is looking forward to supporting the 40th Anniversary Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) celebrations in 2018.

      • Time to meet the need December 15, 2017

        Every day the capacity of our schools to do the very best by our students is compromised by a lack of resources.

      • Public school students shine in HSC December 14, 2017

        Federation congratulates schools, teachers and students in the state’s public schools for their outstanding performance in this year’s HSC results.

      • Federation launches review of NAPLAN online December 14, 2017

        Federation has written to members asking them to share their experiences of the Department’s trial of NAPLAN Online as part of a review of its introduction. In response to increased concern about NAPLAN testing and its move online, the review was endorsed by the Annual Conference policy decision, titled “The future of assessment and testing”.

      • Education cuts in Bennelong December 12, 2017

        The NSW Teachers Federation has rejected today’s claims by Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham that the Turnbull Government is increasing school funding in Bennelong.

      • SONiA gig to celebrate marriage equality law December 12, 2017

        From the Sydney Opera House to bomb shelters in the Middle East and now Teachers Federation House in Surry Hills, multi-faceted artist SONiA will perform a special concert for Federation to celebrate the passage through Parliament of the marriage equality legislation.

      • Number of overfunded private schools set to double while disadvantaged students miss out December 11, 2017

        New figures obtained by the Australian Education Union under Freedom of Information confirm the Turnbull Government’s schools funding model, the so-called Gonski 2.0, will leave public schools significantly under-funded in 2018 and beyond.

      • Opposition to NAPLAN Online and robot marking grows December 10, 2017

        Federation is successfully implementing the 2017 Annual Conference decision to campaign to replace NAPLAN as it is currently formulated, with authentic assessment of student learning from courses endorsed by the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA).

      • NESA Syllabus Development Consultation December 08, 2017

        NESA has announced a review of the process to develop NSW Syllabuses. The Consultation process consists of an online survey which may be completed on the NESA Website.

      • Casual Vacancy for City Organiser 2015-2018 December 06, 2017

        Mr Neale Dawson, Principal Solicitor, NEW Law Pty Ltd, will be the Returning Officer for the by-election of one (1) City Organiser of the Australian Education Union NSW Teachers Federation for 2015-2018.

      • International Day of People with Disability December 05, 2017

        Our public schools are an important cornerstone for the progressive realisation that enables people with disability to be active contributors to society.

      • Federation celebrates marriage equality vote, and will watch legislation closely December 04, 2017

        Teachers across NSW welcomed the news of a 61.6% YES vote in the marriage equality survey, confirming the long-held majority opinion that Australians support marriage equality.

      • Hasten slowly and stay in charge December 01, 2017

        Many years ago, as a young teacher in the late 1970s, I read an article about Japan and mathematics teaching in relation to what was then new technology — the overhead projector. It may have been apocryphal, but I still found the story to be thought provoking. The article told of a local school district in Japan that had decided to replace, with unforeseen consequences, all the blackboards with overhead projectors complete with scrolling plastic film on which teachers were to write.

      • Supporting teachers for equity December 01, 2017

      • Action manual for school reviews December 01, 2017

        Federation is pursuing member concerns regarding School Development Reviews and External Validation. Both of these procedures arise from the School Excellence Policy.

      • Podcast takes student assessment up a level December 01, 2017

        Changing your approach to assessment may help you become a more effective teacher and make your life easier.

      • Clearing path to accreditation December 01, 2017

        New teachers were given vital tips on how to navigate the minefield that can be the accreditation process at a one-day Trade Union Training (TUT) course in November.

      • TAFE teacher rises to top December 01, 2017

        With the help of Federation, TAFE Baking Trades teacher Dean Tilden is off to Paris next year for the world cup of all things pastry, The Masters de la Boulangerie.

      • TAFE campaign alive and well December 01, 2017

        TAFE student funding was a critical issue in the federal by-election for the seat of Bennelong. On Friday, 24 November, a rally bringing together TAFE students, teachers and community supporters was held at Meadowbank TAFE, one of two TAFE colleges in the electorate along with the Ryde campus.

      • Education heads up campaign issues December 01, 2017

        There was large public support for candidates’ promises to reintroduce the needs-based schools funding model at a public forum during the New England by-election.

      • Maths multiplied by Woo, to the factor of Spencer, divided over one day = Fun. December 01, 2017

        Maths multiplied by Woo, to the factor of Spencer, divided over one day = Fun.

      • Steady progress made for permanent employment December 01, 2017

        The NSW Department of Education is making positive progress in complying with the Terms of Settlement achieved through the Federation’s pursuit of permanent employment for members in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC).

      • Changes to leave on the way December 01, 2017

        By June 2018, the Department intends that all schools in NSW will have rolled over to the new SAP HR payroll system.

      • Take part in vital new research on workload December 01, 2017

        All school-based members are urged to respond to a statewide survey on teachers work, to be distributed next February.

    • November 2017

      • TAFE Enterprise Agreement Joint Communique November 28, 2017

        TAFE Enterprise Agreement Joint Communique

      • Election Notice - Executive November 25, 2017

        Nominations are called for the following offices: Branch Vice Presidents (4), Branch Custodians (2), Representative of members on the ATSI Members’ Roll (1), Association Representatives (8)

      • AEU calls for higher standards in teacher education November 24, 2017

        The Australian Education Union are recommending that initial teacher training be transitioned to a two-year postgraduate qualification, such as an undergraduate degree combined with a two-year teaching masters, after a survey of members showed that many teachers believed their education could have been more effective.

      • Central assessment process for selection of 35 principals in NSW public schools November 17, 2017

        Recently the NSW Department of Education advertised 35 principal positions that were all made available at one time due to the recruitment of principals for the new Director, Educational Leadership (DEL) positions.

      • Condolences and support to the Banksia Road PS community November 07, 2017

        Federation is shocked and saddened by the tragic incident at Banksia Road Public School today. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the families, teachers, classmates and community members affected by this event.

    • October 2017

      • ‘Productivity’ measures a serious risk to teacher training October 31, 2017

        The Australian Education Union has sounded a strong warning on potential Productivity Commission recommendations that could risk further undermining quality teaching by reducing the training required before teachers enter the classroom.

      • NSW Govt figures expose Federal funding failure October 25, 2017

        Today’s schools funding announcement by the NSW government confirms the $138 million dollar cut caused by the Turnbull government abandoning the Gonski funding model, said Federation President, Maurie Mulheron.

      • Federation joins call for rigorous review of Leading Learning 4 All resource October 18, 2017

        Prominent disability advocates, academics and organisations have penned an open letter to federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham regarding significant concerns about the Leading Learning 4 All (LL4All) resource, funded by the Commonwealth government and launched early this year.

      • Protect Kids from Robots and Canberra Bureaucrats October 12, 2017

        The Federal agency in charge of NAPLAN is rushing through with plans to have robots mark next year’s NAPLAN tests despite their justifications being discredited by world-leading research. Parents, teachers and principals have not been consulted about these radical plans and students have not been prepared for such a dramatic shift. NAPLAN has been a high-stakes and controversial test and this latest development will further bewilder youngsters who are subject to such testing.

      • International Day of the Girl Child October 11, 2017

        Wednesday 11 October is the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child

      • Vouchers won't fix the TAFE system October 11, 2017

        Jennifer Westacott and the Business Council of Australia’s proposals for Education and Skills released at the National Press Club today are another disappointing suggestion that fails to recognise the very real issues facing vocational education in this country.

    • September 2017

      • National Close the Gap Day September 16, 2017

        March 16 marks National Close the Gap Day, held to share information and take action in support of achieving Indigenous health equality by 2030. Last month, The Closing the Gap: Prime Minister's Report 2017, gave a progress report about Closing the Gap targets on Indigenous health, employment and education.

      • OECD report September 13, 2017

        The latest OECD Education at a Glance 2017 report shows the Turnbull Government is spending less than the OECD average on public education, posing serious challenges for the low-growth trajectory of the Government’s schools funding plan, the Australian Education Union said. “With the report showing Australian Government spending at 3.9 per cent of GDP being less than the OECD average, there is no doubt that our schools are under-resourced,” Federal President of the AEU Correna Haythorpe said.

      • Federation calls for schools funding submission time-frame to be extended September 12, 2017

        NSW Teachers Federation has called on state and territory education ministers to roundly reject the four-week timeframe for submissions to the Gonski 2.0 review panel announced today by Education Minister Simon Birmingham. State and territory ministers will be gathering for the Australian Education Council meeting in Adelaide this Friday.

      • Schools need full, systemic support from the Department and the NSW Government September 11, 2017

        The news announced today of a NSW Government plan to put up $50 million to fund so-called Business Managers in schools is an acknowledgement that the policy called ‘Local Schools, Local Decisions’ has resulted in the loss of hundreds of administrative and support positions and created an unnecessary burden on schools, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said earlier today.

      • Equal Pay Day 2017 – 4 September, 2017 September 04, 2017

        This year, Equal Pay Day is Monday, 4 September. Equal Pay Day is calculated to mark the additional time from the end of the financial year that women must work to earn the same as men.

    • August 2017

      • Protest against trade deal that's bad for people and the planet — 28 August August 28, 2017

        Federation officers will join concerned citizens for a rally opposing plans by the Turnbull government to sign a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement, on Monday 28 August. Earlier this year, the United States withdrew from TPP negotiations. Now, the 11 other countries involved in the talks, including Australia, are attempting to reach a deal without the US.

      • Van Badham reminds teachers why it's so wonderful to be a teacher and a unionist August 28, 2017

        A teacher’s ability to inspire students and community members was the subject of a presentation by writer, feminist, activist and self-proclaimed troublemaker Van Badham at Federation's Women's Conference said on Saturday.

      • Conference to address issues and campaigns that relate the women as educators August 26, 2017

        Women members of Federation are gathering in the union's auditorium in Surry Hills this morning for a day of presentations and workshops aimed at supporting them in their classrooms, workplaces and communities. Conference participants will have the opportunity to attend two workshop sessions. Topics include:

      • AEU calls for end to NAPLAN online August 22, 2017

        The Australian Education Union has called on state and territory governments to abandon the rollout of NAPLAN online as the new system would place many students and schools across the country at severe disadvantage. Federal President of the AEU Correna Haythorpe has requested urgent discussions with the respective Departments after concerns raised by teachers and principals about unequal access to computer technology for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

      • Turnbull Government must stop pouring taxpayer funds into expensive, failing Teach For Australia program August 21, 2017

        The federal government should stop wasting taxpayer money funding the Teach for Australia Program, the Australian Education Union urged today. A new report released today reveals that over half its participants have left the profession within three years of becoming qualified teachers.

      • Campaign to replace NAPLAN announced August 16, 2017

        Federation is campaigning to replace the NAPLAN approach to assessment and testing.

      • Teachers advised not to sign NAPLAN confidentiality agreements August 13, 2017

        It has been reported to the Federation that members are being asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in relation to the administration of NAPLAN Online and being told they cannot retain a copy.

      • Federation condemns Turnbull Government’s failure on Marriage Equality August 11, 2017

        The NSW Teachers Federation condemns Prime Minister Turnbull and his government for their approach to marriage equality. Attending the AEU Federal Executive meeting this week, NSW Teachers Federation President Maurie Mulheron discussed his concerns about the waste of money and resources, as well as the toxic debate that would ensue, as a result of the postal vote.

      • TAFE’s future to be re-imagined at national conference in Sydney August 10, 2017

        Re-imagining TAFE for the future will be the focus of a national conference in Sydney hosted by the Australian Education Union and the John Cain Foundation. The “Future of Public TAFE Institutions – new social policy” will aim to begin formulating the sector’s mission, and consider what TAFE will look like in the future, as anchor institutions in their communities to help people realise their aspirations.

      • Wear It Purple Day August 09, 2017

        Schools and workplaces can paint the town purple to celebrate diversity on Wear It Purple Day, 25 August. Last year, schools recognised the occasion in some creative ways, including rainbow fun runs, guest speakers, purple/rainbow mufti days and mural painting. Federation also marked Wear It Purple Day by organising a morning tea with a purple and rainbow bake-off that resulted in some fantastic creations.

      • TAFE Managers secure new Enterprise Agreement August 02, 2017

        TAFE managers have secured a 2.5 per cent salary increase each year for two years while preserving all working conditions, in a ballot for a new Enterprise agreement. Eighty-six per cent of TAFE Managers who took part in the ballot (61 per cent) voted YES.

      • Focus on student needs to lift success at school not NAPLAN results August 02, 2017

        Attention needs to be focused on ensuring all schools are receiving the funding they need to deliver for students' outcomes, not today's NAPLAN results, Australian Education Federal President Correna Haythorpe said in a media release today. “Lifting student outcomes does not mean simply lifting NAPLAN results," she said. “NAPLAN is just one test, a snapshot, and on its own provides a narrow and incomplete picture of a student’s education and does not take into account the high quality, broad curriculum and learning experience that schools provide.

      • Teacher permanency in the spotlight with member app update August 02, 2017

        With the most recent update to Federation’s ‘Card Plus’ membership app, Fed Reps and principals can use the app to check their school's staffing entitlement. The ability for NSW public education teachers to be employed on a permanent basis —regulated by the Staffing Agreement — was won thanks to the sustained campaigning of Federation members.

      • TAFE Managers secure new Enterprise Agreement August 02, 2017

    • July 2017

      • Teachers’ incredible work recognised at Education Week launch July 31, 2017

        The achievements of public education and local schools were put in the spotlight at the launch of Education Week earlier today. The high quality of teaching and learning being undertaken across the NSW public education system was showcased in the keynote address, given by two students and a teacher.

      • VOTE YES NOW in the TAFE Ballot July 28, 2017

        Federation urges members to vote YES in the TAFE Commission of NSW TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement 2017 ballot. The ballot opened at 12.01am on Friday 28th July and will close 11.59pm on Monday 31st July. The outcome of this ballot will determine TAFE Managers' working conditions for the next two years. Members do not have to be at TAFE to vote; members can vote on the internet or by telephone.

      • Stay strong, AEU presidents tell education ministers July 25, 2017

        Federation President Maurie Mulheron has joined with other teacher union leaders to call on state education ministers to stand strong in voicing their concerns about the plan

      • Cultural diversity in schools, anti-racism and EAL/D pedagogy explored during CPL multicultural conference July 21, 2017

        Confronting ethnic stereotypes and the challenges of teaching in a multicultural society were key concerns put to educators at a Centre for Professional Learning conference in Sydney today.

      • New Gonski Review panel hamstrung by narrow Government brief July 17, 2017

        We will not close the gap in education achievement by cutting funding to schools and then conducting another review that looks at only one part of the issues, Australian Education Union President Correna Haythorpe says. The Turnbull Government’s decision to restrict the panel leading the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools to only examining strategies to improve educational outcomes demonstrates it is not interested in levelling the playing field and properly funding public schools, Ms Haythorpe says in a media release.

      • Teachers now able to apply for more pay July 06, 2017

        After a long wait, teachers can once again submit applications to have prior eligible service recognised for salary purposes. For some teachers, this process will need to be completed by November this year so they can qualify for a review. Have you ever:

      • Will Pearson Australia follow through on offer of transparency? July 05, 2017

        The recent research report and media interest in the commercialisation of public schooling have prompted a response from Pearson Australia Managing Director, David Barnett, in which he agrees to the possibility of laying bare all of Pearson’s contracts with Australian federal, state and territory government authorities, which would reveal, among other things, the amount of taxpayers’ money that Pearson receives.

      • Inquiry to investigate consequences of devolutionary policies on public education July 04, 2017

        Federation will fund an independent inquiry into devolutionary policies, President Maurie Mulheron announced on the third day of Annual Conference.

      • Unions call on super funds and government to take action on affordable housing July 04, 2017

        The Sydney housing market is in crisis for essential workers such as teachers and the issue is now being addressed by unions, political parties and even superannuation funds, Federation General Secretary John Dixon told Federation annual conference today (Tuesday 4 July).

      • How business is taking over our schools July 04, 2017

        Education technology companies are benefitting financially from developing standards and data infrastructure in schools, according to the Commercialisation in Public Schooling study, launched on day three of Federation Annual Conference. Teachers and school leaders are concerned about this increasing ‘creep’ of commercialism into public schooling, a university survey conducted as part of CIPS shows.

      • Extra demands mean less time for classroom preparation, teachers warn July 03, 2017

        Teachers have plenty of ideas about how their work could be better structured so that they could be given more time to devote to teaching and learning, a new survey commissioned by Federation reveals.

      • Federation to mount schools funding campaign for next federal poll July 03, 2017

        In the wake of Turnbull Government legislation that cuts public education funding, Federation has resolved to mount a major campaign on schools funding issue for the next federal election.

      • Teachers want reduced face-to-face teaching to support quality teaching and learning July 03, 2017

        ​Teachers’ professional judgement would be the focus of a new campaign, in response to issues of work overload, Senior Vice President Joan Lemaire told Annual Conference.

      • Strong basis exists for increased special education funding July 03, 2017

        Solid ground exists on which to conduct future campaigning for special education funding after the dumping of the Gonski needs-based schools funding model by the Turnbull government, Federation Annual Conference delegates heard today (Monday).

      • Federation to build Stop TAFE Cuts campaign July 03, 2017

        Federation resolved at Annual Conference to build the national Stop TAFE Cuts campaign and to build cross-party political support to commit to a 70 per cent funding guarantee for TAFE. “We will resource it well and make this the national issue that we have made Gonski,” Federation President Maurie Mulheron told delegates today (Monday).

      • Future Teacher Scholarship recipients July 02, 2017

        Fifteen NSW Teachers Federation's Future Teacher Scholarships were presented at Annual Conference today (Sunday). “This year, we had 65 applications from students at 14 universities,” Nicole Calnan, Federation Membership and Training Officer told the conference.

      • Seven honoured as new Life Members July 02, 2017

        Seven teachers with an outstanding record of union activism have been inducted as Federation Life Members. This morning, on day one of the 2017 Annual Conference, held at the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour, Life Membership was bestowed on:

      • Student need sacrificed over tax policy, Annual Conference hears July 02, 2017

        Frustrations over the disappearing support for teaching and learning in schools and the extraordinary obsession with data featured in Federation President Maurie Mulheron’s keynote address on the opening day of Annual Conference. Mr Mulheron said education was a casualty in the war against public provision, a consequence of 30 years of neoliberal economic orthodoxy.

      • How to set expectations higher for Aboriginal students: Chris Sarra July 02, 2017

        Setting expectations higher for Aboriginal students can make a real and powerful difference to their education and to their expectations of themselves, teacher delegates at the Federation Annual Conference were told today (Sunday) by Professor Chris Sarra, a prominent Aboriginal educationalist who is Founder and Chairman of the Stronger Smarter Institute.

      • Annual Conference set to tackle big issues in education July 01, 2017

        A range of important issues for educators such as teacher workload, affordable housing, the Gonski schools funding campaign and the future of assessment and testing are to be tackled at this year’s Federation Annual Conference. The event will be held July 2-4 at the new International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

    • June 2017

      • Schools Funding Campaign Update June 24, 2017

        In the early hours of Friday morning, the Turnbull Government pushed through its schools funding legislation. This new funding scheme will have very serious ramifications for all teachers and students in our public schools. KEY POINTS: No longer a sector blind, needs-based model

      • Teachers and Parents condemn Pauline Hanson for her comments about students with disability June 22, 2017

        Senator Hanson's comments yesterday that students with disability should be segregated from their peers at school are ill informed and deeply offensive. Hanson’s comments have rightly drawn condemnation from all directions, including teachers, parents and advocates for students with disability.

      • Response to state budget June 21, 2017

        State budget builds new schools, cuts support and caps salaries Whilst providing increased investment in capital works and maintenance for public schools, the NSW budget fails to adequately and fairly support the teachers responsible for delivering public education by cutting support staff in head office and maintaining the salary cap, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said today. Capital works and maintenance spending For decades, NSW public schools have experienced shortfalls in capital works and maintenance funding.

      • Turnbull and crossbench Senators to answer to electorate over education cuts June 21, 2017

        The Australian Education Union said schools across the country will miss out on billions of urgently needed funding in the next two years if the Turnbull Government’s plan passes through the Senate as predicted tomorrow. AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said that despite the political spin, the Government’s plan was not a national needs-based funding model and will leave public schools across the country under-resourced for six years or more.

      • Teachers vote overwhelmingly to accept pay offer from NSW Government June 20, 2017

        Teachers vote overwhelmingly to accept pay offer from NSW Government

      • CFMEU calls national day of action on Tuesday 20 June June 15, 2017

        The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) is staging a National Day of Action in Sydney on Tuesday 20 June and Federation officers will attend the Sydney rally to show union support for the campaign. ‘Enough is Enough: Stop the Attack on Workers’ rallies will be held at 11am at:

      • Pay increases won for HSC exam markers June 15, 2017

        Higher School Certificate (HSC) markers will receive a pay increase in 2017 and 2018.

      • Wear red on June 20 to support Refugee Week action June 14, 2017

        Refugee Week 18 - 24 June - ‘With courage let us all combine’

      • National TAFE Day June 13, 2017

        While the future of thousands of Australian vocational training and education (VET) students remain uncertain, today’s National TAFE Day reminds students, educators and the community that the Federal Government needs to do more to secure funding for Australia’s public TAFEs.

      • Concerns raised over ‘People Matter’ survey June 09, 2017

        In response to questions raised by Federation, the Department has confirmed in correspondence on 31 May that data from the “People Matter Survey” is provided to the Department in relation to the responses from individual workplaces with a certain number of employees.

      • Pride March Against Trump and Turnbull: Global Day of Action June 08, 2017

        Confronting threats to LGBTIQ equality in Australia and the United States, Federation will join a march in Sydney on 11 June in common cause with marches being held across the United States, and all are welcome to join.

      • ‘Don’t give up the fight: keep lobbying’, urges Gonski campaigner June 05, 2017

        Veteran Gonski campaigner Dianne Byers urges teachers and parents to keep up their efforts to achieve needs-based funding for schools, as outlined in the signed NSW Gonski agreement. “Continue to lobby all MPs and senators in the federal parliament. Keep tweeting, emailing, visiting and Facebooking,” she says. “As long as it takes, our students are worth it.”

      • National Gonski Week June 05, 2017

        The NSW-Commonwealth Gonski agreement provides NSW public schools the greatest funding increases over the next two years. This is now under threat because the Federal Government is refusing to honour its funding share of the agreement. In total, this will be a $846 million cut to NSW public schools. Funding figures for each NSW public school can be found here.

    • May 2017

      • Campaign for recognition of Australia's First Peoples May 30, 2017

        The Referendum Council's Uluru Statement, arising from the National Constitutional Convention attended by more than 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates last week, calls for:

      • Talking and questioning improves student outcomes: CPL course May 29, 2017

        Ways to increase students' attention spans were shared at the Centre for Professional Learning's Improving Student Learning by Creating a Thinking Classroom course today. The brain is looking for novelty, presenter Sandra Rohan said. Other tools for increasing student attention spans include incorporating humour, music, movement, choice and games.

      • Public Education Day, 25 May 2017 May 25, 2017

        A message from Maurie Mulheron, President NSW Teachers Federation

      • A cuppa and a chat with your MP to mark Public Education Day May 25, 2017

        Federation members and staff celebrated Public Education Day today with a morning tea during which they lobbied state and federal representatives to keep faith with the original full Gonski schools funding plan.

      • It takes a very special person to be a teacher: launch of new TV and cinema ads May 23, 2017

        It takes a very special person to be a teacher: launch of new TV and cinema ads

      • Powerful poetry gets giggles and raises issues faced by Aboriginal Australians May 23, 2017

        Federation's Aboriginal Members Conference delegates were treated to performance poetry by Steven Oliver of Black Comedy fame on Saturday. His poems raise issues such as Aboriginal incarceration levels, reduced life-expectancy, substance abuse and suicide rates:

      • When commercialisation meets education: scripted lessons May 22, 2017

        The challenge to reverse the growing commercialisation and privatisation of education requires solidarity across nations, Education International project director Angelo Gavrielatos told Federation's 20th Aboriginal Members Conference on Saturday.

      • More than half of students with disability missing out on funded support, according to government figures May 22, 2017

        Figures from the 2016 Nationally Consistent Collection of Data confirm there is a crisis in disability education in Australia, said AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe in a media release on Saturday. “This annual census shows 469,000 students have a disability or learning difficulty but schools are only receiving funding to support 200,000 students with disability,” Ms Haythorpe said.

      • Aboriginal Members Conference May 20, 2017

        Federation's 20th Aboriginal Members Conference gets underway this morning with an agenda full of topics of interest to teachers. Workshop sessions will cater for teachers' varying interests, including:

      • Achievements and challenges of Aboriginal journeys shared at Friday Forum May 20, 2017

        The life journeys of several Aboriginal men and women were shared at Federation's Friday Forum last night, ahead of today's Aboriginal Members Conference. "I believe we are in the fourth phase of our shared history," said Uncle Vic Chapman, who was the first Aboriginal principal in NSW public schools.

      • Turnbull’s cuts agenda failed to convince State Ministers May 18, 2017

        Parents, school communities and state ministers remain united in their fight against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s agenda of education cuts that will see students miss out on $3.2 billion in funding in 2018 and 2019, the Australian Education Union said in a media release today. Today’s COAG Education Council meeting was a farce, aimed at giving states the illusion of consultation, in an attempt to railroad states to agree on a flawed plan, the federal union said.

      • IDAHOT marks turning point May 17, 2017

        Today is IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) or IDAHOBIT International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia), an internationally recognised day of action to give visibility to the experiences of LGBTIQ people around the world. The day marks the date that the World Health Organisation decided to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1990 and as such is an appropriate day to take action against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

      • Teachers welcome Labor’s pledge to invest in public schools and TAFE May 12, 2017

        The NSW Teachers Federation welcomes Federal Labor’s budget reply announcement of greater investment in public schools and TAFE.

      • Dramatic intervention on school funding May 11, 2017

        In an unprecedented move, the head of NSW public education has been compelled to urgently write today to every public school principal in the state, instructing them not to rely upon or trust the funding figures released by the Turnbull Government.

      • Data shows NSW public schools to lose millions under Turnbull funding plan May 11, 2017

        NSW public schools will lose $846 million under the Turnbull government’s plan for school funding, Acting Federation President Gary Zadkovich said today.

      • Federal Budget robs NSW public school students of proper support May 10, 2017

        Last night's federal Budget confirms the Turnbull government intends to abandon genuine needs-based schools funding, Federation Acting President Joan Lemaire said today. Under the six-year National Education Reform Agreement (NERA) signed between Commonwealth and NSW in 2013, all NSW public schools would have achieved the Schooling Resource Standard by 2019, but the Turnbull government's plan to dishonour the Gonski agreement and spread less money over 10 years means schools might never meet the standard and will remain under-resourced.

      • JPL podcast now available May 09, 2017

        ​Professional learning podcasts now availab

      • Birmingham admits new plan won’t give all students the resources they need May 05, 2017

        Education Minister Simon Birmingham has admitted that there is no guarantee schools will reach the Schooling Resource Standard under the Turnbull government’s new funding model, the Australian Education Union (AEU) charged today. Mr Birmingham’s comment yesterday that how the states managed their share of education funding was up to them showed the federal government has effectively abandoned the most disadvantaged schools and is “pursuing equity between states at the expense of equity for students”, the AEU said.

      • Voters prefer Gonski to ‘out of touch’ Turnbull’s company tax cuts May 04, 2017

        Voters want next week’s federal Budget to fund Gonski in full rather than see Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gifting business with tax cuts, the Australian Education Union (AEU) said today, citing a new survey of 20 marginal seats. The polling, which shows 71 per cent of respondents see Mr Turnbull as being out of touch with their concerns, reinforces the AEU’s condemnation of the federal government’s announcement this week to leave schools $2 billion worse off in 2018-19 by not funding Gonski in full. Voters strongly supported increasing resources for schools.

      • Turnbull schools funding plan denies learning opportunities to NSW children May 03, 2017

        Every year that schools are not funded to the minimum resource standard students will be denied the opportunity to reach their potential, Federation Acting President Joan Lemaire said today. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday announced a 10-year funding plan that would effectively prevent all schools reaching the minimum schooling resource standard. If the Turnbull government fully funded its part of the six-year Gonski agreements signed with several state and territory governments, all schools would reach this standard by 2019.

      • The campaign is working! We must keep the pressure on Turnbull May 02, 2017

        Today's announcement by the Federal government tells us that our schools funding campaign has been having a significant impact. It is now more important than ever to keep the pressure on the federal government to deliver the existing funding commitments. Tonight's tweetathon is a vital chance to tell Malcolm Turnbull that he must deliver on current funding agreements. We need everyone to get on twitter tonight between 6:30 and 8:30pm, tag @turnbullmalcolm, and tell him that he must deliver the current schools funding agreements, now!

      • The campaign is working! We must keep the pressure on Turnbull May 02, 2017

        Today's announcement by the Federal government tells us that our schools funding campaign has been having a significant impact. It is now more important than ever to keep the pressure on the federal government to deliver the existing funding commitments. Tonight's tweetathon is a vital chance to tell Malcolm Turnbull that he must deliver on current funding agreements. We need everyone to get on twitter tonight between 6:30 and 8:30pm, tag @turnbullmalcolm, and tell him that he must deliver the current schools funding agreements, now!

      • Public high school maths teacher to feature on ‘Australian Story’ May 01, 2017

        Cherrybrook High School mathematics head teacher Eddie Woo will be featured on tonight's edition of Australian Story on ABC TV at 8pm.

      • May Day is an opportunity to commit to solidarity on workers' rights May 01, 2017

        ​Today — May 1— is May Day: an opportunity to remember the hard-won fight by workers and the union movement to secure the eight hour working day and resolve to improve workers' conditions for the future.

      • May 2 a day of Gonski action as campaign heats up prior to federal budget May 01, 2017

        With the federal budget due on May 9, and education minister Simon Birmingham scheduled to make an announcement about schools funding on May 4, the Gonski campaign continues to take the message of fair schools funding to the public.

    • April 2017

      • TAFE teachers’ experience vital at new Skillspoints April 27, 2017

        The NSW Teachers Federation welcomes the Minister for skills, John Barilaro's announcement of 9 Skillspoints across the state. These centres will provide an opportunity to re-establish and expand TAFE’s ability to create high quality curriculum to support training packages and specialised TAFE courses required by Industry. Teachers Federation Deputy Secretary Maxine Sharkey said it was important that experienced TAFE teachers took a leading role in the new centres.

      • Memorial to teachers who fought in both world wars returns with new glow April 24, 2017

        Today, fittingly on the eve of Anzac Day, the memorial plaque honouring public school teachers who fought in the two world wars was rehung on Federation’s walls after being cleaned and refurbished since being first placed on display in 1955. The memorial plaque was carved by celebrated sculptor Paul Beadle, who was also a teacher and lecturer.

      • Federation seeks clarification on Safe Schools April 18, 2017

        Federation is writing to the NSW Education Minister, Rob Stokes, to request more information about the decision to drop the Safe Schools program from NSW schools. In an announcement made over the Easter long weekend, Minister Stokes announced that once federal funding for the program runs out later this year, the state government would not continue to support the program, and would replace it with a new anti-bullying strategy.

      • NSW Education Minister speaks out for Gonski April 07, 2017

        NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes will continue to fight “very, very strongly” for the Federal Government to honour its obligation to fund the final two years of the NSW Gonski agreement, ABC Radio reported today ahead of the Education Council meeting in Hobart. Mr Stokes said: “We have a bi-lateral agreement and have met our obligations and we will be insisting the Commonwealth does likewise.”

      • Premier urged to demand that Federal Government fully funds Gonski agreement April 06, 2017

        The NSW Public Education Alliance has appealed to the NSW Premier to reject alternatives to the Gonski schools funding model. The Alliance comprises the organisations representing the parents, citizens, principals and teachers of NSW public schools. In a letter sent to the Premier yesterday, the Alliance asks Ms Berejiklian to act on her supportive public statements about securing the Gonski needs-based funding model, and demand that the Federal Government honour its obligations under the NSW Gonski agreement.

      • NSW Parliament Stands up for Gonski April 05, 2017

        The campaign for the fair, equitable schools funding offered by the Gonski model has enjoyed strong support in NSW – and support that crosses party lines. In recent weeks, members of NSW parliament have renewed their support for Gonski funding, and the great work the funding is facilitating in NSW schools to lift student outcomes.

      • Voters reminded of the effects of TAFE funding cuts on their community April 05, 2017

        Central Coast voters are being reminded of the negative impacts the NSW Coalition's funding cuts to TAFE are having on locals, before they cast their vote in the Gosford by-election on Saturday. The Liberal-Nationals' Smart and Skilled privatisation policy forces TAFE to compete with private vocational education and training providers for much of its funding — the result being reduced government funding for TAFE.

      • Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees 2017 April 04, 2017

        For many people facing violence and oppression in their home countries, fleeing to another country in search of refuge is their only hope for keeping themselves and their families alive.

      • Support for members affected by natural disaster April 04, 2017

        On Tuesday, 4 April, Federation Executive authorised a number of financial support options for members affected by the recent floods. “Federation offers its support to affected members and their families at this time,” Acting General Secretary David Wynne said in an email sent to members in affected areas. The email provided details of the following assistance to members directly affected by natural disasters:

    • March 2017

      • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination March 21, 2017

        Today on this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Federation members are reminded of their responsibility as educators to organise, act and educate against racism in all its forms. Federation’s Anti – Racism Policy applies to all Federation members and employees and through its decisions and policies, will heed the voices of its members and students who are subjected to racial abuse, discrimination or vilification.

      • New ACTU leader gives a Gonski March 18, 2017

        New ACTU Secretary Sally McManus gave her support for the campaign to secure six years of the Gonski needs-based schools funding model when she addressed Federation's March Council meeting this morning.

      • Wet, wet, wet – but Port Macquarie’s set for Gonski fight March 16, 2017

        Torrential rain (and even the lack of a Gonski Bus!) could not stop more than 80 teachers, parents and community members from attending The Great Gonski Gathering in Port Macquarie yesterday.

      • 200 parents hear Gonski good news as MP pledges support March 15, 2017

        Member for Macarthur, Labor’s Dr Mike Freelander pledged to fight for Gonski school funding to be continued in full at a local launch of the AEU’s Getting Results 2 publication at Sarah Redfern High School in Minto, in Sydney’s West. “I understand how Gonski funding makes a difference to schools,” Dr Freelander said, as Federation members explained to parents of students the crucial benefits Gonski funding had brought to Sarah Redfern High.

      • More than 50pc of students struggling in under-resourced schools: report March 15, 2017

        International data released today proves that Gonski is working and highlights the recklessness of Malcolm Turnbull’s $29 million cuts to education. The PISA and TIMSS data released today prove that adequately resourcing schools leads to better student performance.

      • Gonski-rich Parkes seat hears Federation’s message March 15, 2017

        Splashes of green across the state’s north and central west marked Federation action in support of continued Gonski funding as members turned out from the Dubbo, Nyngan, Bourke and Walgett Teachers Associations to harness community support for the needs-based funding.

      • Knowing your students' passions helps to engage them in learning March 13, 2017

        Getting to know your students is key to engaging them, the SBS Insight program "A Teacher Changed My Life" illustrated last week.

      • The importance of relationships and partnerships in leading Aboriginal Education in a school March 13, 2017

        Principals and aspiring principals are exploring the different ways to meet the challenges often associated with the implementation of whole-school change at a Centre for Professional Learning course today. The Leading Aboriginal Education in Your School course focuses on the importance of relationships and partnerships.

      • Attention! NSW Gonski Bus tour details March 10, 2017

        Listed here are the Gonski Bus activities planned for your area. Buses will enter NSW from Queensland (the northern bus) and Victoria (the southern bus).

      • Strength comes from collective voice, conference hears March 10, 2017

      • Statement of support for early educators taking strike action March 08, 2017

        The NSW Teachers Federation extends solidarity to United Voice in its campaign to achieve equal pay in the female-dominated childcare sector. Today, more than 1000 early childhood educators are expected to strike from 3.20pm, which represents the time women in Australia effectively start working for free because of the persistent gender pay imbalance.

      • Collective action will achieve gains for gender equity, IWD event hears March 08, 2017

        Women's struggles for equality were acknowledged at an International Women's Day morning tea at Federation's Surry Hills headquarters this morning. International Women's Day provides an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge women's progress towards gender equality in terms of social, political and economic rights that have been achieved through collective action.

      • Early career teachers offered timely advice March 06, 2017

        Practical strategies to help with student engagement were discussed at today's Centre for Professional Learning course: Classroom Management through Effective Teaching. "Programming is the key to engaging students," Jane Sherlock, retired Head Teacher and a course presenter said. "The syllabus is the foundation but you add the engagement and inspiration through your program and your lessons."

      • Gonski bus campaign to fight Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts March 01, 2017

        The AEU’s “I Give a Gonski” Campaign will launch a national bus tour in Adelaide and Brisbane today to highlight the great results Gonski funding is delivering to schools and the threat to students from Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to scrap Gonski after this year. The Adelaide bus will be launched by South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, and the Brisbane bus by Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones.

    • February 2017

      • Sydney International Women's Day March and Rally on Saturday 11 March 2017 February 23, 2017

        Unions NSW will be coordinating the 2017 Sydney International Women's Day March and Rally on Saturday March 11. This year’s theme is “Forwards Not Backwards”, drawing attention to the many ways that gender equality appears to slipping, particularly in the area of health, economics, representation and safety. Date: Saturday March 11Time: 10amLocation: Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park North

      • International Women's Day on Wednesday 8 March 2017 February 22, 2017

        International Women's Day, on March 8, has been a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women for more than 100 years, and is now considered the strongest global call-to-action for accelerating gender parity.

      • Former public education inquiry head Tony Vinson dies February 20, 2017

        Chair of the 2002 Independent Inquiry into the Provision of Public Education in NSW, Tony Vinson, died on February 17. "His life's work whether it be his ground-breaking prison reform or his inquiry into public education has always been underpinned by a commitment to social justice,” Federation President Maurie Mulheron said.

      • Just a few days left to tell inquiry what's needed to support students with disabilities February 20, 2017

        "Every school and every teacher needs to ensure that they have made a submission into the NSW parliament inquiry into students with disability, Guildford West Public School assistant principal and Federation executive member Kathryn Bellach says. "Write a school one together and then encourage every teacher to select a part out of it and use it as the basis for an individual submission — the more the better."

      • Closing the Gap education targets in jeopardy without full Gonski dollars February 15, 2017

        How can the Prime Minister cut schools funding when the target to halve the gap in reading and numeracy for Indigenous students by 2018 is not on track, Federation President Maurie Mulheron asked today. The Closing the Gap: Prime Minister's Report 2017, published yesterday, states: "The latest data show of the eight areas measured (reading and numeracy for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9), only one (Year 9 numeracy) is on track."

      • Workload stresses need to be addressed with adequate resources February 15, 2017

        Rising stress levels among principals has prompted a renewed call from the Australian Education Union for governments to properly resource schools. The Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey released by Teachers Health Fund reports the main cause of rising stress levels for principals is the “sheer quantity of administrative work” they are required to perform, plus a lack of time to focus on teaching and learning.

      • PSA staff take strike action over privatisation of public disability services February 14, 2017

        NSW Disability Services employees will take strike action today to call on the NSW Government to stop the privatisation of public disability services.

      • Action not just words needed for Indigenous students February 14, 2017

        The Prime Minister's sentiments that Indigenous children should be given every opportunity to get the most out of their education are admirable but need to be accompanied by action, Federation President Maurie Mulheron said today. "He needs to support full implementation of the Gonski model at the COAG meeting in April," Mr Mulheron said.

      • Teachers affected by pension cuts - how you can speak out February 06, 2017

        Retired teachers are among those hit by recent changes to the aged pension entitlements. The cuts affect middle Australia — a couple who own their own home now lose eligibility for the full pension if they have around $350,000 in assets. The amount retirees lose tapers away much more steeply than before. A couple who previously received a part-pension of $250 per week now get no pension.

      • Turnbull’s “Alternative Facts” on schools funding February 01, 2017

        Malcolm Turnbull today repeated the claim that school funding has increased by 50 per cent in the past decade’ in a speech at the Canberra Press Club. This figure is one that has been ‘pulled out of the air’, according to Federation President Maurie Mulheron, and has not been substantiated with any evidence by either the Prime Minister or his Education Minister, Simon Birmingham.

    • January 2017

      • Fair Work gives green light to TAFE EA January 30, 2017

        The Fair Work Commission has approved the TAFE Commission of NSW Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement 2016 that members voted to accept last November. This means members will begin receiving the benefits of the new Enterprise Agreement – including a 2.5 per cent annual pay rise over three years with all current conditions locked in – from February 3, in accordance with Section 54 of the Fair Work Act. The nominal expiry date of the Agreement is February 3, 2020.

      • Call for Baird government's school funding legacy to continue January 19, 2017

        The finest way to recognise and acknowledge retiring NSW Premier Mike Baird will be for the successor leadership to continue the state Coalition government’s commitment and full, long-term funding support for Gonski, teacher organisations said in a joint statement today.

      • Comprehending the world of poetry for your classroom January 17, 2017

        xHow to create a poetry-loving classroom and meet K-6 syllabus outcomes will be covered in a Centre for Professional Learning course on May 1. The course will explore reading, writing and comprehending poetry, mention a variety of poems to share with students and strategies for developing students' writing of poetry. How to use poetry in key learning areas other than English will be discussed, plus how to plan a unit of work to teach poetry.

      • Salaries Increases for 2017 January 13, 2017

        The new salaries and conditions voted for by members on December 8, 2016 under the 2017-2019 Award have now commenced. The 2.5% per year salary increase will start from the first pay period after January 1, 2017 – teachers will receive the increase in their pay for the period January 13 – January, 26 which is the first full pay cycle for 2017. Casual teachers are reminded that their pay cycle is now aligned to that of permanent and temporary teachers.

      • College collapse shows why TAFE must be properly funded January 09, 2017

        The dire situation of students caught up in the collapse of another private training college shows why public funding of vocational training must be directed to TAFE rather than shared among unreliable private operators. “The 800 students who had signed up to Australasian College should have had the opportunity and security of admission to TAFE courses that deliver guaranteed programs based on quality teaching that delivers qualifications respected by industry,” acting Federation President Denis Fitzgerald said.


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