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NSW Teachers Federation Centenary

March 05, 2018

August 2018: Issue 7

Since 1964, when the Menzies Liberal government first endowed private schools with “state aid”, billions of dollars have been paid to private schools while public schools remain chronically underfunded.

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August 2018: Issue 6

Copies of the Department’s salaries offer were thrown over the fence of Parliament House during a rally in Macquarie Street on 18 November, 1999.

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August 2018: Issue 5

In one of the largest demonstrations in Australian labour history, more than 80,000 teachers, parents and students gathered for a Day of Action in The Domain, Sydney, on 17 August 1988 to reject the Greiner/Metherell government’s attack on public education.

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June 2018: Issue 4

The first teachers’ strike, teacher housing, classroom heating, equal pay for equal work achieved, 1967 referendum and the Vietnam War

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May 2018: Issue 3

In the early 1950s, Aboriginal teachers Jim Stirling, Evelyn Webb and Vic Chapman endured the prejudice of the times while paving the way for Indigenous educators in the decades to come.

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April 2018: Issue 2

Married women teachers faced dismissal under Depression laws; Federation House opens in Phillips Street in 1939; Class sizes an issue in the 1930s; Education journal produced by committee.

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March 2018: Issue 1

The March edition revisits the birth of Federation in 1918, the competition to design its crest, teachers’ right to speak out publicly, letters to the Department from the era as well as reproductions of advertisements of the time.

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