March 27, 2018

The NSW Teachers Federation is supporting a major national campaign, launched today in Canberra, to

demand Fair Funding Now for public schools.

“2018 should have been a year of celebration for our schools with the biggest investment in education in

decades,” said NSW Teachers Federation President Maurie Mulheron.

“But the Turnbull Government tore up the NSW Gonski funding agreement which will result in a cut of

$856 million from NSW public schools over the next two years alone.”

Polling by the Australian Education Union has revealed an overwhelming majority of voters in 18 marginal

electorates believe Federal funding for public schools is too low and should be increased immediately.

Key results:

  • 83 percent of voters say funding public schools is important in deciding who they will vote for in the
  • next federal election.

  • 72 per cent think federal funding for schools is too low.
  • 79 percent think increasing public school funding is better for Australia than cutting company tax rates.
  • 81 percent of soft voters have no confidence in Malcolm Turnbull to provide for funds for public
  • schools in the future.

  • Only 24 percent of voters think Malcolm Turnbull is focused on ensuring public schools are in good
  • shape.

    Mr Mulheron said in 2018 and 2019 extra school funding would have meant smaller class sizes, extra

    teachers and support staff and new literacy and numeracy programs.

    “Instead Malcolm Turnbull has cut nearly $1.9 billion from public schools across Australia. Schools that

    needed extra funding the most are now being forced to make cuts.”

    “The Federal Government’s pushed through legislation last year which means the Commonwealth will

    provide 80% funding to private schools to meet the Schooling Resource Standard but only provide 20%

    of funding to public schools.”

    “The NSW Teachers Federation is supporting the national launch of the next phase of the AEU funding

    campaign. We have joined with colleagues from around Australia to highlight the need for a fair funding

    system. We urge all parents, teachers, and community members to show their support by signing up for

    the campaign at

    Mr Mulheron said teachers and parents would campaign for Fair Funding Now in key marginal seats

    ahead of the next Federal Election.

    Media contact John Hill 041219707