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January 01, 2020

CSS Accordion

Vol 102, No 4 - December 2021

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1. Involved in founding the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, which prominent activist is now a professor at Victoria University? (4,6,5)

8. Who pioneered modern sociological methods in his work on suicide and became the first professor of sociology in France? (5,8)

10. Which pigmented fluid has been in use since at least the 2nd century AD, the oldest varieties emerging from India and China? (3)

11. Which song by David Bowie, and also title of the album, features a duet with Tina Turner? (7)

12. The capital city of which country is located at the junction of the Blue and White Niles? (5)

13. Which imposing tower is across the Seine from the Palais de Chaillot? (6)

14. Which now extinct species of the Elephantid had long curved tusks and was covered in hair? (7)

18. In which modern city, the historic capital of Peru, are the lower walls of the Inca’s Temple of the Sun incorporated into the Church and Convent of Santo Domingo? (5)

18. In the song 'American Pie' (1971), what were the 'good old boys' drinking besides whiskey? (3)

19. Which nation is an Indigenous Australian from in the area between Geraldton and Esperance, Western Australia? (7)

21. What contraction of nihil is commonly used? (3)

22. What name is given to any of the various sugar solutions used in pharmacy? (5)

24. In ancient Rome, who commanded a military group of approximately 80 legionaries? (9)

26. Who wrote Flynn of the Inland (1932)? (7)

27. ‘… there's no countries, It isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too, … all the people living life in peace.' John Lennon (7)

28. For which USA state is Carson City the capital? (6)

29. The singer Rihanna grew up on which Caribbean island? (8)


1. Dating from the Wall Street crash of 1929, what economic downturn may have been caused by the huge cost of the First World War? (5,10)

2. Robespierre is associated with what phase of the French Revolution? (5,2,6)

3. In what type of plant do the new leaves grow before the previous years’ leaves die off? (9)

4. What can be either garden tools or immoral men? (5)

5. A bus ride through NSW in 1965 to raise attention to the appalling living conditions of Aboriginal people is known as the what Ride? (7)

6. Which cake is supposedly named after a Queensland Governor? (9)

7. In bowling, which type of ball pitches directly under the bat? (6)

9. ‘Do not do … others as you would that they should do … you. Their tastes may not be the same.' Shaw, Man and Superman (4)

15. The writer Jorge Luis Borges is from which South American country? (9)

16. Sarah Koenig’s Serial (2014) is an example of what media form? (7)

17. Which South Australian university was founded in 1966? (8)

20 The leaves are inedible, the stalks of what plant are used in desserts? (7)

23 To argue a case in a court of law is to do what? (5)

25. Which men’s pants are known by the Spanish name for China? (5)

25. Attributed to Homer, which epic poem tells the story of the siege of Troy? (5)

Across:  1 Gary Edward Foley, 8 Emile Durkheim, 10 Ink, 11 Tonight, 12 Sudan, 13 Eiffel, 14 Mammoth, 18 Rye, 19 Noongar, 21 Nil, 22 Syrup, 24 Centurion, 26 Idriess, 28 Imagine, 28 Nevada, 29 Barbados.

Down: 1 Great Depression, 2 Reign of Terror, 3 Evergreen, 4 Rakes, 5 Freedom, 6 Lamington, 7 Yorker, 9 Unto, 15 Argentina, 16 Podcast, 17 Flinders, 20 Rhubarb, 23 Plead, 25 Iliad,


Vol 102, No 1 - March 2021

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1. A volcanic region and home to the lyrebird, through which hills does Puffing Billy meander? (9,6)

9. Which song about a 'gal named Sue' and one called Daisy was recorded by Elvis Presley (1956), Little Richard (1957) and Queen (1990)? (5,6)

10. What was the Greek underground resistance movement of the Second World War? (3)

11. What is the manoeuvre, used in Melbourne CBD to assist traffic flow around trams, when a motorist turns right at an intersection from the leftmost lane of traffic? (4,4)

13. What mythical name is given to the west wind that forms the early summer breezes in parts of Europe? (6)

15. Which lake near Ballarat, a tourism water-sport destination, was closed for a decade at the start of the 20th century because it had dried up as a result of drought? (9) Learmonth

16. The name of which Aboriginal sacred site means ‘howling’ in the Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal language? (5)

17. In which modern city, the historic capital of Peru, are the lower walls of the Inca’s Temple of the Sun incorporated into the Church and Convent of Santo Domingo? (5)

18.What is the collective noun for lions? (5)

21. Who is Cuddlepie’s brother? (10)

23. What is the equivalent of 160 perches? (4)

26. In music, what is the lowest female voice? (4)

27. The Resolute desk, made from the timbers of a British ship, is located in which famous room? (4,6)

29. What type of coffee is made by forcing steam through the coffee grounds? (8)

30. What is the largest city and capital of Colombia? (6)

1. First identified in the Netherlands, what fungal disease killed half of the Ulmus trees in Europe, and three quarters in North America, but is not present in Australia? (5,3,7)

2. Which organisation is committed to promoting and conserving Australia's indigenous, natural and historic heritage through advocacy and custodianship? (8,5)

3. What is the branch of philosophy which investigates the origins, methods and limits of human knowledge? (12)

4. What can be used to both propel and steer a boat? (3)

5. The Cure are an example of what style of post-punk music? (4)

6. Which Nobel Prize laureate wrote Too Much Happiness (2009)? (5,5)

7. What form of racing has been banned in the ACT since 2017? (9)

8. Which chemical element has the atomic number of 62? (8)

12. In the Harry Potter universe, Firenze, Bane, Magorian and what other creature were the named wild Centaurs with superior intelligence? (5)

14. What is the English name for the symbol which represents the golden ratio? (3)

19. Policy to protect which animal nearly split the Liberal-National Party coalition in NSW? (5)

20. Which of Nero's tutors wrote a series of tragedies, including a Medea? (6)

22. Andy Warhol depicted a singer and actor in which artwork, Single … (1963)? (5)

24. Which men’s pants are known by the Spanish name for China? (5)

25. What is the once popular hairstyle for men and women in which medium length frizzy hair is cut to form a large rounded shape? (4)

28. What is the chemical symbol for beryllium? (2)

Across:  1 DandenongRanges, 9 TuttiFrutti, 10 Eam, 11 HookTurn, 13 Zephyr, 15 Learmonth, 16 Uluru, 17 Dateline, 18 Pride, 21 Snugglepot, 23 Acre, 26 Alto, 27 Oval Office, 29 Espresso, 30 Bogota. 

Down: 1 Dutch elm disease, 2 National Trust, 3 Epistemology, 4 Oar, 5 Goth, 6 AliceMunro, 7 Greyhound, 8 Samarium, 12 Ronan, 14 Phi, 19 Koala, 20 Seneca, 22 Elvis, 24 Chino, 25 Afro, 28 Be.


Vol 101, No 1 - March 2020

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1. Which pianist and novelist wrote the Quarterly Essay, “Unfinished Business: Sex, Freedom and Misogyny” (2013)? (4,11)

8. Whose final live performance was filmed on the rooftop of 3 Savile Row, London, on 30 January 1969? (3,7)

9. For the ancient Greeks, who was the sky and thunder god? (4)

11. What is the chief monetary unit of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal? (5)

12. What is the sorosilicate, Ca2Al[SiO7], found in the Monzoni Mountains and named after a German chemist by Fuchs in 1815? (9)

13. Who played the well-read Inspector Morse? (4)

14. Which corps is charged with the protection of the pope? (5,5)

16. In which modern city, the historic capital of Peru, are the lower walls of the Inca’s Temple of the Sun incorporated into the Church and Convent of Santo Domingo? (5)

17. In Awakenings (1973), what drug did Sacks use on the patients? (1-4)

18. Which sporting term describes the time from when a batter strides up to the crease until they are out or the match is declared? (7)

19. Prior to re-unification, West Berlin was an example of which geo-political entity? (7)

21. What is the chemical symbol for hassium? (2)

23. The name of which country comes from an Iroquoian word meaning “village” or “settlement”? (6)

24. What is a mass of small organisms that drift in the ocean and are food for whales? (8)

25. What is the blend of China black tea flavoured with bergamot? (4,4)

26. Under whose governorship of NSW was trial by jury extended to criminal cases and the bounty system of immigration introduced? (6)

1. What is the northern boundary of the South Frigid Zone? (9,6)

2. Which influential Australian lawyer and land rights activist was the founding Director of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership? (4,7)

3. What was the name of the yacht helmed by Jock Sturrock, which in 1962 was the first challenge for the America’s Cup from the Southern Hemisphere? (6)

4. What is the nickname of the woman who, in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, won the first gold for a track event for Australia since Edwin Flack in 1896? (7,5)

5. Which commonly used medical instrument was invented in 1816 by Rene Laennec? (11)

6. What is the title of Ian Darling’s 2019 documentary exploring how football crowds turned on Adam Goodes, a top AFL player? (3,5,7)

7. What do Lennon and McCartney believe in? (9)

10. Before independence in 1960 what was the colonial name for the Democratic Republic of the Congo? (7,5)

15. What song did Elvis Presley sing, without his guitar, when he appeared on the live Milton Berle Show on 5 June 1956, resulting in moral outrage and earning his nickname Elvis the Pelvis? (5,3)</p>

20. In Sesame Street (1969–), who is Bert’s comic partner and roommate? (5)

22. Water from which river, that flows through Moray Firth to the North Sea, is used to make certain whiskys and is central to Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail? (4)

Across: 1 AnnaGoldsworthy, 8 TheBeatles, 9 Zeus, 11 Rupee, 12 Gehlenite, 13 Thaw, 14 SwissGuard, 16 Cusco, 17 Ldopa, 18 Innings, 19 Enclave, 21 Hs, 23 Canada, 24 Plankton, 25 EarlGrey, 26 Bourke.

Down: 1 AntarcticCircle, 2 NoelPearson, 3 Gretel, 4 LithgowFlash, 5 Stethoscope, 6 TheFinalQuarter, 7 Yesterday, 10 BelgianCongo, 15 HoundDog, 20 Ernie, 22 Spey.


Vol 101, No 2 - September 2020

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1. The Ghost Gum that marked where the shearers met during their 1891 strike, and associated with the formation of the ALP, is called what? (4,2,9)

9. Which novel by Kirsten Krauth is set in the post-punk scene of 1980s Melbourne and takes its name from a Nick Cave lyric? (6,1,6)

10. The writer Jorge Luis Borges is from which South American country? (9)

12. In the film Madagascar (2005), King Julien XIII is a ring-tailed what? (5)

13. Named after a town in Switzerland, which unpasteurised cheese is frequently used in French onion soup? (7)

15. The name of which glazed fabric from India is derived from the Hindi word for spotted? (6)

17. Which Greek letter is used in physical sciences to represent density? (3)

18. Buried in Paris, under soil from Bunker Hill, USA, Gilbert du Motier was a general in the American Revolution and the Marquis of what? (9)

20. Óscar Romero, who spoke out about poverty and social injustice prior to being assassinated, was an Archbishop in which country? (2,8)

23. What is the first person singular present indicative of the verb to be? (2)

25. Shall, should and will are examples of what grammatical form? (9,4)

26. Who is the Muse of Dionysiac music, inventor of the flute and patron of joy and pleasure? (7)

27. What is the name of the spacecraft that carried a dog called Laika? (7)

1. In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty- Four (1949), what area was renamed ‘Victory’ and contained a statue of Big Brother? (9,6)

2. Which tree was primarily used in the Victorian Avenues of Honour? (3)

3. Who directed Citizen Kane (1941)? (5,6)

4. Which colour was used on fabric by the British army in India because it was considered to be the same colour as the soil? (5)

5. In which type of government is the power invested in a few or a powerful clique? (9)

6. Which rock overhangs the Rhine gorge at the narrowest and most dangerous section of the river? (7)

7. Approximately 27% of the universe is probably made of what? (4,6)

8. Which Neoclassical style of art flourished in France at the start of the 19th century? (6)

11. Found in fruits and honey, what has the molecular formula of C6H12O6? (7)

14. A term adopted by beauticians, what means to shed scales? (9)

16. Which operation, led by the Irish Red Cross, brought refugee children to Ireland in the post WWII era? (8)

19. Who recorded his experience of solitude in Walden (1854)? (7)

21. What is France’s longest river? (5)

22. Lindsey Brigman works with her estranged husband to assist with a top secret recovery operation in which James Cameron film, The … (1989)? (5)

24. Which term for dark or black is derived from the name of a type of wood? (4)

Across: 1. Tree of knowledge, 9. Almost A Mirror, 10. Argentina, 12. Lemur, 13. Gruyere, 15. Chintz, 17. Rho, 18. Lafayette, 20. El Salvador, 23. Am, 25. Auxiliary verb, 26. Euterpe, 27. Sputnik.

Down: 1. Trafalgar Square, 2. Elm, 3. Orson Welles, 4. Khaki, 5. Oligarchy, 6. Lorelei, 7. Dark matter, 8. Empire, 11. Glucose, 14. Exfoliate, 16. Shamrock, 19. Thoreau, 21. Loire, 22. Abyss, 24. Ebon.


Vol 101, No 3 - December 2020

Download playing grid here.

1. In 2017, Google Maps renamed Margaret Court Arena after which Australian tennis player? (6,9)

9. In which Beatles song does Paul McCartney proclaim “Well, you may be a lover, But you ain’t no dancer”? (6,7)

10. What name did Enrico Fermi coin for a particle with zero electric charge and zero rest mass? (8)

11. In which city did the ‘Maiden’ protests begin in 2013 that brought an end to the government in the Ukraine? (4)

14. Salt Lake City is the capital of which US state? (4)

15. Garden or common mint is also known by what popular name? (9)

18. The carbon dioxide impact of an individual product or service is known as a carbon what? (10)

20. What is the symbol for the measure of acidity in a substance? (2) 22 What describes the relationship between current, voltage and resistance? (4,3)

24. A legal opinion that disagrees with the majority opinion is a what? (7)

25. Which double reed instrument, used in orchestras, is pitched slightly above the cor anglais? (4,6)

26. Which symbol, common in ancient Egypt, is a tau cross topped with a loop? (4)

28. What is the nationality of someone born and living in Sana’a? (6)

29. Which guitarist suggested to Wim Wenders that he should make a film about the local music in Cuba, which resulted in The Buena Vista Social Club (1998)? (2,6)

1. What is the study of music in its social and cultural contexts? (15)

2. Which picturesque village, with Incaera architecture, is one of the starting points for travellers on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? (13)

3. What is any congenital anomaly, including various types of birthmarks and all types of moles? (6)

4. What type of venue contains a front bar and a high quality restaurant area? (9)

5. What describes the islands of the central and southern Pacific Ocean? (7)

6. In music, what is the lowest female voice? (4)

7. In Catch-22 (1961), who shares a tent with the protagonist of the novel? (3)

8. The Patroness of Coventry, who, in 1040, became an early political streaker by riding naked through her town in order to put the people’s case? (6)

12. In London, Gray’s, Lincoln’s, Inner Temple and Middle Temple form an organisation known as the what of court? (4)

13. Sponsored by the ACTU in the 1980s, which controversial documentary about the union movement by Tom Zubrycki has only recently been released, … Equals? (7)

16. Which battle occurred on 16 April 1746 and was led by Augustus and Stuart? (8)

17. Under which English PM were free hot school lunches removed from public schools? (8)

19. The Russian National Military Forces, well known for their choir, is identified by what popular name? (3,4)

21. Which anise-flavoured alcohol is used in Oysters Rockefeller? (6)

23. ‘There are many events in the … of time which will be delivered.’ Shakespeare, Othello (4)

27. A critique of the theatre production Yes, what is the shortest review ever written? (2)

Across: 1. EvonneGoolagong, 9. Helter - skelter, 10. Neutrino, 11. Kiev, 14. Utah, 15. Spearmint, 18. Thumbprint, 20. Ph, 22. Ohm's law, 24. Dissent, 25. Oboe d'amore, 26. Ankh, 28. Yemeni, 29. RyCooder

Down: 1. Ethnomusicology, 2. Ollantaytambo, 3. Naevus, 4. Gastropub, 5. Oceania, 6. Alto, 7. Orr, 8. Godiva, 12. Inns, 13. Amongst, 16. Culloden, 17. Thatcher, 19. RedArmy, 21. Pernod, 23. Womb, 27. No.

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