December 10, 2021

Destroying the Joint: Why women have to change the world.
Edited by Jane Caro University of Queensland Press, 2013

In light of the news that Alan Jones’s contract with Sky News is not being renewed, what a great time to revisit this engaging collection of essays written as a retort to Jones’s 2012 declaration that “Women are destroying the joint.”

Jones was responding to then Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s comments that for a society to reach its full potential it needs the participation of women.

After Jones’s statement Caro tweeted: “Got time on my hands tonight so thought I’d come up with new ways to destroy the joint, being a woman and all. Ideas welcome.” She was surprised at how quickly the phrase was turned into a twitter hashtag, a Facebook page and even merch!

People around the country responded and took her self-proclaimed ‘cheeky tweet’ turning it into a “powerful and effective agent for change”. The essays examine sexism and misogyny in our culture and mark an important point in our modern feminist story, with contributions from leading feminists and women from all backgrounds, ages, beliefs and experiences.

Leeanda Smith is the Women’s Coordinator

What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education: Using Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies 3rd Edition
David Mitchell and Dean Sutherland Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2020

If you’re looking for a go-to guide to support students with diverse disabilities in your classroom or in leading more inclusive practices across the school, this is a gem of a resource.

The book is easy to follow and to navigate. It is full of strategies and instructions to help support the complexities of inclusive education. The best bit is that these evidence-based, substantially researched, practices can also be applied universally to all students.

There are 29 strategies that are easily readable and based on well-synthesised research, from across the world. It clearly articulates the strengths and potential risk factors when implementing the strategies, reviews the success rates of these different strategies and guidelines on how best to implement them.

John Hattie reviews it as a book he wishes that he had written. I review it as a book I wish I had found sooner!

Hannah Archer Lawton is a City Organiser

Freedom Day: Vincent Lingiari and the story of the Wave Hill Walk-Off
Rosie Smiler, Thomas Mayor, Samantha Campbell Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing, 2021

This important book begins with Rosie Smiler introducing herself as the granddaughter of Vincent Lingiari. It connects the reader to the personal story of her family and their link to land and culture for thousands of years.

The book recounts the devastating changes that took place after the first white person settled on Gurindji land in 1879 and the actions the Gurindji people were forced to take in order to survive.

In 1966, after the Aboriginal people courageously walked off the station after nine years of striking for equal rights, the Prime Minister at the time, Harold Holt, offered to give the land back.

The book moves on to discuss the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart and ends with a section on Freedom Day — the festival.

I would recommend this book for Stage 3, looking at Aboriginal Australian history, government, and festivals.

Russell Honnery is the relieving Aboriginal Education Coordinator

Incy Wincy Spider
Kate Toms Make Believe Ideas, 2009

This book is a great new version and a fresh take on the ageless nursery rhyme.

The character of Incy Wincy Spider has featured in many books, so engaging the reader with a new version of the story will always be a challenge. This book does so, with some great illustrations that support the text in clearly reflecting what is being said. Much of the text is rhyming, so it helps children remember and acquire new vocabulary.

I certainly recommend the book. My daughter, who is five and hungrily acquiring new words in her vocabulary each day, is happy to engage with this book from cover to cover.

Lina Lay teaches at Hunter Performing Arts HS



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