Share your opinions about work and workload in schools

February 22, 2018

In response to the growing number of concerns raised by members about increasing and excessive workload, Federation has commissioned a research team of academics from the University of Sydney and Curtin University to investigate the nature and source of workload in schools.

The scope of the research project will include hours worked at school and home; the nature, intensity and complexity of work; types of activities that make up the workload in schools; and changes to work.

The goal of this research project is to provide a comprehensive representation of the many factors that influence workload in schools in order to inform further actions the union may take on this matter.

The video introduction by Deputy President Joan Lemaire, above, outlines the research project in more detail.

This week, all members in schools were emailed information and a link to the survey, which will close on 20 March. Federation urges all members in schools to complete the survey, to share their opinions about work and workload.

If you have any technical difficulties please email