Overwhelming response to workload survey

March 31, 2018

Federation thanks the more than 18,200 members who responded to the survey “Understanding work in schools – the foundation for teaching and learning”, which closed on 26 March.

Both Federation and the research team from the University of Sydney and Curtin University are grateful that so many members were prepared to spend 30 minutes or more to complete the survey.

While acknowledging the length of the survey was an issue, the depth and breadth of information provided by members will establish a valid and robust base for the research and analysis project.

The survey was developed as part of a research project commissioned by Federation with a team of academics from the University of Sydney and Curtin University.

The aim was to explore the collective views of teachers, executives and principals in NSW public schools on the volume, intensity sources and effects of workload demands.

The research team have been particularly impressed by the extensive comments provided by members to the open-ended questions. Many members have given positive feedback on the opportunity to have their say about their work and work demands.

This essential qualitative data directly represents the voice of teachers, executives and principals and will be an invaluable resource.

The team is currently analysing the results. They have reported that an initial overview of the surveys has revealed “the respondents almost universally agreed that workload has changed and the demands of work have increased”. More in-depth analysis will follow.

Federation will utilise the research findings in shaping strategies and campaigns to address issues raised and a report on the findings will be provided to Annual Conference. Updates provided by the team will be reported when available.