Parent leaders primed for campaign

May 14, 2018

New research has shown teachers and principals are ideally placed to drive the campaign for fair funding for public schools.

A survey of voters in 18 marginal federal Coalition seats, commissioned by the Australian Education Union, showed that when it came to debates about school funding, respondents found local teachers (95 per cent) and local principals (93 per cent) the most reliable sources.

Parental and community engagement has been identified as a critical element of the Fair Funding Now! campaign, launched in Canberra on 27 March.

The survey also found 83 per cent of voters indicated funding for public schools was important when deciding who they will vote for at the next federal election, while 79 per cent thought increasing public school funding was better for Australia than cutting company tax rates.

Federation has continued to build broad community support for the schools funding campaign, with the board of the NSW P&C Federation recently inviting Federation to provide a briefing on the Fair Funding Now! campaign.

The briefing continues the long-standing working relationship between Federation and the P&C, after representatives from the P&C leadership joined Federation in Canberra for the Fair Funding Now! launch.

NSW P&C Federation President Susie Boyd said having Federation brief board members was extremely beneficial.

“It’s good to remind everyone that we're all in this together and receiving a personal update with the opportunity to ask questions was welcomed,” she said.

"Potentially most important though is the when, where and how parents can make a difference."

Ms Boyd said the briefing served as a reminder for parents of the need in all schools, not just their own. This, she said, was as important as learning about the disparity in the Federal Government’s schools funding policy: 80 per cent of funding to private schools, 20 per cent to public schools.

Federation will be encouraging members to celebrate Public Education Day on 24 May by hosting a morning tea or similar activity that focuses on parent and community engagement and support for the Fair Funding Now! campaign.

Jason Gerke Campaign Coordinator