Union recognised for support of Stewart House

May 15, 2018

Federation was presented with a silver award at Stewart House's annual awards presentation, for corporate sponsorship of the charity.

Stewart House, located at Freshwater on the north shore of Sydney, works with students who need respite care.

Students access medical, dental, optical and audiometric screening during their 12-day visit. Of the 1800 students who come to Stewart House each year, one in five children receive reading glasses for the first time, supplied by Teachers Health.

The Department of Education provides a residential public school on the site and the staff to run it, but Stewart House relies on contributions and donations to meet all other costs associated with student stays.

A number of sources contribute, in both cash and kind, to this unique setting including the Knitter Guild Northern Group, primary principal and head teacher groups, local golf and Rotary clubs, large charities such as the Smith Family and the Dick Smith Food Foundation, corporations plus Teachers Health and Teachers Mutual Bank, but it is public schools and public school teachers in the main that have been there to support Stewart House since its establishment in 1931.

In 2017, 196 contributed to Stewart House from small rural schools to large high schools. Four schools were awarded the Diamond recognition award this year —students in these schools donated on average $25 per student.Schools raised their donation via mufti days, mini fetes and donations. At the presentation ceremony it was inspiring to see these students speak about their activities and what it meant to help others.

The Smith Family still collects clothing from our schools and Stewart House received in 2017 $18,000 from this charity. If your school isn’t involved in this activity consider signing up.

Support students in need with a regular donation

The financial contributions of teachers, either by direct debit or payroll contribution, has been a mainstay of Stewart House.

Visit to sign up.