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Allowance reinstated for itinerant support teachers

June 07, 2018

Federation has successfully pursued with the Department the reinstatement of the teaching students with disabilities allowance for itinerant support teachers.

This is a significant win and recognises the crucial contribution itinerant support teachers make to our public school system.

The teaching students with disabilities allowance is an Award matter that cannot be changed unilaterally by the Department. EdConnect had been incorrectly informing some itinerant support teachers that they were no longer eligible for the allowance.

When Federation was made aware of this issue, it immediately pursued the matter with the Department and lodged the issue with the Management Committee.

After a lengthy delay responding, the Department wrote on 8 May to Federation confirming that, in line with the provisions of the Award, the allowance is payable to itinerant support teachers. A copy of this outcome letter was also sent to Recruitment and Employment, and EdConnect shared services.

The allowance is recognition of the specialist role and its importance in supporting class teachers and students with special needs. Itinerant support teachers work directly with students and resource, advise and support teachers to provide equitable access to the curriculum for students with special needs.

Newcastle TA Councillor Debra Goodsir, an itinerant support teacher (vision) for 10 years, said: “This is a timely reminder not to believe everything that the Department tells you, and most importantly to be active in your union.”

Members who have been affected should contact EdConnect Services to apply for the allowance and to be credited for back pay. As always members can also contact the Federation for advice and support.

Jack Galvin Waight, Country Organiser and Claudia Vera, City Organiser