Federation takes pay discrepancy to Minister

June 06, 2018

Federation has written to the NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes seeking to resolve discrepancies that arose out of the transition to standards-based pay.

The letter was sent after Federation made several attempts to resolve the matter with the Department without success.

In 2014, the Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2014 (the Award) transitioned to a pay scale based on teachers’ level of accreditation, however anomalies quickly began to show as the salaries of those new to the profession were overtaking those of longer-serving teachers.

In the letter dated 1 June, General Secretary John Dixon wrote: “This is not a reflection of standards-based pay, but of the transition process.”

“It is undermining collaborative professional relationships where teachers are being asked to mentor their colleagues who are newer to the profession, knowing that mentoring may lead to these colleagues receiving a highly accomplished rate of pay before they themselves are eligible.”

Further, Federation has raised concerns that this discrepancy creates an incentive for teachers to seek employment outside of the public sector.

A meeting has been sought with the Minister to discuss the matter and Federation members will be further advised as the meeting progresses.