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The Arthur Hamilton Award

August 24, 2018

This is your chance to celebrate an Australian Education Union member who is making an outstanding contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.

The Arthur Hamilton Award commemorates the achievements of Arthur Hamilton, a Palawa man who was active in promoting cross-cultural awareness, recognition of Indigenous peoples and the right for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to access high quality public education.

The winner will receive a $1500 prize and will be flown to Melbourne to accept the Award at the annual Federal Conference of the AEU in February 2019.

All nominees will receive a certificate from the AEU.

The nomination form can be downloaded from aeufederal.org.au/our-work/indigenous. Alternatively, request one from Suzanne Lowndes, (03) 9693 1800, slowndes@aeufederal.org.au.

The closing date for nominations is Friday, 9 November 2018.

To find out more, visit aeufederal.org.au/our-work/indigenous or contact AEU Federal Secretary Susan Hopgood, aeu@aeufederal.org.au.