Meal allowance claim forms

August 15, 2018

Teachers working outside usual hours now have a mechanism for claiming a meal allowance directly from the Department of Education.

An example of when teachers may be eligible for a meal allowance is when teachers are participating in student progress review meetings with parents or when supervising approved extracurricular activities before or after usual hours.

Due to pressure from Federation, the Department developed a meal expense claim form. The amount to be claimed is determined each 1 July by NSW Treasury. Since 1 July 2017, the amount has been $30.05.

The rate from 1 July 2018 is yet to be announced, but usually matches the reasonable overtime meal expense allowed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) each financial year. The ATO’s rate for 2018-2019 is $30.60.

Teachers can claim the allowance from the Department when a meal is not provided during an approved work arrangement where the teacher:

  • commences work at or before 8.30am and is required to work beyond 6.30pm (or beyond 1.30pm on a weekend), or
  • commences work after 8.30am and is required to work beyond 7pm (or beyond 2pm on a weekend), or
  • is required to work at or before 6am, being at least one hour before usual commencing time.

In these circumstances, the Department requires that teachers be provided a meal break of one hour, which counts towards the time worked outside usual hours. The meal break may be a minimum of 30 minutes for any staff member who requests it.

When schools plan for and approve work outside usual hours, the following practices should be undertaken:

  • provide teachers with a meal and
  • consult staff on their dietary requirements, and when the meal is to be taken.

When a meal is not provided, the Department’s Meal expense claim form for teaching staff should be completed and emailed to EDConnect.

For teachers travelling on official business, the usual practice applies of making a “part day or overnight travel claim” and declaring if a meal was provided. If a meal was provided, the Department deducts the meal allowance amount from the daily travel allowance.

Greg Butler Research/Industrial Officer