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Strong voice for kids

November 14, 2018

November Council passed a motion condemning the Morrison Government for refusing to immediately bring refugees and asylum seekers to Australia to access urgently needed medical attention and other services.

The motion called on all members to take a stand and join with other unions and organisations to demand the Prime Minister takes immediate action.

The #KidsOffNauru campaign has set a goal for all children to be removed from Nauru by 20 November, Universal Children’s Day.

In the week leading up to this date, Federation asked members to support the activities of the #BlueforNauru campaign by emailing Mr Morrison, contacting local MPs and encouraging others to do the same.

You can sign the joint Australian Education Union and Independent Education Union petition, "Immediately transfer all refugee children and their families from Nauru to Australia",at, and add your voice to the thousands who have done so.

Terry Moriarty, Relieving Multicultural Officer/Organiser