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March 03, 2019

Systems, Applications and Products’ (SAP’s) website states: “SAP is at the centre of today’s technology revolution. The market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps organisations fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition.”

However, the implementation of SAP has created challenges in a number of areas for teachers, permanent teachers, casual teachers, and non-school based teachers. These challenges include submission of casual teacher timesheets, leave simplification, temporary teachers working across multiple sites and for non-school based teachers moving back into school-based positions.

Federation continues to work on behalf of members in matters relating to the introduction of SAP.

While SAP has the capacity for casual teachers to submit their own timesheets, it is Federation’s view that the employer should be responsible for completing and submitting them.

The process for completing a casual teacher’s timesheet was set up for “a sub-delegate service user completing a timesheet on behalf of a casual”.

For “sub-delegate”, read head teacher administration, assistant principal or deputy principal or indeed the school administrative manager SAM.

This process was explained in a series of playbooks at, however, none show how the casual teacher completes and submits a timesheet.

This is the example shown:

User Story

Tamsyn works as a casual teacher when the permanent staff member is on leave. The new HR Payroll system gives principals the flexibility to decide how casual timesheets can be completed; either by an authorised staff member, or by Tamsyn herself.

However, on every page of the playbook are the words “completing a timesheet on behalf of a casual”.

Casual teachers have not had adequate professional learning about the changes in processes, nor has there been explicit communication from the Department to the casual teaching workforce about the changes introduced to submitting timesheets.

Speak to the principal or the person responsible for employing casual teachers at the schools where you work to determine the method of submitting your casual teacher timesheet.

Mandatory training

The following information on mandatory training is taken from the Department’s website and can be accessed via the following:

Anaphylaxis and e-emergency care

To work as a casual teacher, you will need to have completed the Department's mandatory anaphylaxis and e-emergency care training modules. School principals will ask you to provide evidence that you have completed these mandatory requirements when you are newly employed at a school.

The anaphylaxis e-learning module is hosted in the Department's e-Safety system, which also stores all staff training records and certificates of completion. For support and assistance in using the e-Safety system, there are online how-to guides.

To access the new e-learning module you will need to log in to the Department's staff portal. If you do not know your portal access details please contact the Department's IT help desk on 1300 32 32 32.

The mandatory e-emergency care course is found on the Department's website. This training has to be completed once every three years. This course is also accessible via the Department's staff portal.

Child protection training

All staff must have participated in an induction or child protection awareness training and an annual update (during the past 12 months).

Registers must be maintained in schools and workplaces of all staff child protection training.

— Julie Moon, City Organiser


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