Are you on the QTC roll?

Nicole Calnan
Acting Membership and Training Officer

Unless you have been accredited with BOSTES since the last Quality Teaching Council election you will need to register again to vote in the upcoming election

Elections for 11 practising teacher/principal positions on the Quality Teaching Council will be held in term 4. The Quality Teaching Council provides advice to BOSTES regarding teacher accreditation policies, teaching standards, ongoing professional learning and initiatives to support quality teaching.

Government school teachers are to fill seven of the Council positions in the following categories:

  • government school teachers (five members to be elected)
  • government school primary principal (one to be elected)
  • government school secondary principal (one to be elected)

All teachers, whether currently accredited or not, are eligible to vote in the election. This includes casual and temporary teachers.

The following teachers will be automatically included in the electoral roll for the election:

  • teachers with an active accreditation status;
  • accredited teachers on temporary leave of absence;
  • teachers in the process of applying for voluntary accreditation, including those applying for Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher.

After attending the seminar teachers were able to log registered hours with BOSTES for maintenance of accreditation

Teachers who are not currently required to be accredited with BOSTES will need to register online through the “About us” section on the homepage at Federation encourages these members to register to vote in this election. Registration to vote will close at noon on Friday, October 9, 2015.