Casual teachers versed in framework requirements

Bianca Marie Low
Relieving City Organiser

After attending the seminar teachers were able to log registered hours with BOSTES for maintenance
of accreditation

Casual teachers’ obligations regarding the Performance and Development Framework and teacher accreditation were outlined at a recent afternoon training session hosted by Hornsby Teachers Association.

More than 45 teachers learned how they could engage in the Performance and Development Framework and how the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) teacher accreditation process would be undertaken by casual teachers in NSW.

Casual teacher and Federation Life Member Augusta Monro said the idea for the seminar arose when she realised casuals may not be able to access school-based training for numerous reasons.

“Since casuals, too, need to know about all the new conditions and what they will have to do it seemed a good idea to turn to the Federation for help.”

Following a discussion around the need for further professional development for casuals regarding the Performance and Development Framework, Hornsby TA moved a motion asking Federation to develop a training seminar. Officers and Organisers worked together to develop a training package, which was subsequently registered with the BOSTES Quality Teaching Council, making it especially valuable for those seeking registered hours for the maintenance of their accreditation.

The training has been rolled out in several Associations with overwhelmingly positive results.

Ms Monro said some teachers are still concerned about lack of help and information from the Department of Education about the Performance and Development Framework.

“They are also concerned about Teacher Professional Learning, cost and access, who will supervise them and how to get support,” she said.

Importantly, for teachers who began teaching prior to 2004, successful participation in the Performance and Development Framework will mean they attain accreditation at Proficient level with BOSTES. Accreditation will be a legal requirement for all NSW teachers from the commencement of 2018.

Federation is continuing to negotiate with the Department and BOSTES to achieve support for casual and temporary teachers in the implementation of accreditation processes, the new Performance and Development Framework and the new Standards Based Remuneration from 2016. See NSW Teachers Federation Industrial Bulletin (August 7, 2015).

Furthermore, Federation is negotiating with the Department of Education and BOSTES to address information, processes and support for casual and temporary teachers in linking with a school to participate in the Performance and Development Framework, access to mandatory training, school development days and Teacher Professional Learning funding allocated to schools.