Dimity Burgun and Anna Brown working on Karabar High’s Gonski story at a Queanbeyan training session

Gonski stories polished for presentation

Henry Rajendra
NSW Targeted Seats Coordinator

Gonski local coordinators have been busy running training events for teachers and parents focused on supporting schools to develop their Gonski stories.

Increasingly, schools are reporting improvements in student learning as a result of Gonski funding. For those schools, this is the basis of their Gonski story, but until the implementation of the NSW Gonski Agreement reaches the point where all schools are funded according to student need, at or near the Schooling Resource Standard, Gonski stories will continue to include unmet student needs, school community aspirations and the calling for all political parties to support a fully-funded NSW Gonski Agreement.

During the training sessions, the coordinators have also been discussing various opportunities for schools to share their Gonski stories with parents, the wider community and local politicians.

The Local Coordinators have been employed by the Australian Education Union to work in 18 federal electorates across Australia to build community support, coordinate local activities and pressure all federal election candidates to support full implementation of the six year Gonski program. The NSW seats are Banks, Dobell, Eden-Monaro, Gilmore, Lindsay, Macquarie, Page and Reid.

Federation Organisers have also been coordinating Gonski events in non-targeted seats. Please contact your Organiser for further information about local activities and additional support.