Digital divas: putting the wow back into computing for girls

By Julie Fisher et al. Clayton, Vic: Monash University Press, 2016

“[T]here is a distinct under-representation of girls studying computing at high school level and, correspondingly, going on to have careers in IT. To address this problem in 2007 the authors of this book, with backgrounds in secondary teaching or IT, trialled a new and revolutionary program in schools: ‘Digital Divas’ … [The authors] recount what they did and how they did it and reflect on the significance of this program, which has indisputably led to an increased self-sufficiency with IT amongst girls ... and increased the pursuit of IT careers by young women” (back cover).

Activities and assessments using the Australian Curriculum

By Carolyn Coil. Revised Aust. edition. Moorabbin, Vic: Hawker Brownlow Education, 2015 [originally pub. 2013]

“Discover 50 ‘how-to’ differentiated units of work with student activities and their corresponding assessments: Twenty-one Noughts and Crosses student choice activities and assessments. Nine upper-primary Individual Lesson Plans (ILPs) — differentiated units of work with both required activities and student choice activities and assessments. Six lower-primary Individual Lesson Plans — a simpler version of the ILP designed for students in Years F–2. Fourteen tiered lessons/units with assessments” (back cover).

Print, cut and fold: creative technology projects for Foundation-Year 2

By Jim Holland and Gaby Krumm. Revised Australian edition. Moorabbin, Vic: Hawker Brownlow Education, 2014 [originally pub. 2011]

This book “will help you to engage your students in the Australian Curriculum: English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Science with 50 technology-rich activities. Using Microsoft PowerPoint to create unique graphic organisers, study aides and desktop publications, the step-by-step plans in Print, cut and fold allow you to integrate technology into your F–2 curriculum with ease and style” (back cover).

Visible learning into action: international case studies of impact

By John Hattie, Deb Masters and Kate Birch. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2016

“The evidenced case studies presented in this book describe the Visible Learning journeys of 15 schools from Australia, USA, Hong Kong, UK, Sweden, New Zealand, and Norway... This book features interactive appendices containing study guide questions to encourage critical thinking, annotated endnotes with recommendations for further reading, and links to ... online resources” (back cover).

Tricky people: how to deal with horrible types before they ruin your life

By Andrew Fuller. Sydney: HarperCollins, 2013

“Tricky people” profiles the whole scary range of ‘difficult’ types: back-stabbers, white-anters, blamers, whingers, bullies, tyrants, controllers, charmers, know-it-alls, perfectionists, competitors and the seriously self-obsessed. It offers imaginative yet practical ways to ... identify the slippery techniques they employ to get their way. Within the humour is [a]look at how difficult people manage us for their own ends — and how to overturn that” (back cover).

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