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What should happen with my temporary engagement?


Casual and temporary positions are defined in the Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2014.

Engagement as a temporary employee is not a choice for either the school or the employee. The duration of available employment dictates this with:

  • full time teaching of four weeks or more, or
  • part time teaching of at least one full day a week for two terms or more requiring engagement on a temporary basis.

If schools are unsure of enrolments at the beginning of the school year, the Department recommends that a temporary teacher be engaged for the first four weeks of term. The employment contract can be extended by submitting a further engagement form if ongoing employment of the temporary teacher is required.

To ensure that a temporary teacher is paid correctly and on time, particularly at the start of the school year, the school should ensure that the temporary engagement notice is submitted, at the latest, on the date on which the temporary teacher commences on duty.

The temporary engagement form is an employment contract between the school and the employee.

The DoE will check to ensure the employee:

  • is not on the “not to be employed” list
  • has a current employment screening clearance
  • the teacher’s approval to teach is valid for the full period up to the last date of engagement.

Often forms cannot be processed due to crucial information being incomplete. This includes matters such as the teacher’s employee ID number; start and end dates; Full Time Equivalent (FTE), which is the days to be worked each week; account numbers and in some cases the school name and school code. The teacher should ensure that all details are correct by checking with the principal; this will assist with prompt processing of engagements with HR Shared Services.

Teachers should ensure that their temporary engagement form states the beginning and end dates, the person or position they are being employed against and the number of days they are being employed for each week, before they sign the form. Once signed by the teacher and principal or their delegate the teacher should request a copy of the form for a personalrecord.

If members are in any doubt about their temporary engagement they should ring Federation and speak to a Professional Support adviser on 1300 654 367 during office hours.

Julie Moon is the Officer responsible for casual and temporary teachers.

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This advice is general in nature and members should contact Federation for advice and/or support in specific situations. Terry Moriarty is a Relief Officer and Amber Flohm is the Multicultural Officer/Organiser.

Casual and Temporary Teachers Handbook

Federation’s Casual and Temporary Teachers Handbook contains outlines conditions and addresses commonly asked questions. This handbook is also accessible on our website here.