Beginning teachers’ resilience project

Nicole Calnan
Membership and Training Officer

Early career teachers of any age, in their first five years are invited to participate in a project titled ‘Start Well: Supporting Resilience and Wellbeing in Beginning Teachers’. This project is funded by the Teachers Health Foundation and is being led by the Hunter Institute of Mental Health and investigators from the University of NSW.

The research project is being undertaken to help understand the ways in which relationships in general and peer support in particular can positively influence beginning teacher wellbeing and resilience. Teachers will be asked questions about:

  • their experiences as a beginning teacher
  • ways in which they think schools and the education system can provide support to beginning teachers’ psychological wellbeing
  • peer support as a strategy for promoting wellbeing for beginning teachers.

Teachers will be asked to answer online survey questions that will take about 20 minutes to complete. Questions will relate to their experiences as a teacher and ways in which you are supported.

The Teachers Health Foundation was established by the Teachers Health Fund to improve teachers’ health and wellbeing by providing funding to support medical research. In addition to this important research into the experiences of early career teachers, the Teachers Health Foundation also supported the Principals Health and WellBeing report.

Click here or here to learn more and start the survey.

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