Help oppressed workers

Emily Mayo

APHEDA supports a South African labour rights program

Millions of South African workers are helped to find strength and solidarity through Workers World Media Productions (WWMP), one of the best mass education programs in the labour movement globally, proudly supported by Australian teacher unionists through Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA.

The WWMP project is one of 60 across 16 countries we support. Your continued support is vital for this work: please buy a ticket in APHEDA’s annual raffle to help workers who are far from enjoying the benefits we are fortunate to have in Australia. Prizes include thousands of dollars worth of travel.

WWMP’s weekly broadcasts in South Africa reach an average of six million listeners across 54 community radio stations in five languages.

Although the struggle for democracy and freedom from apartheid was won more than 20 years ago, inequality and poverty are getting worse in South Africa and this project, supported by Australian teacher unions, gets important messages to workers and the community about occupational health and safety, minimum wage campaigns and struggles, union organising for taxi drivers, sex workers, small traders, farmers and domestic workers, as well as important info about education and health.

A popular part of the program is a call-in segment where workers and community members speak with experienced union delegates live. The project not only reaches millions it also supports trade unionists to be directly involved in radio production and broadcast.

WWMP also runs film festivals across South Africa and hosts and supports an annual labour media award for outstanding pro-worker contributions to mass media.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is the global solidarity organisation of the Australian trade union movement. By making a monthly contribution, APHEDA members support international development with workers’ rights at the centre. For more information go to APHEDA.

Emily Mayo is APHEDA’s Campaigns and Fundraising Coordinator.