TAFE back in talks after overwhelming 'no' vote

Maurie Mulheron

TAFE teachers follow Federation's call

TAFE NSW is to return to the negotiating table over an enterprise agreement for TAFE teachers and related employees after its proposal was overwhelmingly rejected by employees.

Fully 91 per cent of ballots cast were “no” votes — employees rejecting the most significant attack on the working conditions in decades and the undermining of the quality of TAFE educational delivery.

Members are to be congratulated on securing the “no” vote. TAFE NSW called for the ballot after it unilaterally terminated bargaining for a new agreement.

The proposal included:

  • teachers being required to teach 100 hours more per year, by losing the five non-teaching weeks
  • teachers having to attend an additional 205 hours per year by moving the five hours off-site to an on-site requirement
  • teachers being required to attend work for five days, regardless of the number of hours worked on any day in their weekly timetable
  • part time casual teachers having no entitlement to related duties payment — a hard-fought entitlement previously won by Federation members
  • the introduction of a new position termed “trainer”, paid much less than a teacher and requiring lesser qualifications.

TAFE NSW has contacted the union to set new dates for bargaining to commence in June.

When negotiations resume, Federation will continue to seek a salaries increase without loss of working conditions.

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