Campaign focus on briefing community

Activists plan local actions for the schools funding campaign

At Federation’s November council, councillors met with organisers to plan local actions in support of the ongoing effort to secure genuine needs-based schools funding.

The present campaign focus is on community engagement, and ensuring people understand the importance of the Schools Resourcing Standard (SRS) and the implications of the new Turnbull funding model for public schools in NSW. After the Turnbull Government announced the schools funding model to replace the needs-based, sector-blind Gonski funding model, it quickly became apparent the new model abandoned any effort to be genuinely needs based or sector blind.

The SRS is the mechanism at the heart of the Gonski model that defines the minimum funding and targeted, needs-based loadings that were required to lift student achievement around the country. Under the National Education Reform Agreements (the original Gonski funding agreement) schools were to reach this level by 2019.

With the Turnbull Government’s decision to provide an arbitrary 80 per cent of the SRS to non-government schools, and only 20 per cent to government schools, the majority of NSW public schools are not expected to reach the SRS, even after 10 years of the new funding arrangements.

To get this message into the community, Federation has prepared a resource pack including a PowerPoint presentation and speaker notes that explains the SRS, how it affects schools and what the Turnbull funding plan has done to the Gonski model.

The resource kit is available here.

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