Professional learning
focus for new periodical

Denis Fitzgerald
Editor, Journal of Professional Learning

The first edition of an online journal aimed at supporting Federation members’ teaching and professional thinking will be published electronically later this term.

The Journal of Professional Learning, JPL, will contain articles from the highly practical and immediately useful to those that explore large educational issues and theories which might be of interest and relevance for teachers now and in times to come.

JPL will have three sections, For your Classroom, For your Staffroom and For your Future, reflecting the various emphases of the publication.

Contributors include practicing classroom teachers, senior school-based educators and highly respected, leading education academics.

Emails with a link to the first edition will be sent to all financial members of the union. Members will have the right to copy and share all JPL content.

JPL will also be distributed to education faculties in universities, Department of Education and Communities officers and others engaged in building the future of public education.

JPL will be published regularly and forms part of the union’s diverse support for members. The journal will be the largest professional learning publication in Australia, with a distribution of more than 65,000.

JPL has been established by Federation as part of its range of services to teachers and quality public education, and will build upon the work of the Centre for Professional Learning, the highly successful professional development arm of the union.