Terry Moriarty
Amber Flohm


I have been employed as a temporary teacher along with a couple of others in the school but we don’t know who we are replacing. Is this a problem?


The Temporary Engagement form must be fully completed including the name of the teacher being replaced each day. Only for unfilled vacancies, school-funded positions or similar can “not applicable” be written in the space for the teacher’s name.

Where a temporary teacher is replacing a particular person the temporary teacher is employed until that person resumes duty.

By knowing who you are replacing it not only gives you more certainty about the length of your engagement but also avoids situations where a spill of all temporary positions occurs upon the return of any of the teachers being replaced.

This advice is general in nature and members should contact Federation for advice and/or support in specific situations. Terry Moriarty is a Relief Officer and Amber Flohm is the Multicultural Officer/Organiser.

Casual and Temporary Teachers Handbook

Federation’s Casual and Temporary Teachers Handbook contains outlines conditions and addresses commonly asked questions. This handbook is also accessible on our website at