See artists' work before
they become famous

Kerri Carr

Will the artistic talents of the next Jackson Pollock or Andy Warhol be on show at one of the Artexpress exhibitions this year?

Department of Education and Communities Learning and Leadership Executive Director Jane Simmons said: “Many of the students featured throughout Artexpress’s history have gone on to become highly successful and well-regarded international artists.”

For example, 2011 Archibald Prize and 2009 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize winner Ben Quilty was among the 1991 Artexpress exhibitors. Jasper Knight’s major work from the 1996 Artexpress exhibition was purchased by the then premier Bob Carr for his office. Then, Knight’s portrait of Mr Carr won the artist the 2007 Archibald Prize.

The work of 219 students is to be included in at least one of the eight Artexpress exhibitions (exhibition details can be found here. Their artworks were selected from the almost 10,000 bodies of work submitted for the 2014 HSC Visual Arts

Bodies of work include ceramics, drawing, graphic design, photomedia, sculpture and textiles.