Students try to pawn free iPads

Dinoo Kelleghan

College says iPads given out as a 'learning tool'

Dozens of students try to hock the free iPads given to them by private training provider Evocca, a western Sydney pawn shop says, with one employee suspecting some students sign up just to get the freebie.

“Plenty of them have come,” Gus McNeilage, who works at the Mega Cash pawn shop near the Mt Druitt campus of Evocca, told Education. He has fielded about 15 inquiries and manager Dean Rasmussen told the ABC he had been “getting about five a day”.

“A lot of them seem as if they’ve signed up for the course just to get it,” Mr McNeilage said, adding that students come in with computers from various private training providers.

Evocca told the shop the iPads are college property until courses are completed.

Mega Cash says it checks the iPads for ownership. “Because they’re all the same model, we ask them,” Mr McNeilage said. The Evocca iPads had the college name in the software.

“Because we had heaps of them coming in we got onto them pretty quickly,” Mr McNeilage said.

Evocca told the ABC the computers were “loaned” as a necessary tool so that students, especially those who could not afford to buy a computer, could “become familiar with technology and complete their studies”.