March 16, 2015

New programs at Lavington PS

Money trail reveals over-spending on 'haves'

Chris Bonner and Bernie Shepherd say $3.3bn could be spent better

Needs-based funding will close out disparity

Federation speaks on problems uncovered in Closing the Gap report

Canberra mission to press for Budget aid

Push for Federal Budget to fund Gonski loading to assist the 1 in 3 students with disability who receive no funding support

Letters to the Editor

Older teachers suppressed; Lone voice; Education would guide response to immigration; Public benefit is being destroyed

Fabulous first float

Federation's new venture at Mardi Gras parade draws happy crowd

Rise to meet learning needs not bottom line

Will high rise school designs stack up?

Students in tears over Smart and Skilled

Media reports show public anger over commercialisation of VET