TAFE teachers say fix EBS mess

Kathy Nicholson
Rob Long
TAFE Organisers

Students, teachers and other staff frustrated by IT change

Federation continues to pursue TAFE NSW and individual TAFE institutes to reduce the unnecessary workload caused by the new IT system, so teachers can again focus on quality teaching and learning for students.

The union has been inundated with calls from TAFE teachers complaining of work overload and distress caused by the SALM/EBS system, introduced eight months ago.

Support staff’s workload has also increased and TAFE students are frustrated and angered by the problems the implementation has caused.

Teachers report TAFE NSW has provided inadequate training, help desk support and time necessary for teachers and staff to complete SALM/EBS tasks within a teaching day. Teachers have been pressured to collect extra data due to the difficulties associated with enrolling students, resulting in there being less time to prepare and evaluate lessons, and to work directly with students.

TAFE Institute Directors have publicly acknowledged of the impact of the new system on teachers and support staff.

Federation recommends any teacher whose health and safety is being compromised due to increased workload report their distress to the DEC Incident Notification Hotline on 1800 811 523.

It is also advisable to complete an issue resolution notice and forward the notice to the Health and Safety Representative or Chair of the Workplace Health Safety Committee and also forward the notice to the campus manager.