Teachers can access resources to assist students’ social development.

Safe Schools Hub now packed with resources

Dinoo Kelleghan

A wealth of resources has been released by the Safe Schools Hub to help teachers nurture student responsibility and support those adversely affected by bullying and other anti-social behaviour.

On offer are hundreds of videos and resources for students and teachers including online modules that can be completed as part of teachers’ professional development requirements, and an Audit Tool to assess how safe your school is and pinpointing areas of priority where improvements can be made.

“It’s really to help a school organise its approach to student welfare,” said Heather Watson, General Manager of Digital Education and Learning for Education Services Australia, a national not-for-profit company owned by all Australian education ministers which set up the Hub last year and provides services to State and Territory education and training systems.

The resources are adaptable for every school and classroom, including material for new staff, specialist teachers and chaplains and for teachers to work with parents.

Not all of the material is new but “a lot of development work has been done to bring all the resources into the National Safe Schools Framework and make it easy for a school to implement the framework, taking into account the fact that no two schools are alike”, said Ms Watson.

In new videos, teachers give insights into what’s worked for them and principals, parents and teachers share their experiences.

New classroom activity kits cover cybersafety, diversity and inclusion, bullying, respect and social and emotional wellbeing. Specific topics across a wide spectrum for teachers, students and parents include:

  • “Five strategies for incorporating social emotional learning into your classroom”
  • “Achievement and peer relationships”
  • “Adolescent sexuality: beyond the basics”
  • “Australian covert bullying prevalence study”
  • “Building compassion for the natural world”
  • “Bush preschool”
  • “Body image: conversation starters for school leaders and teachers”
  • “Bunbury PS Element 2” — a primary school principal on the distributive leadership
  • “Best buddies” — a video of students talking about why having a buddy is important
  • “A study into the experience of teaching” — a report that examines findings from UK research on levels of enjoyment and fulfilment from teaching compared with other careers.

The Hub was developed with educational psychology experts Professor Helen McGrath and Professor Toni Noble, authors of Bounceback! the multi-award-winning education program named as the Best Teacher Resource for 2011 by Australian Education Publishers when first released, and updated since.

“The approach is staff-driven,” Ms Watson said. The aim is to have an overall approach and set of resources that would be shared across the whole school, bringing consistency to the school’s practices.

The Safe Schools Hub is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Its approach is that a student’s growth in understanding, capability and responsibility in personal and social terms “occurs best in a school climate that enacts and models these capabilities across the whole school community and that deliberately fosters and enhances these in the broadest sense”.