More serves coming Alexander’s way

John Alexander took delivery of a letter from a Ryde-Macquarie TA delegation including Association President Janine Kitson, Kevin Channells and Suzann Napthali.

John Alexander, Janine Kitson, Kevin Channells and Suzann Napthali

When Federal MP for Bennelong John Alexander visits a Ryde-Macquarie Teachers Association school he can expect to hear more about the need for the federal Coalition to guarantee the fairer schools funding agreement signed between the federal and NSW governments in April. 

On June 5 the Association resolved that when Mr Alexander visits a RMTA school, the school’s Workplace Committees will arrange a delegation to speak to him. 

The resolution follows an Association delegation to Mr Alexander on May 22 where the importance of the agreement was explained and a letter was presented to him asking whether he would support implementation of the schools funding agreement.