Cuts made to the fabric of TAFE

O’Farrell Government cuts to TAFE have resulted in the loss of all full time fashion teachers on the North Coast.

Kathy Nicholson
TAFE Organiser

Cheryl Amor: If I am out of work, I’ll have plenty of time to campaign against TAFE cuts.


TAFE has provided training in the textiles, clothing and footwear industry for more than 100 years. The loss of the fashion teachers will damage the industry and remove expertise and opportunity from students and communities.

The five teachers who have lost their jobs have collectively accumulated more than 160 years of knowledge. The teaching team was responsible for creating patterns for TAFE fashion sections across NSW. Who will undertake that role now?

Fashion teacher from the Wollongbar TAFE campus, Cheryl Amor said, “These cuts by the NSW Coalition Government and the North Coast Institute of TAFE are irresponsible. However, if I am out of work, I’ll have plenty of time to campaign against TAFE cuts.”

The cuts on the North Coast hit a region of high unemployment and significant disadvantage.

Cuts to TAFE are so deep that the professional fabric of TAFE itself is being damaged.

Federation calls on all members to vigorously support the Stop TAFE Cuts campaign. Register your support at and organise an event in your town or at your campus on National TAFE Day on June 3.