Participate in the paid parental leave review

Charmaine O’Sheades
Women’s Coordinator


A government review of the Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave scheme is underway.

The public is able to either make individual submissions to the review or be part of a union-based submission by sharing their experiences of the scheme.

The Federal Government introduced the Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave scheme in 2011 following a successful community campaign developed by the union movement. This was followed in 2012 by the Dad and Partner Paid Leave scheme.

Unions NSW has established an online survey to allow workers to share their stories about the Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave scheme to be used in its submissionto the government review. Visit to complete the survey.

To make an individual submission, head to the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs website at, where there is more information about the terms of reference of the review and a section where you can make a submission.