Two years of cuts

The second anniversary of the election of the O’Farrell Government was marked by the union movement with events on March 26.

Theo Bougatsas
City Organiser

Mark Lennon from Unions NSW (centre) joined TAFE activists to wish Barry O’Farrell an unhappy anniversary.

In Ryde, local TAFE students and staff were addressed by Federation Representative Pierre Masse and Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon. A similar event took place in Parramatta Mall.

Mr Lennon said, “Two years since his election, it seems that many in the media have been pre- pared to dismiss Barry O’Farrell as a do-nothing Premier. But that is far from the truth. The reality is that Mr O’Farrell has actually been extremely aggressive in pursuing policies that hit ordinary working people hard.”

The State Government attack is nowhere more sadly evident than in our TAFE sector. The anniversary was a timely reminder of this fact.